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  1. There are some well-informed people on the forums, so I was thinking of presenting some thoughts for your critical analysis. This is a bit uncommon internet post for our era because I hope your input can change my line of reasoning instead of echo-chambering the same message back, tenfold. To save your time, I present the thing briefly: 1) Humans are exceeding the global resource limits. 2) The economic system incentives or requires infinite growth and increased consumption, while issue 1) is still in play. 3) The society and welfare is built based on the premise of infinite growth and
  2. Hi! I was privately asked to share the crossbow trap I worked on ages ago, so I might as well give it to everyone to use. Advertisement: Here is how it works: Please do note the custom model files in the models folder! It is sorta Sotha-glitchy implementation as usual, but it works. I'll write here how it works so you can change it to fit your requirements 0) trigger_once that encapsulates the trap wire: *hides the active trip wire *shows inactive trip wire *triggers wood impact sound *triggers trigger_once "trap_mechanism" 1) trap_mechanism: *shows inactive crossbow *hides active cros
  3. As the nest grows, so grows their activity. I cannot allow to let them sting my little ones, who like to play in the general area. The plan is ready: I am gonna nuke them from the orbit (it is the only way to be sure) tonight when they go to sleep. I got my chemical weapons ready. Heavy winter clothing with full face protection should be sufficient.
  4. I just played a little sneaking game with nature. I had to repaint one of the columns in a car shelter. There happened to be a nest of wasps on top of the column, somewhere hidden under the roof of the shelter. If I was away from the top of the column, the was wasps did not care about me at all. When I was working too close to the top of the column the nest would launch out a squadron of 5-10 wasps ("Raise the alarm! We are being invaded!") Soon, I was being surrounded by the wasp squadron and I had to spot working, climb down and take a few steps away from the nest. It is a really windy d
  5. I am very happy for your newly found love. ;-D Neat effect and refreshing change in this era of near photorealism.
  6. I guess the issue is actually mappers fault. Loot should be rare. If the mission had rare and low total loot amount, such as: 4 rings, 100-200 gold coins, necklace or two, and the main prize/target (a painting, a vase, The Golden Skull, the Recipe, or whatever), the loot system would have no immersion issues whatsoever. The player collects a few small trinkets along with the main target. We mappers happily sprinkle too much loot in our missions. I think this is the main finding of this discussion. And a *valuable* finding indeed (insert loot collection sound effect).
  7. I think the best game of all times was Ufo: Enemy Unknown (1994, Microprose). It had everything right and it was amazingly advanced and ahead of its time. A true miracle in game design.
  8. Hmm. I have a solution, which should address all issues; 1) zombie opens door and goes through, leaves door open. 2) out of a puff of flame the Lich Queen appears in flaming revenant form, closes the door and disappears again in a puff of smoke. (Will attack player if sees them and flames illuminate several meters radius) 3) Always happens for all doors which zombies open.
  9. Probably one of my missions. It is a tough situation for the mapper: 1) zombies must be able to open doors or the player can get rid of them just by luring them to another room and closing the door. 2) the mapper must use doors for proper compartmentalization of the map. 3) the doors should be closed because it limits the view areas and improves performance. On #2 and #3, the mapper can easily make the zombies leave doors open in their mission (no code change needed), or remove the doors altogether... but this would have a price in mission performance. Immersion breaks are of course an a
  10. Long Dark is really nice. I played a lot the sandbox survival. It is really nice, atmospheric and difficult to start. It is survival game like rust, but without the other players and with a really harsh environment. It has a lot of crafting but no house building. And it has roguelike permadeath. The story mode was a disappointment. I expected something new and genius like the sandbox survival was, but instead the story mode is a linear do-petty-chores-for-NPCs festival. I mean: blind person says "gimme wood" and then you go get wood. Then they say "gimme food" and they you get them food. The
  11. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  12. +1 for fixing of course. I remember the time when we had a phantom killer murdering AI randomly in maps. Funny stuff, but good that they were fixed.
  13. Thank you as well. It is great to occasionally wake up and see a glimpse of the little blessings we have in life, no matter how large or small. They are scattered all over the place, but most of the time we fail to pay attention to their existence; we just sleepwalk past, over and under them. I recommend immediate action of collective blessing counting.
  14. Sir Taff passed away? Damn. I Didn't know.. Sad times. My condolences. What a Beautiful Idea to make a mission tribute for him, grayman! Farewell, Sir Taffsalot. Thanks for being here with us.
  15. Yeah, I guess grayman did present a convincing view. I'm with him on this one.
  16. I am not talking for the team, just for myself. Time is flying forward and we nowadays live in the era of youtube artists and sharing economy and that kind of stuff. If everything is made with CC license and is free to everyone to see and use without restrictions, why should it be forbidden for the person making the work to have a donate button somewhere. Everyone gets the content, free, and if someone really wants to donate, why not let them? Everyone benefits, nobody suffers. Perhaps someone else will present a convincing view why it would be overwhelmingly detrimental. I do not see it
  17. Sounds amazing, but what about heads? Heads are separate entities in TDM so one would beed to (manually) separate the heads from the makehuman bodies. right? I guess a decapitation script would be in order?
  18. All those details make my head spin. Amazing work! <3 <3 <3 \ <3 <3 <3
  19. Another visitor! Stay a while; stay forever! Welcome aboard!
  20. I got a VP gone haywire when I made Knighton's manor. In my case, the VP was wrecked by monser_clip brush that intersected the VP. It once I made sure nothing penetrates the VP the problem went away. Afterwards I've been ultra-sensitive of having VPs not being intersected by any worldspawn brushes, and also having the VPs fitting snugly on the surrounding worldspawn brushes. I also create VPs with the DR "create visportal" function (right click). Never had much VP woes afterwards.I hope this helps.
  21. Then your triggers do not work. Maybe test them with a toggleable light? Trigger_multis may trigger the object multiple times while the player is in the trigger. Player goes in the trigger. On, off, on. Player leaves the trigger. Looks like nothing happened, but it is working.
  22. Interestingly, it will work only if the player_clip brush has "hide 0" on it. Now the player_clip func_static is solid. When it is targeted, it becomes non-solid. When it is targeted, it becomes solid again. If I put "hide 1" on it, then it never works, as it never existed. Targeting it has no effect. So make sure the "hide 0" is on first, then target it so that it is in the state you want it to be initially, and then use it as desired. Here is a test map where it works (the player cannot walk between the two columns unless they pull the lever). You can copypaste the text from the spoilers
  23. Maybe make brush of player_clip. Make it func_static and give it "hide 1". Now it is passable to player, but if you trigger the func_static, it appears and the player cannot pass. Trigger again to make it passable again. Not tested, don't know if actually works like this, but commonly "hide 1" func_ststics reappear and disappear when you triggee them.
  24. Played this last night and now. Feels like my mind was raped. Ow, yep, It hurt a bit, but I kinda liked it in a perverse manner, in the end. Interesting piece of work. I'm glad I played it, even if my mind feels a bit frail afterwards.
  25. Remember that you can always ask around for help in this thread! That's what it is for.
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