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  1. Loved this mission, congratulations. I specialy liked the way the story unravels like the original thief games 1&2.
  2. Finished this mission and I have to add to this second post that I also liked the good old "Garrett" attitude showing up through his cynical and ironic comments about the world around him.
  3. Great release JackFarmer thank you for this, we will never forget Grayman.
  4. Ok got it. Now I am having trouble I must be missing something obvious.
  5. Love the mission so far. I really like the conversations in game, reminds me alot of the original T1-2 mission design. I am having difficulty accepting that this is your first mission. Congratulations
  6. Is there a release date for this masterpiece? Trying to cope with the fm drought watching those beautiful screenshots.
  7. Bad news. His work was professional at least. I wish his family the best.
  8. Thanks. I use maxed out stencil shadows, in almost all missions curently availiable with a gtx760 (too old card). Had no problems with it. Got to say that this soft shadow thing makes TDM a new game in the looks.
  9. Any screens to look at? Thanks in advance.
  10. Damn, I confused intro "Garrett" voice for Stephen Russell himself. Perfect voice acting.
  11. Haven't finished the mission yet but I have to note that for me this is the best "Garrett" voice I have heard. Mission looks professional so far.
  12. I love how the mission keeps tension using only the story and some cleverly placed audio without the ecxessive use of enemy A.I. I always considered this as a big skill to have in editing and a core element of the original thief games A very skilled author for me that I will be watching closely for future fan missions.
  13. What I meant is: can I load a TDM fan mission I have build in dark radiant and hit a single button (in dark radiant) to start dark mod with my mission loaded and syncronised ready to play?
  14. I am currerntly trying the new real-time preview which looks to me a major improvement in dark radiant. Is it possible for this to work on a open project with a click of a button without having to type in any console commands?
  15. Had some free time and while trying to get the hang of dark radiant tools, I found very furstrating the "leak" issue. As the map gets more complex I got lost in the structure making it very time consuming to find the leak. I tested a work around by enclosing the whole map or at least the specific area that leaks with a "walled" brush. I am not sure if it is aceptable in terms of performance later on but upon testing the map I don't see any performance issues neither I can locate any leaks opticaly at least. Is it ok to use this method? Also I found the subtract tool very usefull (like dromed) but upon watching older tutorials on its function I heard that it is better not to be used because it can lead to problems later on. Does that apply even now after all the updated versions of dark radiant?
  16. Is it possible to search entities, models or textures by typing in search box?
  17. Ok thanks. Started a new map file using the "map" command but every time I use the "Pointfile" command from the drop down menu I get an error message "could not open point file "miss name".lin (I get that message even after reinstalling everything from scratch, Darkmod and Darkradiant)
  18. Had my first attempt on testing my skills in dark radiant. Very quikly I run in to my first issue: Once I try to test my first room with "testmap" comand in console I jump in game but I see a simple room with the first texture selection I have made (not the later one) and I cant see my work on the vertexes although it seems that I have collision with them. Any help?
  19. Great news. Is this mission planned for release this year?
  20. Mission is amazing and I am enjoing it apart from those minor issues. I could use a little help on the puzzle with rotating pillars though.
  21. I get the "do not kill" objective failed both with ver 1 and ver 2 with new saves in game. I ended up using some console commands to get through
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