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  1. Not gona happen before the physics engine in idtech 4 (Doom3 engine) is completely changed by a better one like Bullet or Newton (Penumbra used Newton).
  2. Don't know if someone already replied to this but on the normal map the hight is given from the blue component or channel so just invert the blue channel.
  3. You need to put the pk4's on the fm folder inside the darkmod folder not doom3 folders, and them install the fm on the game menu, just click "new mission" chose the one you want and them click on install mission.
  4. The site runs fine for me, it just takes some time to load.
  5. Ok you have your opinion, and i respect that, but saying it fits imo is wrong. It fists in doom3 not on the Dark Mod, why? Because when your ear it, it reminds you of Doom3 and so breaks the immersion. Nice to know
  6. Hey guys nice update Now i saw that the player had some trouble to pickup the dead body, was that intensional? And please change the Doom3 dying sound it brakes the immersion, at least for me it does.
  7. Afaik there is a option in the video options to use bloom, but for me it makes the world upside down.
  8. Looks nice especially the water fall. About my model have you tested it ingame, to see if the engine culls the peaces that aren't visible? I would like to know. About polys, 7000+ for one peace is not much if 2 or 3 are rendered at the same time, you can also disable shadows for the terrain or have them baked in the texture just like they do in Quake wars.
  9. No as i don`t know how, it is only a 3d model for you to test on your 3d app of choice. I would test it my self if i knew how to use darkmod editor.
  10. Ok, any format in particular. edit: Ok it was send in .lwo format.
  11. I think you didn't understood the Megatexturing concept, JC made it to combat the RAM problem, it works by streaming a huge texture from the HDD by chunks so a 4086 or even bigger texture would never be loaded entirely on RAM but only 256 or so chunks of it as you walk on the terrain. AluminumHaste i made a terrain to test if i could cut it in chunks without screwing the texturing/uv and i was successful using Modo, if you want i can send it to you for you to test.
  12. Yes i mean that and texturing would be very tricky indeed. But maybe the work would be worth it if performance and look of the terrain is good. By the way why aren`t you guys using the Megatexturing ability of the Doom3 engine?
  13. can't you just cut the terrain in peaces, to get ride of that problem? It would be more them a model and so easier to cull. edit: I hope i'm not being a dick, i just like to know this stuff.
  14. Can't you use a terrain in Doom3 as a mesh? Afaik they have the ability to export the terrain as a .obj file.
  15. You can also use L3DT to make terrains or Nem's terrain generator.
  16. You can kill them and very easily, so easily that the game becomes less frightening. You just need to make them fall one time and just keap betting on them till they die. I don't remember the way to make them fall but i will say that throwing things at them is not the way. Also to the user having texture problems the patch 1.1 solves that.
  17. No Penumbra don't use Havok it uses the Newton physics API, as funny as it can be Havok is not good for that because is not really accurate. Just like PhysX it was made to be believable and fast by using tricks and cutting on accuracy, Newton was made to be very accurate and based in real Newtonian physics calculations hence the name. And i would love to see the Penumbra interactions system on dark mod it would be the cherry on top of the cake.
  18. Yes it needs work but not the same amount that you would have to do to make the animation yourself.
  19. Yes i know But from the site it seams they will have a 250€ more or less option, and when they do you guys could raise some money to buy it. I think Never mind i just thought it was a good thing for this mod as i really like it, but you guys seam to have a good animator from the animations that i saw in the videos and on the demo missions. edit: it seams fidcal add the same idea.
  20. Some Russian guys made a markerless system of motion capture, were you only use a camera, web or not, to film a actor performing a movement and them you use their software and it will make that in a rig with motion capture data. They have a 30 day Free trial fully functional. Why i'm posting this? Because it is a enexpensive solution for indi developers like your selfs and i think it could really help make this mod even better. What you should now about the software. It ONLY works with shader 4.0 capable cards (the powerfull the better) but don't need Vista to run, you can use XP. Now here is the link. http://www.ipisoft.com/
  21. I already did that and it didn't worked, it seams to be a old problem with ATI cards (doom3 was always better on Nvidia) i found two doom3world threads about this problem. link 1 link 2 I will disable it because in reality is nothing important for the gameplay and without it the game works fine. Thanks for trying.
  22. I also don't like the idea of a crosshair in TDM, but indeed knocking someone out is sometimes a little tricky i add some deaths because of this. About the guards throwing bottles i didn't add any of them do that, i only knew about this feature in the forum. But if they have a infinite supply of bottles them it is indeed strange, how hard would it be for them to pick up small objects in the environment to throw at the player?
  23. Yes, i deleted the PK4 and the problem still remains. But one thing is certain, the bloom shader is causing this so something on it is making the engine go crazy on my end. Can it be GPU driver related? I'm using the new 8.10 ones.
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