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  1. Is there a way to make a readable actually frobbable when attached to the door? It seems that if they are close enough, it is impossible to actually frob the readable. The door will eat the frob instead, even though the readable is closer and the user looks at it directly.
  2. Manually running the game with the high-performance GPU solves the performance problems, so it appears that's what's been the main issue. As for the laptop manufacturer and model, it's Lenovo Ideapad Y700. I have found the driver settings that should automatically take care of the problem. Thanks for your help!
  3. After changing my laptop, I found myself unable to return to TDM because of poor performance. The previous one used ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 and managed to get a decent amount of FPS (over 30) on all but most challenging maps. The current one, despite much better GPU (GeForce 960M) barely manages to get more than 10-11 FPS even on small maps. This is somewhat mind-boggling, as there is nothing that should warrant a performance drop, especially such a drastic one. I wonder what could have caused it? The only thing that comes to my mind is that my laptop actually uses two GPUs - the crappy
  4. I can't figure out how to set all three coordinates of a point while using the Clipper Tool. I can set two of them just fine - set the appropriate view and click on the figure. But the third one is invisible. When changing the view and dragging the point around the brush, the currently invisible coordinate is always set to some random value, making the point appear far away from the brush. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
  5. The Dark Mod playthrough by Bobbin Threadbare from SA has been finished and archived in the LP Archive.
  6. If the game actually freezes and crashes instead of just being slow, it's worth checking if your GPU/CPU doesn't overheat. The only time I actually got a bluescreen with TDM was when I ignored the dust building up for too long.
  7. Loved the mission and this is coming from someone who doesn't really like mansions.The environment is one of the more beautiful I've ever seen in TDM. The owner of the house is a moron, though.
  8. Not every community can and should function as a market. Many religious groups, for example, would be upset if someone took money for performing their rituals, especially if they came from the outside. Charities are a somewhat closer example - they exist to provide some service to others for free, and trying to turn a profit would actually upset people contributing to them.. Modding community was always about fiddling with a game and freely sharing results. It existed in this form for at least 20 years. Trying to bring any sort of change to a society requires a lot of research and a bit of t
  9. Less than $300. The author has to earn $100 to be able to cash out. I heard they are able to get the money in $100 increments, but I haven't verified that myself.
  10. This is getting even better than expected: In case of Skyrim, the cut is like 25% for the author of the mod and 75% to Valve and Bethesda for doing nothing. Other producers can set their own rates.The author isn't getting anything if their mods earn less than $400.Valve isn't responsible for technical support for mods. There are no mechanisms to demand that from the author. If your mod suddenly stops working after an update, go to forums and beg its creator to fix it.You have 24 hours to get a refund, but the money gets transferred to your Steam Wallet.If a mod uses content taken from some oth
  11. I agree with Airship Ballet.
  12. I agree with this, but the blackjack is particularly problematic because of not even one, but two reasons. First is that it's much better than any other tool the player has on his disposal to permanently disable their enemies. It's more quiet and less messy than the sword and broadhead arrows, doesn't require you to expend a rare resource like gas arrows. Most of the time, using the blackjack is a no-brainer, especially if mission objectives require you not to kill anyone. TDM team already made some changes in blackjack to make it less powerful, but there is not much that could have been don
  13. Wow. It's very impressive, especially for a first published mission. I'm still dabbling with DR and I wish I was able to build something that's half as beautiful.
  14. A minor annoyance: in the Readable Editor, the field "XData Name" won't let the user put any other characters than letters and numbers, including the underscore. To enter a string with an underscore, you have to write it somewhere else and paste it to the field. Another minor annoyance: Ctrl + Tab works inconsistently. Sometimes the orthographic view loses focus and requires clicking on it before the shortcut starts working again.
  15. There is currently an ongoing LP of both Thief 4 and The Dark Mod, made by Bobbin Threadbare from Something Awful. The thread is, unfortunately, hidden beyond the paywall, but the movies are available on YT. As of today, he managed to cover Tears of St. Lucia and Mandrasola.
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