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  1. I hadn't played a mission since about Christmas time and I sure picked the right one to jump back in. Excellent through and through. I just had one moment when I didn't know what to do next to proceed, but a look at the objectives showed me the way and things ran pretty smoothly to the end. The readables had a really interesting back-story and it felt like part of a larger campaign. I liked that you needed to read the clues in order to advance and then you still needed to think and hunt around a bit to complete objectives - the clues did not spell it out. The guards were the right amount of tricky - I used my 1 allotted knockout although it could probably have been better spent elsewhere The visuals were very good and I liked the layout of the place a great deal.
  2. Re. the chest. I'm not having much luck with my limited resources. If someone else wants to give it a try...
  3. hmm... I have another door that sounds less swooshy and more creaky - I'll see if I can get some good sound out of it.
  4. Thanks. Yes, after listening again with fresh ears they do sound a bit muffled. It seems I went a bit heavy on the compression and reverb. I can easily fix that.
  5. It always makes me edgy when I pilfer from a chest - I think a guard has just entered the room as the sounds of the chest opening and closing are the same as the door. Anyway, I have some good mics and recording software so I thought I'd try to make something different. I think it sounds like an old creaky wooden chest now. Is this something you could use? I have two different opening and two different closing sounds. Let me know if you need them louder, softer or with less reverb, etc. or if you just plain hate them. It's my first attempt at sound effects, so I don't have any expectations. Here are the mp3 (the wav files were too large to let me post here). I could provide other formats if required by email or dropbox. [updated with cleaner sound] chest opening1-1.mp3chest opening2-1.mp3chest closing1-1.mp3chest closing 2-1.mp3
  6. I'm loving the William Steele series so far. Excellent map in this one with challenging guard patrols to get past - especially the ones with the darn torches! I played it on the hardest setting and found the difficulty to be perfectly balanced. I ended the game with every guard on alert and had to use every trick in my bag of goods to make it out alive - very exciting!
  7. It's been awhile since I was able to use mines and rope arrows in a mission. That was a lot of fun. I like how you handled the restrictions in the hard setting - it still allows you to have fun, but keeps it challenging (kill only your targets, only 3 knockouts allowed, no harm to civilians). It was an interesting map too with the varied areas - there was never a dull moment. I spent a lot of time trying to enter the manor from outside through the main entrance, but it didn't seem possible on the hardest setting. I also liked how quickly the AI would notice my rope arrow - you had to use it quickly - no hanging around. That added a bit of realism.
  8. loved the ending - scared the bejeesus out of me. I was expecting something, but not that!
  9. I bet you closed the cage door behind you when you entered as I did. I found you can only frob them when the door is open - even if you are inside the cage. Excellent mission btw! Any hint on how to kill Alberic? I finished the rest of the objectives, but am stuck at that one.
  10. fantastic... top 5 for sure. The lava was a bit frustrating, but when I stopped being a spaz I got though OK. Just one bug:
  11. Thanks esme, I was also stuck trying to find the exit. By the way, the loot objective worked as optional - I only found 295 or so, but was still able to finish. Now that I have completed the mission, it would be interesting to have a map to see all the areas I missed. I found it to be a complicated layout and was never quite sure where I was going. That's also what I liked about it though!
  12. I just finished this - the hard way apparently.
  13. It looks like someone over in the oculus forums has done a hack to get Doom3 working... https://developer.oc...hp?f=29&t=13130 I wonder if that would be an easy port to TDM? That would be the ultimate Thief experience.
  14. 36 hours of gameplay so far. I kept an open mind about the new Thief, even after seeing the initial videos. Very open really. You see, I actually enjoyed the third Thief game tremendously (once they fixed the difficulty bug), despite the loss of rope arrows and other quibbles. The game played really well and had an amazing atmosphere, great story and cutting edge lighting and graphics. It was my favourite game of the year - up there with HalfLife2 and DeusEx2, so I had high expectations that thief 4 would follow suit. Well, I think there's a reason it isn't called Thief 4, or even Thi4f. It bares no resemblance to the series. It's not a bad game, there are many good aspects. I like the rat-maze of a city (needs more guards). I don't even mind the swooping, it's mainly the loss of freedom that bugs me. You can't go here, you can't go there, you can't climb this crate - there's a basket on top. The whole experience is just dumbed down for 12-year-old console players worse than Call of Duty was. By the way, thanks for bringing back the rope arrow, but give me some places I can actually use it other than the rare highlighted spar. Someone here mentioned they didn't care about the characters. That sounds about right. I'm 36 hours into it and a story is just starting to develop. It might get more interesting though... we'll see; I'm having some fun and I plan to finish it. Perhaps I'm being overly harsh. Pluses: Once you disable most of the childish aids, turn down the gamma, and play on the master level, it's much better. The lock picking is the best yet - after you turn off the white helper circles (almost as good as TDM). Visually, it looks good. The city is a gloomy place, although it doesn't convey the eerie atmosphere that the rest of the series had, if that makes any sense. In many ways it feels like a beta. They have a chance to improve on things for Thief 5, if that happens, but overall I don't think it will stand out. I give it a 6.5/10 (so far). TDM has so much more to offer.
  15. I enjoyed this, but I got stuck in the city. I have 2465 of the needed 2500 in loot to go on and there's no more to be found and can't go back into the prison. . Do I have to start back at the prison to get more loot before moving on?
  16. It didn't work for me (tdm 2.00) I tried to decrease the fov a bit to reduce distortion, but inserting the line seta g_fov 65 had no effect. When I re-opened darkmod.cfg (after testing it), the line was gone. I tried this a couple times but it always deleted that line.
  17. Well, I just played through this as the first fan mission (after Tears of st Lucia). It was coincidentally well timed with Halloween. I found it very original and had an interesting background story. Gameplay was a little different not starting with your equipment, but it was a nice change of pace. The mood was good and the ghosts and lightning were very creepy to me. Difficulty was not too high . You just need to be patient. I did get stuck at the last step though and had to look up the solution. Overall well done. gvg
  18. Thanks, it was not a problem with TDM, I just screwed up my mouse bindings. Works great now.
  19. the thread is down. I was hoping the 3d support code from doom3 BFG could be ported into the darkmod for Oculus, but I see BFG uses id tech 5 engine tech. It doesn't sound so easy now. Damn this would be awesome on the Rift.
  20. Hi, I mapped the "use-item" key and the "lantern" key to two of my mouse buttons, but for some reason they don't always work. Often pressing the Lantern button will "use" the current inventory item instead of turning on the lantern. Even worse is sometimes when I press the use-item button, the lamp turns on instead (with often comical results). This doesn't happen on the keyboard, only with my mouse buttons. It's like there is an occasional conflict with the mouse driver.
  21. Many thanks for this, it's fantastic! Where's the donate button?
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