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  1. This control structure isn't really documented in the wiki and seems to run its code block each frame (what a surprise). It looks like the loop can be exited with break. But if a function containing an eachFrame code block is called multiple times somehow, could that actually lead to multiple instances of the eachFrame code block running in parallel every frame? Should i use an alreadyRunning flag for eachFrame blocks that can somehow be started by the player (by trigger, stim, objective...)?
  2. Putin doesn't look like a double agent to me. Seems to be pretty damn loyal to the USSR - even though it doesn't even exists anymore.
  3. Sure. Just don't forget, that every side thinks that they are on the right side. Bond villians don't exist in real life.
  4. For threats to the free world to exist, there would first have to be a free world. But such a thing doesn't exist. We got the current big imperium with its elite caste. There are the remains of former imperia with their elite castes. There are their vasal states. And there are the buffer states - these are held in constant war or at least at the brink of war. I am lucky to be part of the current great imperium, because i like the luxury it brings. But i am aware, that all that is founded in what effectively still boils down to exploitation of the unlucky. Our simulation of democracy is a hard sell to those who produce what we consume. And it is an even harder sell to whose who don't. I still expect actual democracy to emerge when the energy scarcity problem is finally solved. The hunger for cheap energy is the actual cause of imperialism from the ancient times till now. So solving that should finally make an actually free world possible. Maybe, nuclear winter comes first. Maybe not. Play Iris, the best mission made for TDM, and forget what you can't change for a while...
  5. beta210-08 isn't visible for me in the installer - last one shown is beta210-05 (which also is installed). And i have the gut feeling, that dropping bodies while being crouched is even more often denied than in previous TDM versions.
  6. There are more than 150 TDM missions - and this is the best of them. I initially thought 300 MiB of normal maps in TGA format additional to the 300MiB of DDS textures to slightly be on the excessive side. But as the mission is of excellent visual quality not seen before, i guess, that they are worth the space.
  7. Oktokolo

    Hey guys

    It will get released when no more (new) bugs are found and all the found ones are fixed. But TDM and Darkradiant both are pretty stable. So just play and map in the Beta for now. And if you are one of the lucky few to find a new bug - report it and the devs will fix it.
  8. Kudos for actually taking DPI into account for something like the debug console font size.
  9. Well, we all get older and our eyes can't read the fine prints anymore... But 3 is still twice as large as what i would call small at 2160p on a 32" screen. So it probably is three to four times greater than small for the majority plaing at 1080p. So while the restriction is okay, it also has no reason to exist since 2010. And even the most conservative standard should go for at most 4 (also since 2010).
  10. Wow, that is quite an impressive collection of picks to start with. You should train with the the half diamonds and hooks and use the snakes only for a quick success when frustration has built up too much. There are plenty of tutorials and videos on the internet on how to make your own tension wrenches (probably earlier) and picks (probably later) when your lock collection grows and you need differently sized tools. I made my first picks and wrenches from small saw blades using a cheap Dremel knockoff. With that tools i got most standard tumbler locks open eventually. I was quite a cheap skate back then and therefore specialized on padlocks, because collecting them by unlocking often is less risky... Luckily i don't really have the patience and feel for the sport and lost interest after a few weeks. Later i impulse-bought a cheap set for a few bucks at a convention, but it did not get as much use as my old tools. Have fun. Test for yourself whether low or high tension is your thing. And watch the Lockpicking Lawyer - he is good at the sport.
  11. Thank you! As con_fontSize 1 (the lowest setting) isn't actually tiny, i suggest setting the standard value to the next higher value - which oddly is 4 (wonder, why 2 to 3 are just aliases for 1, while 5+ works fine).
  12. I am getting into TDM scripting and use the console for quite some print-debugging. But the text size of that console leads to lines often being wrapped, which makes scanning the output for oddities harder. Half the current text size would already be fine while still way bigger than needed. So how do i turn the text size down?
  13. Oktokolo


    Yet another F2P MMORPG - but this is made by a time traveler from the 70ies on an acid trip:
  14. Running at map start is good enough for now. Looks like i have to package a mod for each of my probably six combinations of functionality though as there can be only one mod overriding that script and i definitely don't want to require users to edit the script file for mod management... Well, still feasible, so i probably do that.
  15. It isn't mentioned in the wiki, but looks like the perfect place to put the mod manager initialization code, which then should include all files matching the glob pattern "mods/*/script/init.script". Is it possible to include scripts like that and is there a way to run a function right after it got defined in a freshly included script?
  16. Nah, can't override tdm_custom_scripts.script as the comment inside it explicitly states that it is meant to be overridden by FMs - which would then disable my mod.
  17. I work on a mod to TDM itself. It is meant to affect all missions and needs a script to execute before the difficulty selection screen (preferred) or at actual mission start (good enough). So is there a canonical way to get my script executed for every map or do i have to search for a rarely updated script in TDM's pk4s and infect it with my code?
  18. Did you try uploading it as vp9? Maybe they don't reencode if it already is in the final format.
  19. Funnily, while i am against save restrictions, i am actually pro safe rooms in the traditional sense of game design: Rooms or locations that are safe for the player to rest in for a while before continuing the adventure. There normally are some of these in most missions already and they would be the perfect location for an auto-save trigger. Would definitely like to see more of these - especially the consciously added ones that tend to be nicely decorated and feeling like a safe space in a grim world.
  20. The elephant in the room is player types. Some get their fun from overcomming frustration - others don't play games that frustrate them. I am a less-frustration-is-better player. You seem to like frustration - a lot... That is fine and in TDM we both can have fun playing missions having save restrictions on any level now. I fixed the player type difference with a mod which basically just reduces the time wasted per player mistake (if the player doesn't forget to do the proper savescumming).
  21. Nah, sacrificing the noob difficulty isn't nice. New players are probably very happy about it existing. I also removed any reason for having separate save restriction difficulties with this mod. And it doesn't end here: Other commonly used restrictions are related to knockouts, loot, kills, ghosting... It isn't feasible to make separate difficulty levels for all combinations of the common restrictions authors like to flavor their missions with. In the long run, a settings screen would be nice. But players who don't like forced whatever will probably always choose to disable whatever and therefore a collection of cheat mods only disabling a single type of whatever while working fine with any mission is probably the more feasible option until such a generic settings screen exists for authors to use.
  22. Well, i made a mod disabling save restrictions. So for whom who don't want them, it doesn't matter whether they are in the mission or not. They just install the mod and enjoy as much saving as they want. This makes voting "no" to a pure statement about not wanting others to play missions with save restrictions.
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