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  1. Well, I tried your original method and got something... barely workable. The key seemed to be in giving the blocking func_static a higher frob_bias combined with a longer frob_distance. button_frob.map.txt
  2. Why. Just why? If NuThief really is designed so that it accommodates classic Thief gameplay and ghosting, why can't they even once show a playthrough like that? It's just making me damn skeptical. The stuff about the NPCs reacting to shadows sounds great, but my inner pessimist is saying that it might work like that only in specific areas. They would have talked about it more otherwise, because tech where AI reacts to dynamic shadows would be a huge selling point.
  3. Love to see some snow. Makes me think it would be great to see a map with some inspiration from a Scandinavian medieval setting. Would give the level a bit of exotic, alien flavor. Lots of creepy-ass mythology, snow and drunken peasants.
  4. I think it was the button inside the dressing cabinet upstairs, I had trouble with it being frobable through the doors. It could be that I fixed it with a block of target_setfrobable though, can't go check right now as this computer doesn't have DR installed. Could you make it into a sort of fake button? Have your current button on the wall, but set its frob_distance to 0 (or maybe 1 is the minimum?). Then make another button that is nodraw and non-solid, and make the visible button it's frob_peer. Then you can position the invisible button so that it gives the illusion of pressing the actual visible button, but so that it can't be reached from the other side.
  5. So, you know with so much flirting around the possibility of going for a full remake of Undeworld in the Doom 3 engine. Have you given it any thought? Get a small team together. Write a system for handling dialogue and inventory, get some mappers to clean out the levels and add some extra eye-candy... It would of course be a ton of work, but still much more feasible than many remake projects out there due to the work you have already done in converting the levels into TDM and the fact that the Doom 3 engine happens to be a pretty good fit for something like UW.
  6. Have you tried tweaking frobbox_size? IIRC I fixed a similar problem from In a Time of Need by adjusting that.
  7. Here is a little update on the main street area. I had to tone down the rain for time being, because it eventually started to take a huge toll on FPS. Now I'm back to solid 60FPS at all times, but I hate how bland everything looks. The yellow brick building on the left belongs to the League of Seafaring Merchants, and is to be the main attraction of the level. Still very WIP, missing the roof and using placeholders for the upstairs windows. I'm planning on adding a market stall or two to the open area, but placing them and also keeping FPS solid is turning out to be a bit of a issue. I'll see if I can squeeze out even better performance by switching the rain patches to emitters, like someone suggested before. Here is the Tavern as it is now, almost finished so spoilerish I guess: Upstairs Downstairs
  8. Decided to try some games I picked up on Steam sales. Ended up playing through Call of Juarez: Gunslinger in one sitting. Absolutely the best shooter I have played in years. If you like FPS games even in the slightest and haven't played it - just do it. You'll thank me later.

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    2. kyyrma


      Looking back, despite 2013 being a pretty bad year for PC gaming in general, it was a good year for FPS games with old-school spirit. We got Gusnlinger, Blood Dragon, Shadow Warrior, Metro: Last Light and probably a few others I can't remember now. Apparently the ROTT remake was good as well?

    3. Bikerdude


      I got SW on steam when it was cheap a few days ago..

    4. Bikerdude


      Well had a go at Left4Dead2 because it was FREE, but now I see why it was free.....

  9. I thought so. Glad that someone still has the common courtesy of not blabbering over their videos. I enjoy good commentary now and then, but most of the time I'd rather just see the gameplay. Especially since not everyone was born a comedian, despite most YouTubers seeming to think so Anyway, not to steer further off-topic, welcome again and thanks for the videos. Was great to see a blind playthrough of my own map also.
  10. The Finns are taking over! Amazing work, very much looking forward to seeing the finished level. Seconding that exteriors are the exhausting part. I build house by house, and every time I finish an interior I shudder to think that I have to go back outside Welcome to the board! Edit: Oh, just realized - you make FM playthroughs on YouTube, right?
  11. Could you attach a hidden flame to a func_static paper, which is triggered (and thus made visible) by touching a fire source, which then activates a timed trigger that after a while triggers both the flame and the scroll (func_static) to hide them (and maybe makes an ash pile entity visible instead).
  12. Well that's a bundle of ideas. Cheers! That is exactly the thing. It's impossible to make a level with every door, hatch and window to be openable, so in good level design it's really important to telegraph to the player what are the points of interest and what are just static facades. Of course it would be best to make it as subtle as possible, so that it works on almost a sub-conscious level. I know a lot of veteran Thief-players might not see this exactly the same way, as we are accustomed to trying out every last thing and hate handholding and breaking of immersion no matter how subtle. But I'd still rather design levels so that they are accessible and flow well to players who might be completely new to the fandom :-)
  13. Haven't posted any progress on the street level since weeks ago, so here is some: Outside the tavern I personally don't like how the scene looks right now. It needs a lot more detailwork. I'm also having trouble highlighting the tavern door to the player. I'd rather not use a light for it, or at least I'd like to use a very small light that doesn't have a large radius. Any ideas?
  14. @Goldwell: Unfortunately I have. Wish it was something as simple, but that didn't seem to do the trick. However I did figure it out! The issue was in the sample rate of the file. My audio was at 48000Hz while the files supported by TDM should be 44100Hz. I had thought I had resampled the files in Audacity, but I hadn't realized you have to change the project sample rate as well before exporting or else the file will revert to 48000Hz while saving.
  15. I'm trying to add a custom ambient to my map and it has me stumped. I've got a file called purple.ogg in darkmod/sound/goneinsmoke/ In the folder darkmod/sound/ I've got a soundshader file with the following: I first tried adding a speaker in-game with s_shader set to "ambient_purple". After that I tried setting s_shader to "goneinsmoke.pk4/sound/goneinsmoke/purple.ogg" and "sound/goneinsmoke/purple.ogg" but nothing seems to work. I can't hear a thing! What am I not getting here? edit: fixed the file extensions. I've actually tried with both .ogg and .wav just to see if the problem was in the sound format
  16. That's actually pretty close to what I'm doing right now, and I requested the pissing animation particularly for this map. The map does have a street level, but it's heavily guarded, so to navigate the player might go back and forth between the streets and the sewers using manholes and public privies. Some buildings also have sewer access. It's not a particularly big map, but I've put a lot of effort on planning it so that the player has a lot of freedom on how and in what order he tackles his objectives. @Melan: Cheers! They really need to be dirtied up though, sewers aren't supposed to look that good
  17. Finally putting some work into my sewers. After the stressful ordeal that is visportaling large outdoor areas, building sewers is pretty like much zen-meditation. I friggen' love sewers. View 1 View 2 Honestly, I want to build nothing but sewers from now on. Simplistic geometry, easy to light, visportaling works like a miracle... What is not to like? Who cares if the players thinks its the most boring trope of gaming! Mapping should be about mappers, not players! Edit: Here is what the sewers looked few hours prior.
  18. Maybe Garret snatched it and tossed it on that large glass dome like a schoolyard bully? This is NuGarret after all. I agree with you on Assassin's Creed and Dishonored, but IMO DX:HR was pretty much a stealth game with broken action glued on to it. Especially on harder difficulties. I'm not saying the stealth in HR was good (I hate cover based stealth). Just that it was much more necessary to sneak around in that game then for example Dishonored or AC, which both make it easy to mow down pretty much any opposition if you so wish.
  19. So, anyone else taking part in the 28th Ludum Dare? Only about 16 hours until go time, can't wait! http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/

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    2. kyyrma


      Self-taught, I guess you could say a hobbyist. I can do quite a bit of C and C++, but for the purposes of Ludum Dare I always fall back on Game Maker and GML (which is an amalgamation of C/C++ and Java with focus on game development). I know its frowned upon in some circles, but I'm of the opinion that its not the tools but the end-result that matter!

    3. GameDevGoro


      I should join one at some point, but I always chicken out...

    4. Sotha


      I always wanted to make a game, but I don't have the coding skills required. Maybe at some point I'll teach myself some C++. I used to write some text-adventures with BASIC and Turbo Pascal when I was a kid.

  20. I guess the lead writer really liked Granny Rags, huh? Well, I guess the team really liked Dishonored in general.
  21. I'd drop a few bucks on this if that is what it takes.
  22. Those of you with experience on making levels with rain... How did you pull off the audio side of things? I started out with a zoned approach, but soon realized that the cut-off between interior and exterior sounds really bad. I tried making fade-ins and fade-outs faster, but I still couldn't get it quite how I wanted. Should I be using speakers or a mix of both instead?
  23. Thanks for the rundown Jon! Regarding the number of guards, the cramped level made it really hard to add more guards without pathfinding issues or the guards bumping into each other (especially because my understanding of designing paths and monsterclipping was still a bit shaky). I tried to compensate with the trick that makes guards take over each others patrol routes if one is knocked out or killed. Adding lights you can't turn off was something I did think of, but I felt like that would be taking away options and interactivity from the player - which I agree in hindsight could have made for tighter gameplay. I'm currently in progress of creating my next map, which will be a continuation for In a Time of Need. I've got a three level story-arc planned, with every map ramping up in diffculty and size. I can tell you that the map I'm working on now is already the size of In a Time of Need, and maybe about half-way done
  24. I think portals can be made transparent for windows and such. Take a look here.
  25. Well, I feel terrible posting after you guys but here is some progress either way WIP Tavern. I kinda' like how the space turned out, with the large opening between the dark and intimate downstairs and the more open, light upstairs. After this I'll only have two more interiors to work on, and after that I can start decorating and setting up AI And loot. Been a great weekend in terms of mapping. Hopefully the screen is not too dark, I haven't yet set up proper lighting.
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