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  1. Assassins Creed - Lineage http://www.gamepro.d...pid=386&pk=1946 youtube: thanks unstoppable
  2. hahaha, its that easy. Thanks, its working now
  3. Hi again. I have a little problem on this tut: http://modetwo.net/d..._Chests%2C_etc. at that point: "Just drag out a brush to almost fill the interior, give it clip texture and atdm:target_set_frobable entity. This disables frob again if the player puts something into the box too." I have tried that, but changing the brush chages every other worldspawn obj. too. Did i miss something important? Edit: Thats the same problem i had before with the brush 333, i am changing one brush and then the whole worldspawn is affected, something is wrong here
  4. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/ try this thread
  5. Healthu Pootion desu ne^^ Dark mod is known in japan too, really nice
  6. could you post a screenshot? that would make it easier to help
  7. Hey there, just as an info, there is a thread for noob questions too^^ 1: Probably you have a gap right under and above the door, just build a brush and fit it there. you can see the gaps better in the cam view. 2: You could build a brush, place it, copy it like 3 times and then copy all 4 together til you get what you want. There are different ways, what kind of stair would you like? Ah and you can use the stairs from "Create Model- Darkmod/architecture/stairs 3: Sure you can choose just one wall and paint the next one different or you can cut the walls with clipper tool and paint just one part or Shift&Strg&RMB one side of a brush and paint each side different. 4: i am bad with lighting too^^ maybe someone else can help. Edit: Again too slow^^
  8. Same here but i am dropping the sword at the shop anyway. have fun
  9. Ok, i am always to slow^^ welcome to the forum
  10. hmm... can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? there are two walls with and two walls without that cut.
  11. Garrett Ramsey! :-) Thats so cool

  12. Thanks it works fine now, made it like that:
  13. i have made some stairs but i dont know how to place the monsterclips right so AI can walk on it. Is there a wiki guide? Could not find one
  14. Hmm... no it seems i have just dajusted them bad. Those oil lamps.... i dont think they fit anyway but i cant find nice hanging lights for that place @ SiyahParsomen: Yeah you should do that, i want to play yours too^^ @Melan: thank you!
  15. Well progress on the map is going forward but the story is still only in my mind
  16. Sorry if that is a dump idea, i dont know anything about programming. Would it be possible to take parts (converter or something) of doom 3, put them into DR with a button "Remove degenerate Triangles permanently" so it wont take so long to load (after you have finished your map)?
  17. WINDOWS!!! you are the best! nice gears, looking beautiful
  18. Hi, i have a question. Would it be possible to create a page (like between "I want to Help" and "Off Topic") called "I need Help"? It would be way easier to find what you are searching for. Greeting Sono
  19. Yeah, you guys should work 5 years more, why should i buy one expensive copy of doom 3?
  20. Frob an corpse and hit the "use" button, you will be surprised
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