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  1. Hey Paul, thanks for your opinion. Nice to see that some people are still playing my mission. Yeah the layout is a bit strange because the first room I have build was the storage room near the library. Every room after that was growing out from that storage. One of the last things I have build was the vent, that was fun^^ btw, did you try "Trapped!" by Railgun yet? Its a really cool mission, you should not miss it. see ya
  2. ;-) well I am not lost but thank you for answer questions here. I am still around from time to time and voting on moddb for this mod and such things.
  3. lol, I thought this is going to help you with performance settings...
  4. Os: Windows 7 Home Premium - 64 bit Cpu: Core i7 930 - 2,8 GHz Gpu: gtx470 - Driver: 258.96 Ram: 6gb ddr3 - 1333, Cl7 Its running just fine with maximum settings (res 1680*1050). I even get at least 24 fps in Return to the City.
  5. Update: Windows 7 Home Premium (edit: 64bit) Core i7 930 Geforce gtx470 6gb Corsair ddr3 ram no overclocking Settings: Res: 1680*1050 (16:10) Vsync: off AA: 16 TA: 16 A.Rendering: Standard I. Shader: HQ 1st run: 29,8 sec - 100 fps 2nd run: 22,1 sec - 134,5 fps
  6. sometimes a look into the off topics can really make the day better
  7. well dont kill them and you are playing 30 minutes, and turn up the AI strenght to master or expert.
  8. Oh, you are really the bikerdude ^^ Happy birthday
  9. Really good little mission, nice and hard patrol routes. I have missed some loot and I did not really get what the Thanks and congrats!
  10. Hi LEGION, i think you have missed the I am glad you had fun with my map but there wont be an updated version or anoter map.
  11. A TDM Mug would be awesome!
  12. Nice, got to try it right away! Congrats to you two!
  13. if you really want to mark everything as read its not too much work to scroll down there right?
  14. Hi Stalchild, just type screenshot in the console, thats working too.
  15. well 46kb/s ^^ Thanks and congrats on the release!
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