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  1. I am about 6 hours into it. Got the task to Made it to the So, I concluded that I need a shovel and crept back to the workshop. To no avail as the equipment there is not meant to be picked up. What am I missing?
  2. A small update : I just updated to TDM 2.07 - and to my surprise that L10N package for 'Special Delivery' no longer shows up. Does that mean that the internal Downloader is now using the PHP version of the mission list - instead of the XML version? In that case an update to my tool would be required sooner or later, as it would complain about the XML and PHP version running out of sync over time. Still, anyone already having that delivery_l10n.pk4 would run into trouble if that mission would ever be updated. I made a dirty little experiment - just for fun: I created a copy of newjob.pk4, renamed it to training_l10n.pk4 and moved it along side the training.pk4. Guess what mission I ended up playing when installing the "Training Mission"? Right, "A New Job" ! So, any L10N package takes 100% precedence over the actual mission file.
  3. Thanks for looking into this, nbohr1more ! A Linux version shouldn't be a problem at all. I just had a look at the code again and found nothing that might be Windows specific in any way. So, I would actually expect the code to run on Linux just fine as well. But I don't have a Linux system at my disposal right now. I assume you are just asking for some launch script? What happnes if you try to run it as follows: java -jar TDMMissionDbCheck.jarWith respect to the 1 false positive: The localizations pack for 'Special Delivery' show up only in the XML version of the mission list, but not in the PHP version. http://missions.thedarkmod.com/available_missions.xmlshows <localisationPack url="http://www.fidcal.com/darkuser/missions/delivery_l10n.pk4" /> <localisationPack url="http://darkmod.taaaki.za.net/fms/delivery_l10n.pk4" /> <localisationPack url="http://www.southquarter.com/tdm/fms/delivery_l10n.pk4" /> whereas this one doesn't : http://missions.thedarkmod.com/get_available_missions.phpThis means that you will see no Translation seems available when browsing this mission on the website (which uses the PHP version) http://www.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails/?id=22, whereas the internal downloader (which uses the XML version) is well aware of these 'localization packs'. That's why the latest scan indicates an inconsistency there. Anyway: These specific 'localization 'files should be probably dropped entirely, as they are 100% identical to the actual mission file delivery.pk4. So, they aren't a localized version at all. Or are they? I see some risk that any future update to that mission might mean that people would be playing the new version, but with a bunch of stuff superseeded by an outdated version. Maybe the files on the server should be replaced with an empty pk4, to make sure everyones local copy of the L10N files get overwritten if there should ever be an update to the mission itself.
  4. Both servers provide the correct PK4 file now. Thanks!
  5. Edit: of course I mean TDM 2.06. Sorry for messing up the thread title. Some code change in TDM 2.06 seems to have caused a few hickups in the internal downloader. Ever since I upgraded to TDM 2.06, the internal downloader no longer automatically removes the missions I just downloaded. And if you download multiple missions/updates, then some missions will even be displayed multiple times on the list of availlable updates. It looks like the list on the screen doesn't get cleared properly: if you downloaded 3 out of 5 entries then the 2 remaining entries will move to the top, but 3 more 'dead' entries are dislayed. With 'dead' I mean : clickiing on those will not show up any mission details at the bottom. Another issue: I just noticed that a new mission got released: 'The Warrens'. In the past new missions were indicated by just their name. But this one shows up like 'The Warrens #' instead of 'The Warrens'. I myself had added the # (in TDM 2.04 ??) as a notion of a translation being available, which isn't found on the local system. So, now people might think that only a translation became available, not realizing that this is a new mission altogether.
  6. There is no update in the in-game downloader. So, I downloaded the update from here :http://www.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails/?id=127 Both servers have a 'dodgy' copy, where the pk4 contains the mission within a subfolder (!), which must not happen, as it can not be installed due to that error.
  7. The timestamps of the files in the pk4's are also used by the resource loader to determine whether a file is found or not. In such way that a timestamp=-1 was interpreted as 'file doesn't exist' and the resource would not be loaded at all. Anyway: these issues should be fixed since TDM 2.05 already.
  8. Very nice and impressive mission ! I had lots of fun making my way The riddle
  9. Abusimplea is right. Basicly the compiler doesn't get what function it should use if you were calling method Foo with just two arguments. It would not know whether to call the first variant or the second one (with default argument). That setup just doesn't make any sense at all. Either go with virtual void Foo(const idvec3 &parm1, const idAxis &parm2){} virtual void Foo(const idvec3 &parm1, const idAxis &parm2, const int parm3){} or just virtual void Foo(const idvec3 &parm1, const idAxis &parm2, const int parm3 = 0 ){}
  10. Pretty nice mission! I liked a lot the mix of modern and classic architecture, but I must admit that Anyway, a pretty solid mission nonetheless. Just two questions, before I am willing to make my way to the end of the mission.
  11. It seems like I am stuck due to the steward behaving oddly. I am playing on Expert.
  12. I wonder why this got pinned to the 'The Dark Mod' forum and not in the 'Editors Guild'. Do you really want to attrackt people just hanging out in the more general subforums? And then asking questions like 'when will it be released?' and other random noise? If that channel should serve as a better means for actual mappers to provide help to each other, then you will be getting the wrong kind of audience, I am afraid.
  13. I think you forgot to drop the 'orbweaver' paths from the new soundshader definitions for the 'leadin' sounds. Thanks for creating these videos!
  14. In case someone is interested in 'Alan Wake's Amercian Nightmare', I would recommend checking on GoG, because they currently sell that one reduced by 90% as well.
  15. Does Xarg's TDM Updater show version 0.66 ? If not, he might have told it to 'not update itself' in the advanced options. Since a fix got added in 0.66 he should make sure to have the latest one and retry to update TDM.
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