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  1. Nah, there's nothing dependent on it, and none of my gimmicky mechanics implemented yet. It's your regular old sneaking mission.
  2. So, now that I'm back to mapping in earnest after work tried to bury me alive, I'm about halfway through the next Quinn Co mission. It's a separate building to the bank itself, and it ended up way bigger than I intended it to be, rendering it half the mission. As such, I think it'd be pretty sensible to start an early beta testing effort for the place, so as to keep pre-release testing simple as can be. It shouldn't be a big job, and hopefully not a very buggy one either, but I'd appreciate a few people giving it a go and telling me how it plays! It's more about play testing than bug fixing, since it's a fairly simple, contained environment and I've already made sure the AI path properly in this finnicky bloody engine. If you'd like to help, just let me know. It'll be accessible to anybody who can see the beta testing forum some time tonight, anyway.
  3. Check the thread for La Banque for the answer to the former. As for the latter, there's a drop button in the key bindings somewhere. I forget what it defaults to, is it R? It works for the key anyway, whatever it is.
  4. I'll probably start a beta thread and let people edit and proof read, as well as taking the plain text and putting it wherever they please.
  5. It certainly can be! I can start super-duper immediately really, I've just been prioritising mapping.
  6. Worth noting that was just specific entities while I was making those containers. Some are fine, some cause crashes, assumedly depending on complexity.
  7. child soldiers that kiiiiiiiiiiill
  8. Any of you guys playing the RS6 Siege beta? Plenty of room for stealth, looks like. Everybody seems to be playing it sneaky beaky like, and I'm just https://youtu.be/f60oPouQHW0

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    2. Airship Ballet

      Airship Ballet

      They didn't, no, but it's pretty balanced. If the one guy places jammers in the right places, it makes it impossible for any drones to identify any bombs or people. Also, defenders can use the cameras to spot attackers from the round start. I've been winning rounds consistently by just laying down somewhere obscure and marking all 5 of them until they're all dead. Recon is a really powerful part of the game on both sides. Shame the beta ends tomorrow, and that it's £60 to buy.

    3. SeriousToni


      Mouse sensitivity over 9000!!

      Hm I would have loved to have a nice new kind of Raven Shield game where you can plan before a mission and stuff :(

    4. Gast


      I only tried the Terrorist Hunt mode and I must admit that I'm pretty pleased with the game, network problems aside.

  9. Yep, sorry. They're intended for businesses, so they know they can charge way more than they're worth. There were no issues with the ZyXEL firewall after getting it set up, bearing in mind it was used to keep patient records safe. It goes far above and beyond what you need in terms of functionality, but unfortunately there's a big jump between Cisco pseudo-router firewalls and proper specialised firewalls like this.
  10. Not meeting all criteria, no. The cheapest I ever got installed at work was from ZyXEL. They were upwards of £100 each, and that was a bulk order. Decent value for money considering what they can do, but it'll take a bit of know-how to set them up. You could look into crappier, cheaper plug and play things, but I doubt you'll find a reliable one that doesn't kill your speeds and offer proper traffic moderation.
  11. I figured I'd be able to offer some insight, it being my job and all, but it's cool. I even said "nah you do what you want" because I figured you'd get antsy. This is the place for advice! It might not agree with your preconception, but that's no reason to take offence. Me saying "you're doing much more than you need to, but if it makes you feel better then go for it" shouldn't be construed as an insult. I'm not out to get you. You can relax. I'm not creeping into your house of a night and taking down your wi-fi set-up. You're looking to spend too much money on an excessive solution, like buying a combine harvester to do your back yard. It'd get the job done, but it's not exactly necessary, and it'd seem silly. Nobody would deny that it's your right to do so, but you'd be silly to bite their heads off for calling it a bit much, let alone dismissing them and searching a crowd of a thousand for the one guy who can offer you the best combine harvester model for your back yard.
  12. Well you were plugging your Patreon so I went and checked it out! I'll say no more, other than suggesting you use different accounts for game developing than you do for that.
  13. I don't mean you as a person. You do you, but you covered a pitfall trap with leaves and advised me to go Google it. It's like inviting your friends over and greeting them with your pants down. Of course they're going to say something. They're not going to start making generalisations about you, but they're going to have to ask why you would answer the door with your pants down, no matter how strongly you insist it's not representative of you as a whole.
  14. ☐Popular internet figure ☐Business ☐Storing sensitive data ☑Home network Biker's looking into enterprise solutions for (currently non-existent) household problems. It's a waste of money, depending on how highly you value peace of mind. I've been here before though. What-if mentalities are basically impossible to compete with. It's totally feasible that a dude in a balaclava and baseball cap will stand outside your house with a laptop and see the contents of your fap folder, and admitting that will prompt some people to shell out for a new router. Same goes for smart TVs collecting usage data. If you need to step up your game in order to relax on the sofa, go for it, totally fine.
  15. No kidding. use different usernames for that stuff. Now I have to go out and buy brain bleach.
  16. As a network manager, you only need to step up your protection if you're a target (i.e. are a popular internet figure, are storing personal records, don't live in Dark Ages England) or are completely inept when it comes to using the internet. If you are, no amount of protection will keep you safe. Otherwise, the bare minimum will see you just fine. Ironically I have no AV installed, have Windows' software firewall turned off and have an old Linksys WRT45G hunk of junk, and haven't had any issues in over a decade. Work, meanwhile, is a slow week if attempts are in single figures. Like I say, it's a matter of purpose. I'd say you're going above and beyond what's required of a mundane home network in a technologically backwards country.
  17. Wow, I thought that was me for a second. Everybody keeps pinching my title style
  18. Totally, but so long as it doesn't sacrifice stealth for spooks. Oh, and impossible space too. That's always great fun.
  19. Also IMO the Burricks, Spiders, Ghosts, Apebeasts and Bugbeasts are the weakest part of TDP. I lose any and all interest in that game once every level becomes less about stealth and more about zany monstars. It was necessary to round off the story, but the last few levels are just not about stealth in the same way that the human ones are.
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