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  1. Give me a Patreon with a livable wage and I'll make a campaign a month.
  2. Mhmm! Like I said, end of the workflow, and they're now done, 500 polys on average. Moving on to heartier stuff!
  3. Haha, no, sorry, I was speaking hypothetically. I wrote that in a rush while on my lunch. I meant, like, "imagine I have a scene full of these." I just meant that they have a surprisingly low impact on performance provided you have a low-poly shadow mesh. If somebody went on to create something really detailed, with a ton of polys, I just wanted to know if people would tut at the high count on principle, despite it probably not having much of an impact.
  4. I might make some grimdark textures, but I quite like the vibrancy, realistic or not. So hey, I have a scene full of these. They're all in the thousands in terms of polys, but have shadowmeshes of like 500 at most, usually lower than 100. There are 0 frame drops compared to normal models, even with that lantern shining on all of them. I'd like to keep them as they are, because at present you could stab yourself on the 'round' objects in the core mod and I'd like a prettier alternative. Are people going to murder me for a high poly count just on principle? Oh, also, exporting to Blender in order to smooth them out is going to be done in one big batch once all the models are done, since it doesn't affect UVs. It does look way better, but I'm saving it until the models themselves are finalised.
  5. Yep! I'm gonna do slices of everything. I'm gonna be getting onto cakes and pies and whatnot, so there'll be slices of those too. Just makes sense to make the whole models first so I can lop them in half and texture one face with the insides.
  6. They have speculars already! I mean, the unpeeled potato is a bit shiny, but otherwise I like how they look!
  7. I went back through and replaced every instance of painting03 with the entry's respective number. I'm guessing that'll fix it. I should've known those ineffectual lines did something somewhere.
  8. Right, well, I added the small versions. I think they got lost when I was moving stuff over, or I was just half asleep when I made the last few. Fixed the skin issue too, but I've no idea what's causing the issue in the second and fourth. Thanks for lookin'!
  9. Thanks guys! I call this one Lacklustre Still Life (big food dump coming some time in September)
  10. Thanks! Thanks Hawkeye! I'm here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative now that I've fixed all that.
  11. Added a bunch of custom paintings to the OP!
  12. I'm glad you liked it! I think the level design issues were all a result of me trying to keep it a super small map. It was hard doing very much at all, knowing that I'd have to one-up it for the next one. The result of the tiny map is tinier spaces to put guards in, and a bunch of unfair, cramped areas that could either contain an unfair guard or be really boring. I went for the former, obviously. Still, Chase is bigger and better in that regard, though I think a little linear. I've been meaning to put the paintings up, actually. I think I'll go do that now, before I forget.
  13. They're actually home-grown horse droppings grapes. Lightwave actually has a really nice interface. It's nice and simple until you start digging, unlike Blender and 3DS, which in my experience are just a total mess.
  14. Unless you're going to make a proper portfolio, with a web designer and whatnot, I'd just go with any number of blogging services. You can customize some of them beyond recognition, as well as get custom URLs.
  15. Did we get bored and figure out the Lightwave > TDM workflow, taking hours longer than we should have in our determination to not look anything up? Yes we did, Other Merry. babby's first TDM model <3 I'm planning on making a bunch of food stuff, because it's something I've missed in TDM. I used to love ravaging kitchens like the hungry hungry caterpillar, and it ought to be an easy introduction to modelling with software I've never touched before tonight.
  16. "Game" It's beautiful to look at, but oh Lord above is it crappy.
  17. this specifically Eva Green's aesthetic
  18. Seems pretty great you guys.
  19. Well, the end result was an extreme example, the kind I enjoy but would never expect from purely existential thought-flinging. In this case it would be updating your own beliefs, which just doesn't seem to happen. There's no real impetus to really take on-board another idea, because you can consider each other's views, but then nothing follows. Neither is likely to change their view on it, and if they did it's just living to have it changed another day. Hypotheticals and no conclusion in sight, it's just not something I enjoy. Sure, it's fun, it passes time while you're waiting for a train, but I wouldn't actively look to talk about it because it leads nowhere. I'd rather debate something that can actually change as per the thoughts raised, because then I'm getting the exercise in reasoning and understanding along with something a lot more palpable. I'd like to convince somebody to take a look into a certain genre of book they've always disregarded, or convince them that there's good reason to explore something they don't want to. Maybe I'm a product of the age of instant gratification. You learn new perspectives from having your thoughts challenged, that's simply how it works. If it's a super one-sided affirmation where you're encouraged and nodded at as you talk, you might improve your perspective just by having to put your thoughts into words, but the best means by far is to have yourself questioned. How would you learn anything new if people just told you what you already knew for 60 years and then you died? It doesn't have to be aggressive, nor does it have to be a win/lose situation, rather it rarely is and both come away winners. I'd liken a scenario in which two people just pose questions to one another--afraid of turning it into anything more than a thoughtful cuddle session--to a wheel spinning in mud.
  20. I mean, exaggeration, but any decent headway in any discussion is typically made from pulling ideas apart, and that's just inherently confrontational, not on a personal level, but some people do take it personally. Call an argument backwards and they respond "I'm not backwards", like it's hard to tell the difference between argument and person. It's usually a defensive person who starts arguments, rather than an aggressive one, and it's irritating when something gets derailed by it. If you want a proper discussion, and to make your case, you need to work off the other's argument, and if they take that personally you'll never get anywhere. There was that topic, whichever one it was, where somebody, I forget who, took exception to having their argument called hypocritical, and just kinda folded their arms and refused to carry on. Then you tell them to stop being a baby and they're like "AHAH, SEE, AD HOMINEM." It's a self-fulfilling prophecy if there ever was one. I'd comment on the topic at hand, but it seems to be meandering between weird stuff we can only really guess at. I like debates that have results at the end, rather than this. I mean, yeah, it's fun, but it's all been said before. If there was a debate about this, and a straw poll at the end that determined whether the afterlife was real or not, I'd be down, but as it is I can't say I see the point, other than recreation.
  21. Exact hits work too. You just missed.
  22. Twice all the way through. I played once to plot a route, then ran it through slowly to memorise it. After that I wrote the timer, then just played. You get better at the early stuff the more you retry. This took maybe 15 attempts, tops? Most of which I fluffed before even the stash, usually messing up locks in a major way, or screwing myself with those boxes. Otherwise, it was fairly easy. Since nothing important is random and most people are asleep or patrolling outside, I barely saw anybody, given the handy routes that avoid the streets. The only thing I could mess up is KOs, locks and those bloody boxes, and I did, about 14 times between them before this run. I did one attempt and got that first time, and then right after did this attempt and got this better time!
  23. Not a clue, must be because with all the flinching he never got a chance to register anything, even though he felt me walk into him rather than the blackjack just not working (it missed entirely). I've honestly no idea. I usually sent one guard outside the house searching by sprinting down to the sewer, and usually woke up Benny too, but somehow managed to avoid that this one time. I am playing with the default alertness settings though, which are super forgiving.
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUCfdNESdeQ&feature=youtu.be Speedy as usual!
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