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  1. I went to Australia and New Zealand for 5 months. Both amazing countries. I don't know if it possible to change the running speed. I reckon it won't be too difficult, but I'd have to take a look at that. It wouldn't be fun and realistic though would it? I mean the guards have bulky armor that would slow them down a bit and part of of Thief is being able to run away from guards when caught. Otherwise it would mean you're almost certainly dead when spotted.
  2. A really nice FM, great job. Almost got all the loot. Enjoyed sneaking around the streets. Maybe it would have been nice to have a few more buildings that you could go an explore. Didn't get the FPS drop. By the way is it me or is there a speed increase in TDM 1.02? Even with Heart of Lone Salvation I didn't get any FPS drops and I'm still playing with the same settings.
  3. Wow what a comment . Well don't be ashamed I love lengthy comments . About the secret entrance, how you found it is how it was meant to be, but yeah not everyone plays in the same way. The first gate was a fault on my part. I kinda forced the player to do it in one way and for some reason this gate was really difficult to frob. Certainly won't make that same mistake again . One of my beta-testers told me that he found the way around the mansion too easy, so I changed that and as long as the player won't be caught there is no issue. If you do, all hell breaks lose and you get a major FPS drop. There are still quite a lot of players that have low spec PC's, so the next part won't be the same. Yeah there are quite a lot of players that like the little details so I'll try to do my best in part 2. As far as I know it still isn't possible for guards to switch the lights back on. About the forced kill. In the beginning before I started building I was thinking about creating a story with your decissions having an effect on the flow of it. That would mean that you would have the option to kill nelson or not and that in part 2 you could download one that continues the story with you killing nelson and one without. Because this was my first ever FM I decided to take it back a step cause just finishing this FM was already an effort. It's possible that I will do something like that in a next campaign. But now I had to make a decission and for the story it was necessary to do it like this. Part 2 is still a while away. I just came back from a backpacking trip and are now playing all the Fms that have been released . I have on paper how I want to build the FM and most of the readables are done. Now I just need to start building . I can't say when that's going to be but I will eventually. I don't know if I'm going to remake part 1. In the end I kinda got fed up with it and I don't know if I'll be able to motivate myself to work on a FM that has already been released. Of course there's a lot that can be improved but there will probably be just a handfull of people that are going to play it again. I rather spend time on new missions than on an excisting one. But never say never, if or when I'm an expert with Dark Radiant it might be really easy to do it . I never get a write flash by the way , but like I said I love lengthy comments so just be odd :P. Can't complain about the weather though, it's finally sunny for long periods here .
  4. If you get the chance you really should. It's so great to discover the amazing things that are in every country. @ Mr Lemony Fresh: I've already been to the Blue Mountains but didn't go to the caves. Didn't even hear of them otherwise I probably would have went there. I did some caving in New Zealand though . Apparently there's a bush fire in the Blue Mountains at the moment.
  5. I'm Raymond from the Netherlands, 24 years old and finished my bachelor in marketing and sales. I've been working at a gym as a fitness instructor for 9 years and at a marketing department of a monitoring software company for 8 months. I've been doing judo for 10 years (brown belt) and do quite a bit of fitness (suprise!). Apart from that I like to watch movies and play games (not only computer). I've got almost no experience at all in creating mods/fms, my mission for the christmas contest was my first try. I also like to travel quite a bit. I studied at the University of Oklahoma for a semester (go sooners!!) and did my internship in the UK for 5 months. At the moment I'm backpacking in New Zealand and Australia.
  6. Cheers for your comments guys. Too bad that there are always a few people that think it's necessary to flame. I'm glad that the community is very polite (except for this dude) and totally support it to keep it this way. Shouldn't be too difficult I reckon. Lets get back on topic again
  7. Thank you for your nice comment, makes it worthwhile to continue with the story @ Pigtailsboy: Sorry, I know it's very difficult to find some secrets and will certainly change that in part 2. For now all the solutions are located in this forum and on ttlg as well. That the gate is hard to open is something I couldn't really fix, maybe it was a TDM thing or just my lack of experience. I really wanted the player to open the gate, otherwise it wouldn't make much sense having one. I'm learning as I go, so expect a much better part 2
  8. Thanks for this great release GC, I'm really looking forward to play this one. I think I'll have to lock myself in my room for a week with all these wonderful FMs
  9. It's amazing to see what great skills y'all have together. I hope one day I'll be able to create something close to it. Another FM I'm really looking forward to play. When this campaign will be released it's going to be another huge step to let other people know about TDM. Great job so far, keep up the good work, but I don't need to tell you that of course
  10. As far as I know you can't do it ingame. The only thing that comes to my mind is to open the pk4 file and alter it yourself, but you would have to know a little bit about how it works. If you don't know anything about how everything is packed then I wouldn't try messing with it. I agree that a few fonts are really difficult to read for none native English speakers and even for native I recon.
  11. Thanks Stumpy for adding another FM to the counter . Can't wait to play it when I eventually get back home. Might have to lock myself up in my room with all the FM's still planned to be released. Great job!
  12. Thanks for the kind words. Note: For some reason I couldn't sign in for a long time and wasn't able to participate in any conversations. I'll participate as much as I can now but I'm still travelling, so sorry if I don't answer in a while.
  13. Sonosuke would have certainly done that if the models were available but unfortunately that's not the case yet. Regarding that all the FMs are great, they just are . But still there are missions that are golden and others that are not, but still great of course. You really have to pay attention to the little details and the whole atmosphere of each FM, but the overall quality of the FMs is great.
  14. I think this is a good idea as well. There are a lot of mappers that would like to work on FM that is based on an existing theme, but don't want to be connected to a project. A project is still a good idea of course, but not only just that. I decided a few days ago that my first FM, The Sons of Baltona, is the start of a continuing story. I'm planning to add small bits and pieces about the world the player, Carlos, lives in, in each FM. So after The Sons of Baltona series is finished, the story will continue.
  15. Thanks a lot, now I don't have to gamble with colour settings anymore!
  16. Great mission, think I played it for at least an hour! Completed all the objectives and then I got the same prob like the others with the objective. Still a very good mission and it's amazing how you guys are able to create a wonderful atmosphere. I'm looking forward to the next set of missions.
  17. That's why I added a challenge . I found it a bit awkward not to place any light switches, otherwise I might had to add in the readables that Lord Nelson couldn't pay his electric bill because he couldn't switch off his lights . A main power switch would have solved that problem of course but we learn by mistakes don't we .
  18. Yeah I know and I think that will be implemented in a future TDM release, at least I hope so .
  19. If that still doesn't do the trick you can always cheat by using tdm_show_loot, but that shouldn't be necessary in a mission. I'll certainly lower the difficulty in my next FM.
  20. Yeah it certainly is very impressive, especially if you think about the fact that this version is a 'beta'. It can only get better, and I'm really looking forward to it. I hope an FM with zombies and the like will be released soon. Wonder how scary that will be in TDM . Will there also be ghost like models in TDM by the way? They are really amazing for story telling and creating a scary atmosphere IMO.
  21. As far as I know I told in the briefing where the secret entrance could be found, didn't I? At least that was what I wanted to do but I don't know for sure if I did . Besides that, I didn't want to make it too easy because the garden itself was quite small and the grating was the most obvious way in, IMO of course . I'll certainly decrease the difficulty of the secrets in the future, because I do want that y'all enjoy playing a mission. Thanks for your clarification about the crash stumpy .
  22. Lots of thanks! I never actually finished it because it crashed on my PC and my quicksave was then corrupted. Now I can finish and learn from it
  23. Would it also work if I placed loose bricks in a floor and let it support by a moveable wooden board, which is support by moveable support beams? So removing the support beams would let the wooden board go down and with that the bricks as well?
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