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  1. Welcome to the forum max. First of all the best place to start looking for your answer would be to go to the Chalice of Kings thread. Most of the time your answer can be found there or you can ask. It also keeps the forum 'tidy'. I had a quick look for you and this is what I found: Hope you'll be able to finish it now
  2. A prefab would be great, I have been reading a bit about it in the wiki but some things are way over my head . Haha the force is strong in this one
  3. Cheers Tels, will the jet stream also affect the player or do I have to create a func_forcefield for that?
  4. So opening a door to a room that is filled with water and the water pouring out would be the complicated one ? Is it even possible?
  5. Is it possible to trigger liquid materials in DR? For example a mudslide, or when you're walking through a shallow river and the water rises rapidly at a certain point.
  6. Poll looks good to me. I agree with Sotha that gameplay should have the highest weight. First and foremost one should enjoy a map, having some kind of seasonal effect is a great addition, nothing more or less.
  7. Part of what you say might be true April, but sometimes it is necesarry to have a contest for people to start building. I don't wanna be a prick by the way but lets keep it on topic and don't make it another discussion thread. Like the first post states: '(This thread is not for discussion of how the contest should be run or whether it should be different.)'
  8. I certainly don't mind anyone (especially the ones who have never worked with DR before) starting prior, it's just for fun isn't it? The thing I noticed when I created my first FM is that I had a lot ideas that I wanted to work out but most of them didn't even make it, but it's part of understanding DR better and better. We don't want to discourage new mappers that could potentially build a lot of FMs in the future right ? Anyway that's my opinion. A quick update nbhor1more: I'll start a fulltime job on the 1st of March but I think 3 months should be enough to finish my FM, it will only be a small one. So I'll start building the FM once the contest starts and see how things go from there.
  9. Haha I might, count me in as a maybe contender. I've got an idea that I'd like to work out but I don't know if I'll have enough time, because maybe I'll have a new job soon which will be fulltime. Thanks for the info Fidcal, I'll try it asap and let you know how it works out. More info is always appreciated but only if you have time, it doesn't really have a high priority at the moment.
  10. A few questions: 1. Is it possible to let AI appear only when the player triggers something at a certain moment or do you have to hide them somewhere just like 'Patently Dangerous'? 2. Say I'd like to create a daytime FM, is it necessary to create windows you can look through to create the kind of light you get during daytime or is it possible to create the same with an ambient light? Cheers
  11. Well I kinda wanted to keep it a secret , but I'm working on it as we speak. Don't want to spoil too much but it does involve a bank. If everything goes according to plan and I have the time it will be released this year. The more time the sooner it will be released . Won't be a huge FM, would say small to medium sized. Rather keep it small and interesting and learn from the mistakes of part 1. Speaking of part 1, it's very likely I'm going to release a redux version which will be rebuild from scratch with help from the feedback I had from the community. I'm thinking about releasing the two parts together, but that all depends on the time I have.
  12. A real unique mission that I enjoyed very much. It's totally different from what I've ever seen. Vertical use is the best IMO. The thing that wasn't really there was a story but I didn't mind it that much because it was so much fun to figure out where to go next. When I saw that you released a FM (unexpected for me) I had high hopes and it certainly wasn't a let down. Great job!
  13. Great mission you really have improved a lot. Business as usual was already good but the difference with that one is huge when you look at this one now. Loved your skybox, how did you create it? Overall performance was good on my 3500+, 1GB Ram and 7800 GT 256MB but at some point it started to stutter a lot. A quickload solved that problem. Like most of the people said a bit too easy because of the AI but yeah I know it's very difficult to keep the performance as high as possible. Had a big laugh at some of your readables and your briefing . Looking forward to your next FM which will be released in not too long
  14. I'm also still a noob and finished my first mission a while ago. What I did is play some missions, think of something I'd be really motivated to create, read the A-Z guide and build my FM step by step with the guide. I also looked at how other people made some things but like Melan said that's not always the best way, because it's good to figure out some things on your own. Dark Radiant itself is really easy to use and the latest version is even easier IMO. The wiki almost has all the info you need but you can always ask here cause the community is eager to help you. Once you have released your first mission you'll get lots of feedback and with that you can improve yourself and it motivates you even more to continue building. EDIT You haven't got the latest version of Dark Radiant I see by the way. The latest version is 1.4.0 the link can be found in the TDM Editors Guild.
  15. Maybe a weird idea but let the poll starter decide if he wants it to be private or public. Both have their pros and cons just as SneaksieDave explained
  16. Great mission, especially the beginning was a joy, so beautiful the mines. I bet it took quite some time to create those. Because the mines were that great, the middle part became really boring though. Took me quite a while to figure out what to do in the end but what a great ending. Story really is one of the best so far. Also loved the drunk guard in the beginning .
  17. Very nice mission, I really enjoyed it. I loved the part where the story totally changed. Didn't get stuck anywhere or what so ever, it was challenging at some points but not too difficult. Looking forward to your next mission
  18. Great mission so far. I'm well on my way but I have some problems finding the key for the cabinet. Any hint where to find it. I've looked in the places that were in the readable but couldn't find it. Cheers
  19. A great mission Sotha, I really enjoyed this one. There wasn't much I didn't like. The only thing I couldn't find out was Looking forward to the rest of the missions, cause if this is the quality standard it's going to be difficult to decide who wins
  20. I went to Australia and New Zealand for 5 months. Both amazing countries. I don't know if it possible to change the running speed. I reckon it won't be too difficult, but I'd have to take a look at that. It wouldn't be fun and realistic though would it? I mean the guards have bulky armor that would slow them down a bit and part of of Thief is being able to run away from guards when caught. Otherwise it would mean you're almost certainly dead when spotted.
  21. A really nice FM, great job. Almost got all the loot. Enjoyed sneaking around the streets. Maybe it would have been nice to have a few more buildings that you could go an explore. Didn't get the FPS drop. By the way is it me or is there a speed increase in TDM 1.02? Even with Heart of Lone Salvation I didn't get any FPS drops and I'm still playing with the same settings.
  22. Wow what a comment . Well don't be ashamed I love lengthy comments . About the secret entrance, how you found it is how it was meant to be, but yeah not everyone plays in the same way. The first gate was a fault on my part. I kinda forced the player to do it in one way and for some reason this gate was really difficult to frob. Certainly won't make that same mistake again . One of my beta-testers told me that he found the way around the mansion too easy, so I changed that and as long as the player won't be caught there is no issue. If you do, all hell breaks lose and you get a major FPS drop. There are still quite a lot of players that have low spec PC's, so the next part won't be the same. Yeah there are quite a lot of players that like the little details so I'll try to do my best in part 2. As far as I know it still isn't possible for guards to switch the lights back on. About the forced kill. In the beginning before I started building I was thinking about creating a story with your decissions having an effect on the flow of it. That would mean that you would have the option to kill nelson or not and that in part 2 you could download one that continues the story with you killing nelson and one without. Because this was my first ever FM I decided to take it back a step cause just finishing this FM was already an effort. It's possible that I will do something like that in a next campaign. But now I had to make a decission and for the story it was necessary to do it like this. Part 2 is still a while away. I just came back from a backpacking trip and are now playing all the Fms that have been released . I have on paper how I want to build the FM and most of the readables are done. Now I just need to start building . I can't say when that's going to be but I will eventually. I don't know if I'm going to remake part 1. In the end I kinda got fed up with it and I don't know if I'll be able to motivate myself to work on a FM that has already been released. Of course there's a lot that can be improved but there will probably be just a handfull of people that are going to play it again. I rather spend time on new missions than on an excisting one. But never say never, if or when I'm an expert with Dark Radiant it might be really easy to do it . I never get a write flash by the way , but like I said I love lengthy comments so just be odd :P. Can't complain about the weather though, it's finally sunny for long periods here .
  23. If you get the chance you really should. It's so great to discover the amazing things that are in every country. @ Mr Lemony Fresh: I've already been to the Blue Mountains but didn't go to the caves. Didn't even hear of them otherwise I probably would have went there. I did some caving in New Zealand though . Apparently there's a bush fire in the Blue Mountains at the moment.
  24. I'm Raymond from the Netherlands, 24 years old and finished my bachelor in marketing and sales. I've been working at a gym as a fitness instructor for 9 years and at a marketing department of a monitoring software company for 8 months. I've been doing judo for 10 years (brown belt) and do quite a bit of fitness (suprise!). Apart from that I like to watch movies and play games (not only computer). I've got almost no experience at all in creating mods/fms, my mission for the christmas contest was my first try. I also like to travel quite a bit. I studied at the University of Oklahoma for a semester (go sooners!!) and did my internship in the UK for 5 months. At the moment I'm backpacking in New Zealand and Australia.
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