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  1. Since the disrupting of #Twitter by a crazy ego-distopic-manic-dangerous-billionaire and meta-shit by Zuck is not an option (because it's *exactly* the same thing), are any of you or the TDMproject in some free and open #Mastondon or #fediverse server ?

    1. JackFarmer


      Yes, I am on Mastodon since April 2022, I also try to promote the Dark Mod there.

      Deleted my twitter account last week. Not that I did much on twitter (only went there to keep in contact with one of my Dark Mod voice actors who is not present here). The reason is quite simple: I don't want to use something controlled by a person who called a life-saver a pedophile. Period.

    2. Ladro


      Me too, I was n't using too much Twitter, but I deleted my account after the mess created by one single egomaniac multi-billionaire. I don't want to be part of this 🙂  Try https://joinmastodon.org

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