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  1. I finished it. It's a fairly good puzzle mission with some physical timing/movement puzzles with the colored orbs, light zones etc. Nothing quite as frustrating as some older puzzle heavy missions for Thief/Thief2. Just a few things I couldn't figure out:
  2. It's really good and has elements that remind me of a lot of things. Thief Deadly Shadows (which in the readme.txt you say you started making it on initially) is definitely aesthetically something it reminds of, but then the vertical elements also remind me of some of the best Thief missions in that regard like ones from skacky. Lots to find if you look up and try to climb wherever you can. A lot of very good looking visual gimmicks you don't see in other missions as well. I finished it with the the beta version of TDM when that was was required for the 1.0 version of the map, and with the 1.11 version of the map in the current TDM release. The current release changed the way TDM does shadows somewhat and the ability to see in terms of distance in the darkness was different between the playthroughs for me, which is a nice and more realistic effect with shadows that worked well with how this mission used space. I also noticed you added more AIs in the 1.1+ versions, which was good since some areas were felt kind of empty originally. Some of the patrol routes like the pagan with the torch past the sewers that was almost impossible to get past in the first version were corrected, too, even if there was an alternative way to get to the other areas past him. In my last playthrough What's the deal with the builders in the plague ward, by the way? Easily one of the best missions I've played of any Thief or TDM mission, but it's definitely not a good fit for beginners due to how much you have to look around and climb about to get things done. The use of space and vertical elements is just great though and really adds to the playtime and amount of things to do.
  3. My only real complaint would be how tight the patrol route of the guard right inside of the mansion's entrance is. Other than that, a lot of newish stuff which is honestly what your missions are known for, unusual new things you usually haven't seen elsewhere. It all worked together well in a medium-sized mission and there was no super cryptic stuff keeping the player from progressing or even from completing the side objectives. The side objective system was handled a lot better than in your previous missions where the reward just automatically appeared in your inventory.
  4. I saw a version 2 on the updater. Haven't played it all the way through yet but it fixed a lot of the framerate issues in the early areas which were slowing down to sub 20 fps sometimes on the not so great computer I was playing it on. I did play the first version all of the way and it is a very good conceptual mission with a lot of good exploration elements and alternative routes for those who look. Good use of space. The voice acting as mentioned previously was very good and added a lot to it. Your missions have definitely improved in general quality with each new one.
  5. I liked the new additions and lighting changes. Could be really difficult to get into some places in the previous version without alerting someone half way across the map.
  6. Pretty great mission. Definitely your best so far. A lot of exploration including vertical to be found. Not quite skacky levels of climbing about, but satisfying to find the windows and other things you can get to by non-standard movement. With discoverable extra objectives and so on. It's all there and plenty to do besides the main mission. I didn't check this thread until after playing it since I saw the mission show up in the downloader, but looks like I was able to find all of the objectives. I had the same bug with the multi-lightswitch room as NeonsStyle. I got through it by saving and loading each step of the way once I figured out what to do, but it does still cause the map to crash if you're just feeling your way through it. Another issue is a valuable silver bowl inside a cabinet of the room of the guy who's journal complains about working at the pub next door is not frobbable but counts towards loot so you can't get all of the loot. Small criticisms here in terms of the story's coherence at the end of the mission... Also, was the mission with a similar theme you mentioned in the OP...
  7. Ok, was able to finish. A few hundred loot from max. Pretty good. It's like several small missions pieced together with a lot of largely empty space between them. A few patrols could have been more interesting there. In general the play area was probably too big, and that includes most of the indoors stuff.
  8. It was off. And this is the issue, actually. I loaded up my game, turned it on and the automatically opening combo locks work now.
  9. Don't know if this helps, but I played the other parts of the mission and it's also an issue with the other combo locks... .
  10. I am using 2.06. Edit: I also tried 2.07 beta and the same issue is present. Tried on Easy and Hard difficulties, same problem.
  11. It's just random ... I agree though that there's not much in terms of clues. It's just that when you reach the correct point you'll find all you need.
  12. Even you, the prisoner? I guess it makes sense since there are mushrooms in your cell.
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