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  1. I liked the new additions and lighting changes. Could be really difficult to get into some places in the previous version without alerting someone half way across the map.
  2. Pretty great mission. Definitely your best so far. A lot of exploration including vertical to be found. Not quite skacky levels of climbing about, but satisfying to find the windows and other things you can get to by non-standard movement. With discoverable extra objectives and so on. It's all there and plenty to do besides the main mission. I didn't check this thread until after playing it since I saw the mission show up in the downloader, but looks like I was able to find all of the objectives. I had the same bug with the multi-lightswitch room as NeonsStyle. I got through it by saving
  3. Ok, was able to finish. A few hundred loot from max. Pretty good. It's like several small missions pieced together with a lot of largely empty space between them. A few patrols could have been more interesting there. In general the play area was probably too big, and that includes most of the indoors stuff.
  4. It was off. And this is the issue, actually. I loaded up my game, turned it on and the automatically opening combo locks work now.
  5. Don't know if this helps, but I played the other parts of the mission and it's also an issue with the other combo locks... .
  6. I am using 2.06. Edit: I also tried 2.07 beta and the same issue is present. Tried on Easy and Hard difficulties, same problem.
  7. It's just random ... I agree though that there's not much in terms of clues. It's just that when you reach the correct point you'll find all you need.
  8. Even you, the prisoner? I guess it makes sense since there are mushrooms in your cell.
  9. The aesthetics were as usual for your missions really solid and this was a great large indoor area to explore, and a step up really this time with the AI placement and patrol routes. I just think that as far as the entire story and tying everything together it was a bit weak. Your first mission was the best on this end.
  10. Needs a lot of work, if you mean just visually. Most of it looks very sterile with little detailing. Especially the outdoors parts that look too pristine. There was even some oddity inside such as a floating candlestick-style light on top of a block which wasn't attached to any candle. The treasure chest that contains rope arrows is a little weird. Visually/thematically you'd think you'd usually find them among other tools, not just in some very oldstyle game device at a treasure chest right near where you'd need them. As far as gameplay goes there's a lot of area here where not much is to b
  11. This is a very good mission of short/medium size that you could definitely get a beginner to try and like to get into the genre, I think. Very straight-forward with everything important hinted at clearly enough and not too long for a single sitting. Lots of ways to put out lights and not as unforgiving in that regard as some of the other missions you've made where the AI will relight basically everything you put out (Lich Queen's Demise for example, a better mission overall for sure but the undead AI love to relight almost everything making it less of a good mission to get people into playing
  12. Great stuff. Everything worked fine and I was able to complete it without getting stumped on what to do next (had to reload the very end bit once to think about what was meant). Much longer than I thought it'd be, too! Some novel stuff in here like the electric lights on the ship that flicker and are permanently disabled (they blow) if you turn them off and that rat bit mentioned which I didn't even know about but feel tempted to load up a savefile and test out. Really tight patrols in both missions so I basically knocked everyone out. Most everything about the mission was excellent-- visual
  13. Is there some significance to all of the voices that trigger random lines walking in certain areas? Talks about the Grail of Regrets and other such things. Setup for next mission(s)?
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