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  1. All NOLF games are free, until they figure out who owns the IP and start work on NOLF3: http://nolfrevival.tk/

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    2. jaxa


      teh_saccade you got cut off there.

    3. chakkman


      I played through NOLF a year ago or so, same version. It's still an absolutely awesome game. One of my favorites of all time.

    4. teh_saccade


      Idk the original C&C and Dune were abandonware/freeware still.


      Idk if the legal issues will ever be resolved - besides, "Archer" the spy is trademarked IP of a particular TV show.


      Also, yea, jaxa, I was ranting so the computer told me stfu :P hehe. (jaja, xaxa, jaxa).

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