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  1. The statistic scroll script has the inclusion guard, but it still fails although I use the same script, maybe this is not working as intended when the game tries to include it twice? Here is the error I get and the part of the script that causes it: Error: file script/tdm_statistic_message.script, line 5: statistic_message_init redeclared #ifndef __STATISTIC_MESSAGE__ #define __STATISTIC_MESSAGE__ void statistic_message_init() //spawns a statistic scroll inventory item that's added to the player's inventory automatically. It carries a scriptobject to display stealth statistics on a message entity, by Dragofer { entity statistic_message = sys.spawn("atdm:statistic_message"); //spawns a message entity tailored to showing 2 lines of statistics entity statistic_scroll = sys.spawn("atdm:statistic_scroll"); //spawns an inventory scroll that controls the message entity statistic_scroll.addTarget(statistic_message); //links the inventory scroll to the message entity } ... #endif __STATISTIC_MESSAGE__
  2. I tested the new Hazard Pay version with my patch and I still get errors when starting it, because the mission contains the same statistics scroll script as my patch and doesn't like that variables and other things are reassigned. Is there an easy way to avoid missions breaking if they include duplicate scripts or do I need to rename everything in my version and hope that nobody uses the same names? I can imagine the same happening to snatchers mod, like if a mission editor likes a feature and includes it in his mission, the mission will break once snatcher's mod is installed in case names are the same...
  3. I like that idea much more than any timer, which breaks immersion for me. Maybe only walking and running is allowed when disguised, no crouching, mantling or jumping? Of course if you use lockpicks or the blackjack the disguise fails as well! You need to be able to remove the helmet then...
  4. I didn't know this either, I will see if I can add that to the main menu tips somehow... P.S.: I found a suitable line where the tip is given to trigger mines with an arrow. But I can't get the menu tips to display at all! I thought they would just appear randomly on the left side, but in 2.12 I don't see them. I don't see an option to turn them on either...
  5. There is already a main menu tip for the lights, but I will add the info about the doors for my patch. Until a global tip system is added, if it is ever, there could be many more tips added to the current system...
  6. I don't believe this is possible! I just tried, but the mine never get's frob-highlighted even when I am directly above it.
  7. You might want to take a look at my patch for the flashmines, I turned them into electrical mines that knock out NPCs without killing them. I see flashbombs as last second escape tools and mines make no sense for that purpose to me!
  8. Shouldn't that not be the same as the last played date? For me it usually is unless I am in the middle of a mission ;).
  9. I used to disable it as well, until I ran into the few missions that break. I think the best solution would be to fix those missions and set the default to not open-on-frob...
  10. I don't know what the default value is, is it open-door-on-frob?
  11. Okay, I still don't understand. Is open-on-frob going to be default or going away? Because the latter will break several missions that need to be fixed first! As for sorting the stuff on the setting tabs, as I wrote elsewhere, I would move all helper options to the difficulty settings, but not this one.
  12. Is this bound to frob or long-frob now? Because I remember the recent mission where you had to place burning candles on a table which would be rather difficult if frob would snuff them out. I don't know if it had a slow match or flint to help. But I completely agree about the cvars, if something isn't set in the options menu, I will never use a cvar to change it!
  13. Doesn't Skyrim have a "Use Inventory Item" key? A lot of other games have something like it additional to "Use world".
  14. What beep would that be? A new one or something that is used already? I think right now you get different sounds...
  15. Would this mean that all doors are always open on unlocking them? Because I remember another mission where this needs to be true. I don't know the name but there was a code wheel that unlocked a grate in a bank and if it didn't automatically open, you were stuck!
  16. Exactly. Snatcher fears to overlook a key or a scroll when also getting loot. As these all make different pickup sounds this should fix the issue! And I don't remember seeing anything else on a body than those three item classes either...
  17. Is there a way to make multiple sounds while getting multiple items? That would be enough to make the player check the inventory. Also auto-search could be the final reason to accept the current implementation ;): short-frob shoulder body, long-frob auto-search body and grabbing it for movement.
  18. I think we are already there, except that some people, snatcher and myself, have other definitions of primary actions than others. But as Daft Mugi explained, swapping this for bodies seems to be not easy so we need to live with what we get ;).
  19. As I wrote, I don't think this is necessary because there is quite some space in the "difficulty" tab and many of the "general" options make the game easier, like the helpers, and could be moved there!
  20. Does this mean you will revert frob and long-frob for bodies like snatcher and myself have asked for? Or what do you mean by "a body like that"?
  21. That depends on your keys setup. I use SPACE to frob (from the good old Doom times) and Q to use, so it works fine !
  22. Hm, the 2.12 dev build I use has much less options. Is this from the test builds only? Anyway, it seems there is one line left for SHOW FROB OUTLINE, so this shouldn't be a problem for me :)! I never understood why this was completely left out instead of added as an option. I really like the black version of it as it is less immersion breaking and does its job great.
  23. Explaining other: I would prefer Daft Mugi's version with only the behaviour of the body frob being reversed :)!
  24. I will probably have to do that anyway, but my patch adds only ONE setting. The screenshot shown here adds FOUR!
  25. I remember a time when snatcher and myself were blocked over and over by regulars here because we wanted to introduce new stuff. Now when new stuff is introduced that you like, it's suddenly fine...
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