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  1. Any word on new upcoming missions? The upcoming fan missions wiki page is 404...
  2. Where is this hidden key that people keep on talking about? In addition, how do I pick the tower gate control locks?
  3. I killed him with an arrow to his face. Does that nullify the optional goal of framing him?
  4. So.... How do I again frame Leopold or get rid of him? Where is he BTW? I cannot find him...
  5. How do defeat the eternal dude, once you descend into the lava chamber?
  6. Where is the key to the chest in the "attic" above the library? I tried all the keys I had and the lock-picks, but could not open it.
  7. Where is the button Chase's statue? Can someone upload a screenshot of that moving drawer?
  8. Hi Guys: How do I find the destination of the ship? Except that I was able to complete all the other "ship"-board objectives. BTW, I cannot "pick" the haunted tome. Is there any special key I need to press? Thanks, -Garette
  9. I read the book inside the hidden room in the Captain's cabin. Now what should I do?
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