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  1. Since hightide obtained it, it must be Also, why is nobody mentioning the elephant in the room and that is - why does Jonathan Taylor Thomas have to move and why is there no poster of him in the game, yet on the main menu screen there is?
  2. Finished. This mission is utter genius. Never change, kingsal, never change. Now I would be curious about how other people solved the creative limit of 45 seconds
  3. Just the FM I needed - and yes, the music is too loud where I live now
  4. Oh holding it would made a more sense to me, as that is exactly what I did. Using it means you used it on yourself, which is confusing. But thanks, now I can finish that mission correctly
  5. Agreed, this should be unified - all the guards with low back should be non-blackjackabble (that´s a moutful ) so the player could see it from faraway there´s no point in trying.
  6. Oh, wait, you are supposed to revive her? How? I tried using potion on her, it was not possible, so I just went back to the boat without her, hoping that would trigger endgame sequence.
  7. Aand finished! Not bad for a first map, not at all: I like that you kept it small, but condensed - it was just the right size for the story you set out to tell, architecture was nicely done, there was a lot of details on the streets and in the structures, secrets were nicely hidden (apart from maybe one or two, which I would not be able to find without cheats, as I wouldn´t even thought looking in those places, not deeming them accessible). I liked that this time, loot objective was optional, so you weren´t forced to find all of that, and the cookbook was pretty nicely hidden Also the main objective was original - I don´t think there was a mission yet where you had to steal a cookbook Looking forward to your following maps!
  8. Congrats on the release - just playing
  9. Interesting "little" mission with lot to do in a relatively confined location I have played on the hardest difficulty with the latest version of the fm, yet after fulfilling all of the objectives, when I came back to the boat, it did not trigger end of the mission.
  10. Okay, I had no idea, I have googled it up now and you are right, to my own surprise. Done, I´ve put some paragraphs which were previously not in spoiler tags into spoilers.
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