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  1. This really good and interesting information. On the other hand, its the same information that completely scares me away from trying a map. It's one of those things that leave me in awe of those who do push forward to make some spectacular missions.
  2. Glyph Seeker: That's a tall order. It's almost easier recommending my favorite mission authors. But the least I could do is point you to a TTLG site thread by kamyk who, with the help of others, has grouped many missions by type. There is also a grouping for "Most often recommended/Must play. Its at : http://ttlg.ttlg.mob...ad.php?t=106781 My favorite author recommendations (not all inclusive): cardia1, christine schneider, eternauta, gaetane, haplo, lady rowena, melan, morrgan, purah, r soul, saturnine, sensut, sterlino, team cosas, uncadonego, yandros, zontik The tricky part is getting
  3. While the statistics show a waning in number of Thief FM's, they don't reflect the quality of the recent batch of Thief FM's in the past couple of years. So while sad that those numbers are lower, the enjoyment of playing these latest has been, for me anyway, tremendous and compensating. Over the last 10 years that I have been wandering the halls of TTLG Thief Fan Missions, I have definitely noticed many of the earlier experienced Dromeders fading away (life moves on). But it is great to see so many new user posting over there, whom i hope are inspired to create some of their own. IMO, the b
  4. I thought this was a pretty good mission. Your castle layout gave it a spacious feeling without being mundane. As someone as already noted, it was sparse in a couple of areas. Some of the corridors in the higher areas seemed unnaturally harsh and bright from a single torch, but it could have been the color/texture of the adjacent stone walls. I only played on Easy because I don't care for knock-out restrictions. I hope I didn't miss too much from the other two playing levels. I thought I had scoured pretty good, but I missed A LOT of loot. Overall, it was fun to play and explore a great castl
  5. I definitely replay missions. However, there is usually a large amount of time in between replays. This would fit in well for me because then there would a greater chance that my replay could be on an update/rewrite. This was especially true for T1, T2, and T3 only because of the amount of time require to go once through a cycle before hitting replays.
  6. Hey nice find. I thought those were very interesting. After those, I spent an hour watching all those related Thief clips.
  7. Wow, another fantastically unique mission. Is it just me or does the bar just keep getting set higher and higher? I had a great time with this one. The ghosts added just enough difficulty. The lightning effects were great. All the scripted events worked well. Great atmosphere overall. One thing I couldn't figure out,
  8. This was cool, having the thief talk to himself like Garrett. You need some good corny one-liners. I liked what you accomplished in a small area. It was very easy climbing around buildings with narrow ledges. Great mood music and sounds. It really added a lot to the atmosphere and gameplay. I was about 700 short in loot, so I will have to go back and look for more.
  9. Just found out about this new FM last night and finished it this afternoon. At first, this mission seemed a bit simplistic, but all that changed after entering the house. There was sooo much atmosphere to this. The background sounds really kicked in at well chosen points. This was an unusual mission, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Not too hard, not too easy, had an interesting puzzle, and some interesting sights and twists. Nice job, and thank you!
  10. I just now visited the new DarkMod site to download "Let Sleeping Thieves Lie". It is absolutely beautiful! The page design and layout is fantastic. A job well done to all those individuals involved in it.
  11. Those are some amazing screen shots. I have no doubt this will be another stellar production.
  12. Just finished with the latest update. I thought that it was put together and laid out very well. Its amazing what someone can produce in just 3 weeks. But, I still hate undead. I am so bad at battling with them. Nice job, and thanks for the great little mission!
  13. I will always play interesting FM's numerous times. It's usually on a rotational basis. That's what I like about using Darkloader for Thief FM's. It has a sortable "Last Played" column so the ones I haven't touched in awhile are easily found. I just have to look at my comments about each to find the best ones to replay. But, there still are many that never appear on my monitor more than once.
  14. Damn that was good!! I can't believe it is over already.
  15. As usual, another quality mission. Terrific atmosphere. I personally do not like TDM undead, so I had to give a 4 instead of a 5 for enjoyment in gameplay. You certainly have a way with churches, and you nailed it again. I cannot immediately recall if any other missions utilized the auto-closing doors, but I really like that feature. I am amazed at the speed at which you can create these things without compromising quality. Can't wait for your next ones.
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