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  1. Extreme bump from the past! Anyone out there still have a copy of this? The original download link has been killed.
  2. Or he could be that other, much more famous master thief, Jorin.
  3. *facepalm* I'm just going to walk away whistling from that. No ninja edits for me.
  4. Now that that's settled... You might want to fix that typo in you sig.
  5. Which part is hard? Overloading the directional controls, or imparting a physics nudge to the player?
  6. It can't possibly be as excessive as the crouched headbob in Bioshock.
  7. So, why would anyone prefer it?
  8. Isn't TDM supposed to be designed to not need a separate mod manager?
  9. Exactly what type of flammable effect was decided against? A small kaboom when gas hits a flame source would add some interesting possibilities.
  10. Do it like real life-- put the buttons behind a locked panel. Anything else implies an utterly needless level of mechanical complexity.
  11. It's the difference between a "cathedral" and a "church".
  12. Actually, you're the one looking silly here-- http://www.swatscope.com/ http://www.amazon.com/Humvee-HMV-PERISCOPE...e/dp/B000NPBQIM http://www.binoculars.com/binoculars/speci...9xperiscope.cfm A periscope is nothing more than a particular type of optical assembly.
  13. Personally I think mirror-on-a-stick would be a waste of development time (just lean, doofus), but wouldn't it be relatively simple to have an inventory item that, when "used", temporarily moves the player eye to some point on a held object? A handheld scouting orb, basically. Actually, now that I think about it, a periscope would be damn handy. Scouting out areas above and below the player has always been a weakness in Thief.
  14. And that's why they suck and nobody uses them. If you have to go pick the orb up, just go there and don't even bother throwing it.
  15. Pffft, that one's easy. Just make the scouting orbs noisy, and trigger high alert when found. Maybe add a recharge time after each retrieval.
  16. I suspect the scouting orb would have been used a lot more (compared to practically never), if it had an automatic retrieval function. Knowing that wherever I tossed that thing, I'd have to go pick it up to use it again, made it fundamentally unappealing.
  17. ZylonBane


    HDR would be largely useless for Thief-style gameplay anyway, since it's mostly about correctly rendering extremely bright light sources.
  18. ZylonBane


    Well obviously. He doesn't even know how to type an apostrophe!
  19. ZylonBane


    Weren't you guys going to implement a more traditional precipitation system, where particle effects are only rendered in a specific radius around the player?
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