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  1. Nice! Looking forward to trying this out. Can you please tell me again what is incompatible in Hazard pay?
  2. Ive definitely experienced this crash. If it helps. I am overwriting tdm_weapon_broadhead.def. Dont want to lead you guys astray just thought id mention that since other authors use my defs from time to time. This is all im overwriting : //volta bow mod "anim_rate_attack_start" "1.2" "anim_rate_attack" "1.2" "anim_rate_lower" "1.2" // entityDef atdm:projectile_broadhead : "velocity" "1950 0 0" // The default is inherited from tdm_weapon_arrow.def velocity" "1800 0 0" EDIT: By the way its always when on arrow release and its a hard crash. No console warning, nothing. Just quits to desktop. Its very rare for me
  3. Hazard Pay has subtitles for in-game conversations. The briefing is a video with text, although its not using the subtitle system.
  4. Oh this is great and something we’ve needed for a long time. Thanks Welli!
  5. Authors definitely need to elect to have things removed so asking @Moonbo @joebarnin @Goldwell if they want their tdm_weapon_blackjack.def removed. If not you guys might want update your blackjack def and script to include whatever was integrated in 2.11. I dont know off hand what things were changed though.
  6. @chakkmanAhh right so I see what's happening there. The beast is playing an "eating" animation which is making his head very hard to hit Probably similar to their crouch and maybe other animations such as the walk. It could also be that their head is just too far forward in a lot of cases. Sucks because thats a lot of animations to fix if it is indeed the problem. Thanks for finding this. I don't know if I'll have time to fix that animations soon, but as your playing just be aware when their head looks up and down, it will also change the hit detection volume. I can't tell from the video but is your blackjack raising up to signal a successful hit? It should shift up slightly if you are about to get a KO. That was integrated in 2.11
  7. Okay so the new blackjack def has some additional things in it to support the new system? If so would it be too much trouble to ask someone to nuke those blackjack files from my missions?
  8. Yeah thats terribly hard to see I wanted it to be hidden but that's just too well hidden.
  9. @ObsttorteHey can you confirm that if I have my own version of tdm_weapon_blackjack.def in my pk4 that this system will not work? If so I need go an nuke that file out of all my pk4s. Thanks.
  10. I was going to say I think their crouch pose might be moving the invisible KO volume too high. I can have a look at this. @chakkmanI agree the blackjacking in TDM can be fickle. Do you have the latest 2.11 updates with the new assisted black jack system? I've been using it since 2.11 and personally, I love it. EDIT: Alright so... I think because cauldron was made before that system- there might be some funkiness going on here because I have a modified version of the blackjack. @chakkman If its not too much trouble, can you try unpacking cauldron_v2_2.pk4. Be sure to "Extract here" so it puts all the files right where the pk4 is. Go to cauldron_v2_2/def/tdm_weapon_blackjack.def and delete that file. See if this helps.
  11. Hello thieves, the other day I realized my last Volta release was in 2017! Time really flies. After years of fiddling with this project, I'm ready to announce the remaining missions in the Volta and the Stone Campaign: Volta 1 : The Stone* Volta 2 : Cauldron* Volta 3 : Gemcutter Volta 4 : The Lost Forge Volta 5 : Buried Streets Volta 6 : Traitor * I have redux versions of Volta 1 and 2 in the works. More on those later. I'm going to start beta testing Gemcutter and The Lost Forge this summer, so those will be ready this year. Buried Streets and Traitor are coming along, but won't go into beta until sometime in 2024. WIP screenshots! Seeya around- Kingsal
  12. Oh that's fun! thanks for posting this @Wellingtoncrab. Can't believe its been 20 years
  13. Will update my blackjacks when I get a chance- might not be for a while though. I used custom blackjacks for a while but have since removed them from my pk4s.
  14. Once again, its not about where you can bring Bellero its about being able to haul him up vine walls. I need players to be able to carry bodies up vines and ropes OR that mission will stay broken for a while until I can fix it. Thats the short of it really.
  15. @Daft MugiAlso just to be clear. Not being able to carry bodies up ropes and vines (ladders) will break the mission design Being able to mantle shorter walls and obstacles in cauldron would actually be a benefit to the design there
  16. Thanks Yeah that should be fine! I think you could make the shoulder mantle even higher honestly. Since the current frustration from players would be that they have to put the body down on the red ledge, climb up, and pick it back up again. I don;t see why we can't go at least to player height. Hard to tell how high that is from the screenshot though. Anything overhead the player would be a no go still. Testing will tell if this makes sense or not
  17. @STiFUJust a heads up if we do change the rope climbing rules it will break Cauldron until I can fix it. This would require redesigning a good chunk of the mission and I don't plan on doing that any time soon.
  18. As for my own opinion on mantling with a body. Im for it. However, I worry that this could have the opposite effect and break some missions where the author anticipated the player not being able to mantle with a body. Risky waters changing mantle rules, but.. im not against the effort. I could see allowing waist high mantles with a body, but not full on overhead grabs and mantles.
  19. Yes! It is mandatory that the player be able to climb those vines with a body although it is not mandatory to mantle with it. I would suggest we don't change that rule as it could effect this mission, PD3 and who knows how many others
  20. @AluminumHasteYeah I suspected this might be the case. I never trusted those force entities. I remember seeing them behave differently with uncapped FPS on but I totally forgot I used them in cauldron.
  21. Hmm you definitely used to be able to swim up that. Maybe something has changed with the function force volumes. I'll have a look, thanks.
  22. Yeah SEED is kind of a strange beast. In some situations its tanked my FPS as well. There's definitely no competing with modern engines here, there are other options: animated UVs, switching to static mesh LODs at long distance (I might try this), but all of them have pros and cons. I'll keep messing around with them and see if I can get them more performant and still looking decent.
  23. Yeah, I did my best there. I can send you the 3dsmax file and you can try out some different orientations of the cards. I suspect making them too dense is going to get very very noisy with alpha tested cards.
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