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  1. The roadblock with using spectrum lights to reveal stuff is that unlit spectrum materials will be opaque black, so still very much visible. It seems to have been designed more as a performance optimisation, by reducing the number of interactions between lights and surfaces. I don't think there's currently any way to make a material that goes between invisible and fully opaque depending on lighting.
  2. You can give them a skin with nonsolid materials, which makes arrows go through them but I think they'll still be solid to the player himself. I recall experimenting to try to achieve a completely nonsolid AI but without success. There are also dedicated script functions for solidity of AIs and moveables (becomeNonSolid() and becomeSolid()), not sure if I tried them myself. For 2.10 I also added a new script function setSolid(float solidity).
  3. Thanks as always! Just jotting some down feedback on the skin editor as I go: I like how easy it is to add all materials used by the model to the skin editor with a single button, and that it only adds them to the skinDef if they're changed by the mapper. Some models have a lot of materials though and I suppose mappers usually only want to change one or a handful of them, so maybe it should ask you which materials you want to add? In the material replacements tab there's an asterisk icon, presumably to make it easy to replace all materials at once. Maybe it should be renamed "All materials" in the "Material Replacements" tab to make it more obvious what it does? It'd be nice to have a way of quickly toggling all material replacements so you can see the unskinned model, maybe via a right-click on the material checkboxes or a button next to "Remove Remapping". Selecting a replacement material (instruction: "Click to edit") seems to work the same way as when editing a filter, via a double-click (one to select, another when it's selected), which then makes the button to select a new material from the media browser show up. This would probably be a bit easier to use if the media browser button were always visible for each material.
  4. Just need to make sure you have the audiograph "FM" installed so that it loads the custom assets from the .pk4.
  5. I've in any case found some test maps I used to develop the respective features, they should work if you also have the .pk4: presence.mapcamgoyle.mapaudiograph.map If you're looking for a kind of demonstration map to showcase all the features, though, that'd be a fair amount of hassle to make, on top of the time I already put into documenting the spawnargs, commenting the scripts, writing the wiki articles and creating prefabs.
  6. Kingsal has set a custom light colour on the security cameras in his map, and I suppose he chose a value that looks good to him on his PC & settings. I doubt changing the default spotlight settings would be the way to go here.
  7. The illusion works best if the 2 rooms are completely identical. The player and moveable entities have their origins modified by the vector between the 2 rooms so they'll end up in the same location over there. Regarding the triggers, you need a reliable way of triggering the teleportation before the player reaches the far side of the room and notices the dead end. If it's just a trigger_facing the player might walk sideways/backwards and not activate the trigger. Also, the trigger zones should not overlap, otherwise the player will get endlessly teleported back and forth. The trigger_touch is just needed to register all entities inside the room so they can be teleported.
  8. I do usually make test FM archives for each asset, as it helps make sure that all custom assets are in place. When I release an asset it's basically that archive minus the maps folder. I could try to dig the maps up again. The assets are usually made for missions, so you can also find the assets in there (presence lamp in Painter's Wife, camgoyles in Written in Stone, automaton station in The Anomaly, the audiograph and teledoors feature in WIPs).
  9. Youll need to adjust the fade in and fade out fractions.
  10. Updated the download link with an update for the audiograph: Added custom sounds for switching on/off, loading/unloading and generic background noise for when a recording is playing, provided by Goldwell. More control over when playing a recording will trigger targets. The trigger_max spawnarg allows to limit how often targets can be triggered, while the trigger_from spawnarg(s) allows to restrict triggering to only when the spindle is played from a specific audiograph(s). More flexible support for scripting. Scripts can load any spindle regardless of whether the player has it in his inventory. Spindles can be returned either to the player's inventory or to the place they were loaded or picked up from. This allows the audiograph to be fully operated from scripts. Thanks! I actually needed an audiograph for my map, but figured I'd do it "properly" so that we have an easily reusable audiograph entity for the core mod. If you need help with implementing a crematory I can advise. S/R is fine for making stuff happen by bringing 2 entities close to each other (i.e. furnace and body), but it gets messy if you want a sequence of events to happen and more detailed stuff like placing particle emitters at specific joints. That can be done as a custom addon, just need to add a frob response to the audiograph that calls up a script which makes a video patch and a light appear until the sound is no longer playing (is_playing is 0).
  11. Assuming you're using the location system to play ambients, it should be possible to change the "ambient" spawnarg on that location's info_location entity. The next time you enter the location it should play the new ambient. There should be a setkeyval entity that you can trigger to change the spawnargs of its targets. If the new sound has to start playing while the player is still in the location then datiswous' override may be the way to go. If you're playing your ambient music from plain old speakers then a different approach will be needed.
  12. The next new entity type for TDM: the audiograph. The model has been made by Epifire and was first seen in use in Goldwell's FMs, but with the new dedicated entity definition and scriptobject it's now easy to use and supports various new features. Introduction from the new wiki article It will be released with TDM 2.11 (rev 16646), but it will also work on earlier versions and can be downloaded here: Google Drive.
  13. Nice, this reminds me of Full Moon Fever (a mission I think of very highly).
  14. The code reads out snd_ spawnargs every time a sound needs to be made. What you can do is: Every frame check what entity the player is grabbing. If there is an entity, cycle through all spawnargs with the snd_bounce prefix, temporarily store them by setting them as new spawnargs with a different prefix, then set them to "silence". If the entity is no longer the currently grabbed entity, restore the spawnargs. Apart from the TDM Script Reference, this section of the A to Z Scripting guide is also relevant.
  15. Petike already put in work into listing custom assets on the wiki, i.e.: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Sound_addons_repository. I don't think it includes scripts, though. Maybe the issue is there should be an easier way to find these articles on the wiki.
  16. The easiest way is to make a custom particle that has a much shorter lifespan so it stops before passing through the brush (requires trial and error with the duration setting in the particle editor). You can use the console command reloaddecls to quickly reload a particle ingame after a change in the DR particle editor. The other way is more complex to setup and only really needed if you want to make a rainy map. You need a custom version of the particle with specific keywords and settings and then compile your map in a special way that generates 2D textures representing your mission, like for this ship stern section: The textures are colour-coded to represent how high the obstacles are, and automatically sets the lifespan of particles above it to stop just before hitting that obstacle. https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Particle_collisions_and_cutoff
  17. Greebo was probably in the middle of changing how the interface works. It's best to download the artifact builds that are attached in Github every time a bugtracker issue is resolved.
  18. Speaking of rendering issues on various AMD setups, are you also seeing this - as per 5502 - which I presume to be incorrect depth testing of surfaces? It's particularly egregious for the prefab chooser: But also is an issue in the regular camera view, i.e. most prominent for the carpets in this shot: Enabling the far clip plane makes this worse in camera view, such that it looks like in the prefab chooser: This is on an AMD RX 460 with the latest driver and AMD Radeon software installed - the issue has always been like this for this PC.
  19. My view would be: If the author is still reachable, ask for permission unless they already gave blanket permission. If the author is not reachable, check whether they stated anywhere that they're opposed to their work being reused (i.e. in the FM credits). If not reachable and no statement was made, I'd say the work can be reused if you give abundant mention of the author in the credits in the release thread and in the FM package. The vast majority of authors (who don't explicitly say they forbid reuse) are probably fine with that. I'd distinguish between reuse of assets and map sections, however. The latter can easily be perceived as plagiarism, so it should always require close coordination with the original author if you want to use parts of their map in your own.
  20. Yes, Ive just sent the link to the current campaign archive to you 2.
  21. I think it was a small part that I split off from the main map because NeonsStyle was only interested in a specific aspect. It should be ignored. Brush/patch/entity count is an interesting statistic to have, too.
  22. Would have to know whether he's most fluent in Sindarin, Quenya or Beleriand - it's pretty hard to get any clear response from him, though. Hiring developers is very expensive (see i.e. the recent Kurshok thread A Question Regarding Paying Others for Mod Remakes). Good thing everyone involved with developing TDM and making FMs does it as a passion project.
  23. We were wondering for a while whether this user was a troll (i.e. launching his own contest in the middle of the current contest or the incoherent thread about tech support to run TDM on a Windows XP virtual machine even though he can already run it fine on Win10) or just someone with a severe language barrier (English seems to be his native language). Some of the stuff we saw today was the last straw to suspending his account.
  24. No, I returned it a while ago after making Perilous Refuge from part of it. NeonsStyles last expressed an interest in it.
  25. We've had quite a lot of adoptions in recent memory: Perilous Refuge by me from the Crucible Campaign Black Mage by JackFarmer from Grayman Seeking Lady Leicester by bikerdude from Grayman Away 0 by Geep from Atti Baal seeking to adopt White Rose Hotel from Skacky/Springheel I'm seeing occasional updates on Blackheart Manor by bikerdude from Dram Occasionally people ask to look at abandoned maps, i.e. NeonsStyle showed an interest in what remains of Wrecker's Reach some time ago Maybe he didn't get around to it yet... in any case, it'd be best if more than one person had access to the abandoned missions storage in case someone has an accident or goes AWOL. They could be put on the SVN betamapper repo, for instance.
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