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  1. what about this, a competition where most of the map is not stationary/tied down, so a massive land train or an enchanted island in the sky, something cool and interesting! I really want to see more of this kind of stuff
  2. Guys we still need a programmer to script this. What's happening? there was quite a bit of interest but no one willing to help.
  3. Speaking of speed of movement which was mentioned earlier I still think there could be a sprint metre which should be easy to implement because something like that already exists in doom 3. Also a timer could detect when nearby guards are alerted, to add like 5 points to your energy bar every 5 seconds, you know adrenaline. This could also effect movement in general like climbing and such. And regarding adrenaline, I'm not a fit person, but a few weeks ago my girlfriend called and told me there were people outside the house that wanted to hurt her and she called the police. I got so worried that I ran 0.80 km to get to her, 0.30 of them were through a deep bush gully filled with snakes, leaches and other nasties I tumbled down some layers of twigs and sticks and such pushing and fighting the thick undergrowth (don't have my provisional licence yet, and it cut 4km off my journey) Just as I found out she was alright, I got REALLY tired XD and amazingly I didn't even pick up any leaches =) Not the smartest thing I've ever done but I was rewarded =D =D So yeah, adrenaline makes a difference =D
  4. Dumpkin wanted me to provide a diagram he thought might help in explaining how the conversation system works: Since the update there seems to be some new problems: -The conversation trigger was to frob the NPC, and that no longer works, it seems to now only be based on a proximity to the NPC -Once the NPC's alert number goes up the NPC ignores the player which is not at all wanted. -The player scrolls through his weapons when selecting options and begins to attack if the select button (left mouse button) is pressed for too long. Apart from that it seems to work fairly well. So Tels, does that mean we can count on you? You wouldn't regret it I'm sure.
  5. Yes and it's dumpkin work haha like I said i want to make sure dumpkin is appreciated for the current state of the scripts. I just came up with the idea. Download Oh and btw, I think you guys are going to like this test, Dumpkins got a sense of humor XD
  6. Hello Greebo, yes I believe it is a custom script
  7. Hello For those who don't know, me, Bikerdude, and Jdude have been working on a mission. As part of the planning process I decided on a way to flesh out the gameplay to make up for short comings that the engine has in accommodating large and complex areas. Conversational dialogue, which could add life to npcs and create a more immersive experience where the thief can try other tactics in order to get what he wants when he's given an opportunity. Think of it as another opportunity to incorporate interesting and fun puzzles into a mission. One of the forum members, 'Dumpkin' has created a nice little conversation system where further conversation on a subject or even an event can be triggered. It has a few design flaws, but he's done a very nice job so I just want to make sure he's credited. The main problem as he's mentioned is that the mouse wheel which was used to cycle through dialogue options has been reconfigured with the 1.03 release so another method will have to be designed, and unfortunately Dumpkin cannot continue with it. I'd like to trial this with our mission, if all works well, we can use it and maybe other people can benefit from it as well. For anyone interested in helping us create a unique and immersive mechanic to help make our mission fun and interesting but also perhaps to improve the immersive of future missions to come, please show your interest.
  8. Good job jesps =) bashing up Heretics is fun XD I only wish i had thought to use the fire arrows...
  9. If everything goes to plan there should be some new objects and even a new character =) I want to go through the level and try and replace some old assets like trees and textures and improve upon some too for the sake of this level if I can. The character is proving to be pretty hard work for the attention to detail I'm trying to get, so while Jdude and Bikerdude speed ahead with the mapping I'm still chugging away at the models so it might be a while =|
  10. I dunno man, this is just my opinion, but I reckon the corsette and frilly sleaves are somewhat novel for any proffesion other than sex trade and/or catering. If you use the same material in her top to create long sleaves, then made a contination of that top into a dress with the same material, it'd look kinda classy and you could pass it off as an upper class civilian women. You could drop the frilly sleeves and the corsette then gave her gloves that continued from her brassers, then give her a moderate and conventional cloth top made from improvised rope and common cloth that resembled a robe thats cut just below the crotch. That mini dress kinda thing could be the bottom of the top half of her clothes... Let me see if i can mock up a drawing that illustrates this description... EDIT:once I've eaten my lunch EDIT: and once I've restored my brother's data i deleted by accident... someone shoot me EDIT: ok... A formal, a party and a girl have held this post up... sorry guys i'll try getting it down later XD
  11. Did anyone else think of Dope fish when they saw this thread... or am I obsessed with recurring easter eggs
  12. Tels: Cheers, I'll keep that in mind. I'll create this so that in case I change my mind or two sided faces don't work well, I can easily make some changes. And thanks Springheel, I'll let you know.
  13. Springheel, I'm wondering whether you can help me test my model when I complete the UVW to see if 2 sided faces will work well? My model is coming along pretty suitable to go into a mission, but the last model I put in game was a Quake 2 player model XD I'm damn determined to see this character model through to production whether our mission is good or not! EDIT: I'll create a basic text diffuse map and alpha map, and i just want to see how it looks in game, so getting it into the dark mod might need a little assistance since I'm new to it.
  14. I'm just wondering whether Doom 3 supports backfacing faces. Not asking for another feature, I just want to know my limitations.
  15. Yes, Jdude started the map off. Me and biker dude are working on it and jdude has from time to time been chipping in advice and a little help. helped a bit with the map, but mainly I'm working on models and textures. It's coming along very slowly, but there might be a Christmas release. We'll see how it goes.
  16. Hello, I too have had this problem and I don't know if THIS has been mentioned, but I was running 1.2.2 x64, bump map worked fine, then I installed 1.4.0 and now bump mapping doesn't work. Just thought that might count for something. EDIT: And here's more news, I installed catylist 10.10d to no improvement EDIT: and 3.0 is the last to allow bump map rendering, so I'll use it with the latest release.
  17. In my opinion, 'Amnesia' had it right... I like the fact that you didn't have to be a slave to the game, you could quit at regular intervals and come back to where you were, but you couldn't just save anywhere and keep playing which created tension. So only when you were not under pressure could you save - but i strongly doubt this would be effective in TDM seeing as you've got bugs and what not to contend with, and where you can go is a bit less linear in TDM which is another thing. Anyway, another thing I like in thief style games is when the level is tightly woven, so that exploring feels more organic and aesthetically interesting, like a night in rocksburg
  18. But I mean, aren't there things you can say that only a select few missions have mastered/achieved in terms of fulfilling gameplay?
  19. Lol it's just for fun have you ever heard someone say 'you sir, win the internet'? It's so that people who say that can indeed be able to give you an internet, and you can check the rank on the site to see how many internets you have compared to everyone else.
  20. Hello, thought this'd be a fun subject. What is your favourite feature about theif 1/2/3 and it's fan missions and TDM fan missions, excluding the stock standard things like being able to hide in the dark Your allowed to have multiple favourite things too. I'll start off. One of my favourite things is how scenary is sometimes made from treasure, like when you pick gem eyes from statues or like in thief 1 where to explore the ruins and take the blue gems from the palace walls. There's something quite satisfying about destroying things by taking large valuable chunks of it away I think btw, sorry in advance if this kind of thread has already been done
  21. Very nice Sotha a solid mission. My favourite parts were the alarm puzzle and the sleeping guy with the bottle very nice. Did get a save crash once, and at another time i got an error that took me back to the menu that was something about 2 instances of the same un-moveable body can't exist.
  22. So all my hardware could be put to use? smooth gameplay, seconds of map load time, next gen enabled graphics If so, Unreal engine can GTFO, move over and make room for some serious open ID tech 4 kick ass I can't wait! 2011 is gonna be some year
  23. Just played a bit of your mission, I'm in the church now. Here are some things I noticed. It's looking very nice though, good job
  24. Doesn't feel like a loss to me good old ignorance, you can't lose what you don't have...
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