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  1. cpu I5-4210U gpu R5 M255 ram 8GB hdd 1TB os WIN8.1 64 bit vdm 2.03 vm i downloaded 2 days ago so i guess latest one. will try do find model for hdd/ram if you need. but problem is that i dont remember crashing during any other mission. except for that save game crush... but that is on all missions.
  2. i5, 8gb ram im pretty sure that should be enough. besides game runs smooth when it crashes.
  3. No system is good enough my laptop stays cool all the time i play TDM Well not sure if i was high enough, that place was near inn. Just above the place with that man writing about how he watches hangings. Now that i read this topic through I think someone actually mention it here so i guess never mind about it. And i have to say map is a big bonus for a mission.
  4. So mission is great I like alternative paths very much, its big... But I get a lot of crashes and that really kills the fun. The other thing is loot. If you usually start with 100-300 loot where does all the loot go? I mean you have to have 5500 on expert. And it seems some textures in start of the map are a little buggy. I mean if you climb very high to where that ship steering wheel is (probably its there as some sort of mechanism for opening doors) and if you look down you get some funny things. Not even know if you should be able to climb there in first place. Sorry no photo as I forget to save it. That is all for now, have to play more but just got another crash so I took some time to write this. Anyway keep up the good work.
  5. i think workers would know what awaits them and besides safety standards might not be very high in dark mod but i would like to see some simple form of crane up there.
  6. 1. gothic 1,2 2. morrowind more than oblivion 3. total annihilation / kingdoms 4. dungeon keeper 2 5. some older tomb rider ones cant really say deus ex since i only finished it 2 or 3 times. and anno 1602. probably i will remember some other ones that could go to that list.
  7. just clock at little less than 2 days... noting to see actually.
  8. But we burdened by lots of loot and its not just the weight that effects that but also how is weight arranged by body. If its arranged equally like in fine armour it should not affect stamina much. Interesting concepts that games miss. Its always just the weight. I think this could be interesting debate about what mechanics you want to see in RPGs. As said before not really interested to have that in TDM. Only maybe in case sprint is something faster than run. Walk<run<sprint where only in sprint you would have limited stamina.
  9. Yes you could do deep breath before you start to dive but still not get the same results as if not sprinting. So maybe when you jump in water you bar raises but not to full. Maybe 50% of what is missing. But this is purely theoretical debate and not how TDM should work .
  10. Em... one of the worst... Since there are only 3 DX games that means it was second best
  11. Actually yes. You are out of breath and than you want to dive in that state... Fast drowning is what it happens. That would be interesting mechanics for some game - not for TDM
  12. There was much buying a position and that is why there were bishops in their twenties. Rich families bought them position with "little" donations to right people.
  13. Chance to die because of war was far higher in 20th century than it was in middle ages... All there rest - yes. With not so much medical knowledge people could die because of different diseases for which you get simple medicine now or vaccine. There was also hunger and mortality at birth. But there are people who never see doctor even now. Or maybe when they are very old... That kind of people could live to very high age even in middle ages for example Michelangelo died when he was 88.
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