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  1. Exceptional mission... I just never wanted to find the edge of the map because I wanted to keep exploring! The details were great and the objectives each had a fun little twist. I also liked that you didn't get bogged down in some epic story... the the title says, it was just a night in the life of a thief! Like the old T1/T2 missions, there were times when the map felt bigger than it was, and that's a great feature. Wonderful work on this! Business as Usual is in my top 5 for sure.
  2. I think I had played this one when it first came out, but that was when I was a younger taffer! I decided to start playing TDM again after a long (new child related) hiatus, starting alphabetically. I loaded this one up and got the "Press Attack to Start Mission" dialogue... and TDM locked solid. I had to end the process to get back to Windows. Tried a couple more times and the dialogue didn't even come up. Darndest thing. I had just downloaded all of my missions from a clean slate about a month ago, too. Any ideas?
  3. I don't get to play games much these days, but when I do, I play Dark Mod! Just played through this one and liked it very much. The atmosphere was good, there didn't seem to be too many or too few AIs walking about. Rooms felt thoughtfully done, guidance was not overdone or too vague. One minor thing I noted:
  4. Yep, that's the one! I just did a search of all .PK4 files and found the only two that took identical memory. Thanks for the explanation... it really was very helpful.
  5. Thanks, gnartsch, that's kind of what I wondered, but I didn't want to start doing a lot of folder surgery if I didn't have to. Besides, some missions have sequels, and I didn't want to delete any potential "part two" missions. *edit* Cleaned up everything but I am left with one mystery... "Sneak & Destroy" still shows up twice, but has one folder. Both missions state 159MB. I noticed several other missions became duplicated because the new versions had entirely different folder names ("Rift" v. "The Rift", "Awaiting_the_Storm" v. "Storm"). That sort of thing.
  6. Doesn't seem so. The file size discrepancy alone makes me wonder what is going on. How can one FM have 18MB of data and another 54MB, but both still run? It's very strange!
  7. So I just decided to sorta start clean (that is, download the latest edition of TDM which, since it really isn't a mod but a stand alone game could just be called, "The Dark Stand Alone" but that would be rather awkward... but I digress). After loading it up I went in and updated all of the available missions, and this is when I made an interesting discovery. MFMF! So I have two and sometimes three instances of the same mission in my directory. Some of them have a check for having been completed, others of the same name do not. A few are obviously updated versions, but several have identi
  8. Happy anniversary, TDM! And congrats and thanks to the incredible community that has made TDM what it is... basically, what the new Thief is not.
  9. I don't know why this just popped into my head; probably reading about the new AI and sound features. I was wondering if there would be any merit to a new inventory item; a slingshot. Hear me out before using a gas arrow on me! Basically this would be a small, lightweight tool for use in distraction. Now, yes, the player can have noisemaker arrows, but they are expensive and, let's face it, a guard is going to see the thing and be alerted right away. A slingshot, however, could allow the player to target a plate across the room, snipe a metal cup from a table, causing it to fall with a
  10. To me consitency of the environmental elements is pretty important; it doesn't matter if a vine "goes somewhere" or just leads up into a dead-end tree. If I see ropes, vines, and chains I always want to see if I can climb them just to see where they go. If the element is always up to the mapper it can be confusing, but if the interaction is "always on" I can see mappers will have to be careful sometimes or they could map a route right around (or over) their plot line. Still, my vote is Yes/Yes/Yes.
  11. A lot of input on this thread about using a campaign to fill out the world, and I just thought I would drop one of my two cents here about that. Think about such, eh, similar titles, such as TDP. The first game WAS a tour through the world. It set up the environment of the City, outlined the factions and let the player see how they interacted, touched on the Precursors and other historic concepts, gave a sampling of the bestiary, demonstrated how majic worked, revealed the antagonist, and resolved the central plot while leaving the whole world open. TDMA was not so much about new factions
  12. Hm. This topic deserves to have a poll stuck on it, don't you think? Of course it would boil down to 1 vote in 5... unless you can vote for everything.
  13. I always found the TTC hammer method helpful, but people play for different reasons. Some don't like the larger, vague exploration missions, and others love 'em. Some like undead missions, others hate 'em. Might help to have a system similar to the polls, but how it would translate would require an admin to update it. I'm not sure how the hammer score system was updated over time... or it if was.
  14. Excellent news, and some real talent in the works. Placing bets now that TCoO will be out before Thief 4. Maybe after the renovation of our garage is done it would make a suitable studio to record some vocals? Never tried voice acting in an official capacity, but some friends of mine say I have a knack for it. (Mind you, I'm hoping these aren't the same kinds of friends who get those atrocious people on American Idol!) By the way, interesting title choice; as a crucible is a vessel in which refinement is conducted "The Crucible of Omens" would translate into "the refinement of the sig
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