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  1. Just wait until we know how the second season is going to come out. Sense of closure and whatnot is in the air.
  2. Metal Gear Solid 4 routing. I actually chuckle at this game because while it's technically ghosting it's probably the loudest ambient noise of all time in a game I've ghosted since I'm sneaking through a war zone most of time.
  3. I think everyone knows the cunt word applies here.
  4. Though I don't fully agree, the fact that I haven't seen any waves brought from your deeds alone is proof enough that I don't think your leaving is remotely necessary. I feel as though many here will echo that sentiment and find you should stay unless you're truly, utterly dedicated to this choice. If there was group drama, then I'm quite sure all involved would be willing to look past the issues and realize you're all contributing to something greater. But if your preferred solution is to bring swift resolution by bowing out... Well, let me just say I understand the decision. Whatever you do, I can safely say I speak on behalf of the overwhelming majority of users when we say best wishes to you.
  5. http://archive.is/chQzV What the fuck, is this a Japan thing or is Konami just that fucking evil?
  6. V-Man339

    Free Games

    Heh, I feel like this is aimed at me making like 3 in the last month. Good on you for this, though, will keep it posted.
  7. This much is true, you see calls to spread the money often, but spread the work is seldom, rarely heard.
  8. Damn, I'll be bumping your missions up on the to do list, then, to say the least. Never noticed any friction, you will be missed if you are as absent as you claim you will be.
  9. http://store.steampowered.com/app/305050/Outland/ Go for it if you want it!
  10. I want to say that after playing through MGS 3 and Crysis I feel like bushes just don't feel right, along with tall grass, unless you have some sort of prone and crawl function to pair them up with. This deep into the mission list I don't feel like a prone or crawl would be practical to add in, to say the least, but I wouldn't mind it either.
  11. I ran the first mission of Crysis and while it wasn't bad, it made me really respect smaller, more compact environments a lot more to say the least, especially when there isn't a cloak for a safety net the size of Mexico. I feel like if it had been more confined and styled like Metal Gear Solid 3's bush-crawling stealth it might've been more intensive but.... Well, I feel like potential was wasted here to say the least. Any thoughts on Crysis, as a game or series?
  12. Solid level design and a sense of doing some stuff that nobody else has really toyed with. Fire a flare in the sky and make me use the changing shadows as cover. Try some really experimental shit with portals. Do stuff nobody else has. Oh and please let me enter the level naked. Nothing like on site procurement of resource for extra challenge. Avoid having unlocks at all, nobody appreciates locked off content in this day and age, just have cheat codes for people who suck too much and have the player find everything else within playthrough.
  13. I'll just say this. After seeing shit like acoustic kitty I end up not discounting any given plan that may or may not have worked out, even if I don't believe it, regardless of how stupid it sounds in concept. After seeing shit like the South Korean Illuminati being outed I end up not discounting any given potential reality no matter how large or small in scale it may be. Conspiracy theories don't tend to stay secret in long, but that's only because people tend to actually pick up on them when they're obvious; when there's money to be made or power to be acquired, people tend to be able to follow trails.
  14. That isn't Beyond Two Souls.
  15. On the opposite end of the "we have no idea how to make movies" spectrum, with realism over stylization. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dUp2uOcEY0
  16. Disclaimer: Pretty much none of this criticism is really warranted since the purpose was of a speedbuild philosophy, but my opinion is important to me so I'm going to type it out like over analyzing person I am. All that said, it was really nice to play a level without any notes or twists, not to mention one I can point to and say "there is no reason you aren't making stuff right now" when someone complains about putting in the effort. This is an okay level where every other mission you've made is an amazing one. I like your more focused, time-consuming developments more.
  17. Far Cry's only real competition is Dead or Alive in terms of accuracy. Also, again, I have to emphasize, SH isn't considered good by horror movie fans (plot holes and the b-plot with the husband eating time are common complains) and Resident Evil isn't bad for a drunk group viewing, it ends up being more akin to a pop song for teenagers you release every couple years. Example of drunk group fun. Like I said, the bar is set so low that these movies being passable is considered good for a video game movie. Don't say that too loudly here. Not going to talk about it here because we have an entire thread for that discussion.
  18. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_films_based_on_video_games I'm going to spare you the bulleted list (and debating those two movies) and just point out there is a really, really bad history with video game movies. We got Hitman and Assassin's Creed in the last few years, just to remind us that yes, this would keep happening. Even when these movies are good, they're never quite as good as their peers in the genre (I may get drunk and enjoy Mortal Kombat as a cheesy action movie from the 90's, but it isn't quite as great as the stand outs in the genre), so the bar is set for "I hope it's average" from the get go. To boot, a Thief movie will most likely be based on elements from the new game. Hollywood sees no value in decade old video game IP's, so best case scenario we would want a fan film or indie movie, not a big budget flick.
  19. If anyone is hyped for a videogame movie after the last 3 decades of them, I don't know what to tell them.
  20. I actually think this is a really interesting discussion to be had in another thread. Okay. I still get to make fun of a publisher for ruining a perfectly good game by defending it from pirates who still get the better version of the game within a year, all while (usually) buying the game for incredibly cheap prices sooner than usual because this sort of thing doesn't fly anymore. The new Hitman speaks to that, people don't like obtuse obstructions in the way of a good game, they want an exe to run and a game to enjoy. I'm probably going to pirate the full game after paying for it just so I can access what I've essentially already paid to a better extent. I'll still complain, along with everyone else, if a food vendor taints the food and hands out immunity pills to anyone with a receipt. Even if he's the only guy selling caviar in the town, I'll still be shopping elsewhere.
  21. http://store.steampowered.com/sub/15407/ Alan Wake is getting removed from digital stores due to expiring music licenses. Before any of you ask, Alan Wake is a survival horror third person shooter from the guys who did Max Payne.
  22. As someone who intends to play Pathologic but never gets around to it, is what they say true? Is it... "Depressing" to play?
  23. Any time I remember what AAA quality can be I just play Skyrim, yeah. Or as of lately, ME:A In fact this entire channel is one gigantic reminder of just how much AAA doesn't mean quality. I highly recommend watching the Mafia 3 video to see just how bad open world can get now.
  24. I do, it doesn't work. Because they're morons. You can see in every video I make at the very start the Steam overlay pops up, I show them it is very possible and they ignore it. To be fair, one of those friends is Australian so it ends up being a legitimate server issue, not an intelligence based on.
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