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  1. I first deleted 'Darkmodkeybinds.cfg', but that didn't work. I then deleted 'Darkmodkeybinds.cfg', (which had reappeared) and 'Drakmod.cfg', and that solved the problem. All good now - thanks for taking the time to respond.
  2. Overnight my mouse has stopped working - ie moving my viewpoint - when I'm inside a TDM mission. It previously worked fine in my current mission. I tried running a different mission, but same problem. The mouse works fine when I'm in the Main Menu, but not in the game itself. I'm running TDM 2.09, and I just ran 'tdm_update' just in case. Any advice please? That would be much appreciated.
  3. B Thanks. Actually I just reloaded my save, and still the same problem. So I closed and re-opened the safe, and suddenly I could pick up everthing(!). So I'm good for now.
  4. I have found and opened Lazraova's safe. However inside it is only some gold bars I can't pick up, and a piece of paper I can't pick up. Any advice please? Thanks.
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