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  1. I did it to see whether Dark Mod put animals on the same level as people. And that then raises the question of what would have happened if there were spiders in this mission . . .
  2. Playing on Expert (ie 'no killing'), I found you're deemed to have failed the Objective if you kill one of the horses.
  3. Excellent mission. Just the right level of difficulty and clues. Having done everything, and got most of the loot, I still haven't found a use for my rope arrows . . .
  4. This is my first visit to this very long Topic, and I strongly suspect someone will have raised these suggestions before. But anyway. From a gameplay point of view, I would like to see the following. 1) Locking of Doors: It would be good to be able to lock doors as well as unlock them. Either to avoid pursuit, or to lure guards into a room then lock them in (if they don't have a key). 2) Guards should hear doors closing: This would just be more realistic. And then they'd come and investigate. 3) Guards should notice valuables have gone missing: Particularly if an item was prominently on display, a guard should notice it was missing. And then raise the alarm, and/or start looking for a thief.
  5. I first deleted 'Darkmodkeybinds.cfg', but that didn't work. I then deleted 'Darkmodkeybinds.cfg', (which had reappeared) and 'Drakmod.cfg', and that solved the problem. All good now - thanks for taking the time to respond.
  6. Overnight my mouse has stopped working - ie moving my viewpoint - when I'm inside a TDM mission. It previously worked fine in my current mission. I tried running a different mission, but same problem. The mouse works fine when I'm in the Main Menu, but not in the game itself. I'm running TDM 2.09, and I just ran 'tdm_update' just in case. Any advice please? That would be much appreciated.
  7. B Thanks. Actually I just reloaded my save, and still the same problem. So I closed and re-opened the safe, and suddenly I could pick up everthing(!). So I'm good for now.
  8. I have found and opened Lazraova's safe. However inside it is only some gold bars I can't pick up, and a piece of paper I can't pick up. Any advice please? Thanks.
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