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  1. Anyone have any luck with light.setShader( string ) ? It seems to make whichever light you apply it to full-bright on the initial invoke?

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    2. Obsttorte


      unknown general material parameter 'lightAmbientDiffuse' in 'lights/ambientCube/cumbesky_mountain_sunset_caduceus'

      in both TDM 2.10 and SVN. The ambient is missing, therefore no effect anyways.

      Don't know what you've done or may have forgotten to include, but I cannot reproduce an ambient issue if there is no ambient 😕

      And next time, test map :)

    3. nbohr1more


      lightAmbienDiffuse should exist in the latest SVN per:

      I can create an alternate material with ambientCubicLight instead for 2.10 if you prefer?

    4. Obsttorte


      This and .... a test map ;) I really don't want to dig through tons of files to search for the issue, not to mention the loading times. And if you cannot reproduce the issue in a test map, then maybe it's the maps fault.


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