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  1. Great mission thanks! The setting makes a lovely change and it's beautiful. I think I've done everything except: Any hints please?
  2. Thanks, I've found out I also haven't Hints for that also welcome. Just a rough idea is good ta
  3. Hi there, I tried again and this time The only objective (that I know of) that I haven't achieved is The one thing I know I haven't done is Any hints please?
  4. Ah, I don't think I've found that area. That must be my problem then. Any hints on what I've missed in getting there instead please?
  5. Please help! I can't find Fuse 3. I'm hearing the heartbeat in the area with the first robot guard, but can't find anything. Maybe I already got that one... Great mission, thanks!
  6. I can do 2.08 easily, as that's installed. Bit more of a faff to reinstall as 2.07, but should have time.
  7. Great mission thanks! I've managed everything except the loot total. Any hints please?
  8. Thank you for the lovely Christmas present. I enjoyed the story as well as the mission
  9. I can see your point, but there was no way I was framing an innocent woman just cos she was an intelligent woman fighting for a place in a man's world. I stopped playing and came here once that objective popped up. I wanted to see if there was another way of completing the mission without doing that - to see if it was a test. Good game and thanks for the work you put in, but that's my feedback
  10. I can't work out the lion. So silly. Please tell me what I should do
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