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  1. You do not have to execute anything after extraction. After extraction, you have to copy certain files into a fresh installation of TRAOD. https://piped.kavin.rocks/watch?v=BuVW8JOiabQ The extracted files include an installation manual, too (it is a txt file).
  2. Thanks for the link, will check this out during my Christmas holiday on my notebook.
  3. Bought it last week - I really like it. A mixture of Subnautica, Soma & Fahrenheit.
  4. Yeah, for a short time back then I had similar expectations. Looking back now, however, I don't think that would have given a qualitative boost either. P.S. I didn't realize you were knowledgeable in so many subjects (literature, music, cinema). I always thought you were a video game addicted programmer who hardly ever sees daylight and who does matrix calculations to relax!
  5. I found the video for "Smells like" terribly embarrassing. The music was (apart from the fact that KC was neither a particularly good singer nor a particularly good guitarist, but that was probably not the point) something I partly liked. Quite worse I found the almost messiah-like worship by my generation. What went off in this regard at the concerts was just embarrassing. Could well imagine that Cobain also did not like that very much. Bart Simpson had once announced in an episode a title in a rock star fantasy, which was called "My fans are all pigs". Possibly there would have been no one better than KC to play such a song.
  6. Congratulations on the release!
  7. Seeing the bass player with his bass hanging low has always made me physically uncomfortable.
  8. She looks familiar. Is this the polish musician you posted earlier in this thread?
  9. Yeah, that's what I did as well but did not mention in my post as I thought you would understand that from the changed map.
  10. Make the visportal the exact same size as the trapdoor, see attached map with changed portal size. ladder_tests.map
  11. That's right. The key entity type was used because all other related entity classes do not work when they should interact with world objects as in the above mentioned example in HHTA. For reasons unknown that only works with the key entity class.
  12. Who is actually working on new missions right now? That I, the greatest mapper of all times (and I say this in all modesty, it is innate in me) am working on something epochal is clear to everyone by now. But who else is working on new missions? Please let me, your God, know, because it's so depressingly quiet here and I don't like to post pictures all the time, because even for me it gets a bit too boastful (although justified) with time.

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    2. JackFarmer


      @cvlwThen you are miles ahead of me, I have never managed to create a real existing building in DR. That's quite an accomplishment and you're in good company, as many of our Mission Maker colleagues model their buildings this way as well.

    3. cvlw


      For what it is worth, this is the church building:

      The nature of this type of church layout is left-right symmetry which settles into a fat grid quite nicely.

      Now an interesting story to shoehorn into this thing... that is the challenge!

    4. datiswous


      Some church building modules would be nice, so peeps can build variations easily

  13. Give the AI the property cinematic - 1
  14. No one has noticed yet, well spotted. I'm curious whether you can identify the references in "HHTA".
  15. If this is real, then it is by far the most incredible traffic thing I have ever watched. You must see it to believe it.
  16. In the meantime, I played the first level, which means I was able to activate the first elevator. I don't know the original game, I only know System Shock 2, and I have to say that this one is damn close to the latter, but looks and sounds considerably better! Absolutely traditional, nothing is explained here, you have to figure everything out yourself. I like that. As has benn said before, I also had problems recognizing if you can interact with certain objects: Anyways, great game.
  17. You can clearly see that the developers of Bioshock are behind it. They already had objectivism, a form of socialism and exceptionism as a motif...what will happen this time? I'm really curious!
  18. Bioshock Infinite - Burial at Sea, part II Very sneaky.
  19. Sound shaders used in conversations are given the reverb effect defined in the associated efx file for the defined info location. If you have a room with an intense reverb (example: efx cathedral), then the voice files are sometimes not easy to understand. If you could use a different reverb for the voice files (then maybe exf Medium Stone Room), it would be more understandable again. Question: Is it possible to define a different reverb effect independent from the Info Location for such voice files? It wouldn't help if I converted the voice files with a more "understandable" reverb using an editing program, because the defined room reverb via the Info Location would still be applied, which would probably only make things worse. @nbohr1more
  20. Yes, I had thought of that too, but since @refl3ks hadn't mentioned it, I left that step out. I would have solved this then through a Response on the switch; whereby with the Response "make unfrobable - _self" only a unique Frobbing would have been possible.
  21. Edit: Sorry man, had to correct step #1 as I forgot that water brushes always have to be converted into water entities.
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