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  1. The honour was all mine - tis' a thing of near boundless beauty
  2. You blew me away with this Wellingtoncrab! The whole mission is a work of art!! I've completed it but am going back in for a more leisurely nosy around, and to breathe in that almost magical atmosphere once more.. I swear I could almost smell the damp, cool night air therein! There is an absolutely astounding level of 'attention to detail' in every square metre of this beautiful level - and it is so huge!!! If I had to score it out of a measily 10, it would blow right through its skull and into infinity!! A massive thankyou to you, and all your contributors for your excellence, rare talent and generosity!!
  3. Absolute top notch FM Jack! Loved it from start to finish. Quality is superb!! Absolutely nothing to take away from it, so you only get praise from me Super, hyper-galactic, mega-thanks!!!
  4. My young daughter and I are still still playing this FM, but we just wanted to write and say how much we're enjoying it Amadeus!! The quality is off the scale, the sets, textures and game design are right up there with a lot of AAA titles out there! It's amazing what you've managed to pull off. Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts to everybody who contributed to this mission - you all make the world a brighter place, and your efforts are really, deeply appreciated!!! Seriously, we love it
  5. Just wanted to say thanks for a great mission. It was really well crafted. I really enjoyed the kick in the gut with regards the musical instrument All in all, it really hit the spot. Great gfx, great layout, great story.. you get the idea! Thank you for all your time an effort.
  6. I was chuffed to see a new mission, and this turned out to be another great one! Absolutely loved it - made me jump out of my skin a few times! Can't thank you enough DDAAZZAA! Well done on the atmopshere, the sound and voice FX - superb! I hope you make more.
  7. Well done Joebarnin for an absolute top class Thief mission! I'm stuck though I am at a standstill with progress as I seem to keep going in circles now. I've found the song verses in the abandoned house and then figured out the code from it but I have no idea where to use it. I'm losing my mind cycling through all the houses and trying windows etc. I'll take a break for now I think.. just wanted to say that so far the quality of your mission has left me very impressed! Anyhows, thank you for the time and superb effort you put in for this! *Edit* Found where to use the combo and am rolling along again now - hurrah!
  8. Absolutely loved this mission. I wished it could go on and on forever Well done to the entire team for your fantastic work!!!
  9. Absolutely loved this mission. Well done Bienie! It's what I would call in my humble opinion, 'near perfect!' Right from the gun you could tell this was going to be a good one - and it was! Here - take my whole night's loot for your brilliant effort!
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