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  1. Thanks Biker! It'S an incomplete WIP snapshot of this scene with some bells and whistles still to be done. However the atmosphere I'm aiming for is already visable. Obstler's fog script add well to that.
  2. Yap and dupplicate the info location_setting entity as one entity can only have one scriptobject assigend.
  3. That's excellent Obsttorte! That might get rid of my headache softening the ambient without the fog boundery issues. Some short tests in my WIP are very promising so far. Thanks a lot!
  4. Good move guys uplifting the Standalone Version release number to TDM 2.0. Glad to see that!

    1. jaxa


      what where? OH: http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=3387 though internally bug releases should just be 2.01...etc.

  5. I can upload a complete/official snapshot version on Fidcal's TDM team server if you like.
  6. I say, the Dead has to be feared. That make them special in gameplay and atmosphere. It should be full of risks to kill them. Shooting cheap broadhead arrows from distance is not. So I'm with you guys saying undead should be only killable be special means like fire and holy water. Also I can think of magic (set by the mapper) and physical destroyment (crushed to pieces by an elevator for example if technically possible) as a possible way to have the player get rid of the undead in some FM.
  7. Wow, that is chock-full of wrongness. Thief 4 won't gravite much around the world of Thief either, the classic Thiefs, .... So there is some unwitting sense in the incorrectness
  8. Ok, so it seam we rather get an Assassins Creed meet Dishonered clon, but a game mostly inspired by the Thief legacy http://www.gameinfor...-for-thief.aspx
  9. Indeed the art directions and story / state of the city background heavily remind of Dishonered. Though this might be coinidence. Both have been in production at the same time over a lage part of the former years. Maybe Dishonered just beat Thief. I don't hold my breath. Background sound very unoriginell and boring so far. Statements like 'allowing players to enter combat if they want" and "combat moves" mean fighting is more than a last resort option. And killing your way through the city a possible part of the gamplay like in Dishonered. I don't like combat be equal to stealth from gameplay design in a Thief game. For making this not a pure stealth game me and old day taffers hope for, but only another ACTION 'stealth' game. Just like the other more or less enjoyable hybrid stealth action games around these days. Hope Eidos / Square Enix do prove me wrong! This sound bad as well: "Garrett will have a multifaceted and upgradable "Focus" ability to highlight climbing spots or drawers that hold valuables, or in combat to find weak points or chain attacks" http://www.shacknews...ed-for-next-gen Highlight Handholding? uhh! ... Upgrades? hmmm... Slow time ?? ... Navigation beacons?? pfhh.... Things worse than loot glint and glimbing gloves if you ask me. At least the 3rd person nonsense seam to be gone for good: "In this first-person adventure ..." http://community.eid...rom-the-Shadows
  10. Congrats' Fruity Pie for this mission! That had been fun to play. You build this one in only two weeks? Amazing. Did you eat and sleep?? ;-) Great archievement ... Thank you Obsttorte!!
  11. Indeed! We're curious how a Swift Mazes mission would look and play in comparision to a traditional build mission in this contest. And how much hours it took to build it.
  12. damn... you spoiled my concept for the Unusual gameplay contest!! With "passing-by frobbing" in TDM mean that loot do only highlight in distance of a certain frob-rage (that is 100 units / about 2 meters per default in TDM, changable by the mapper). Unlike that in Thief 3 and Dishonered loot is constantly blinking even you are in Miles distance. I think in Dishonered it's worse handholding than in Thief 3. Even i don't like the loot blink in Thief 3 I haveto say it is very subtle regards Dishonered stoplight blinking for "interesting" objects. And while in Thief 3 only a faint spark do blink in Dishonored the whole object do blink fully highlighted. Next to loot also books and usables objects blink highlighted in Dishonered. In a farcry from subtle color! Do think of a Builder loot gold symbol blinking in white color from the top roof of a cathedral when entering ground in Biker's Alberic's Curse FM, for example. ... You can disable a lot GUI in Dishonered, but this you can not. So I think exploration for loots and interesting things is less fun and interesting in Dishonered as it could be. It's a fun game though in other aspects if you do not start playing with expectation being a core stealth game. As Fidcal well said.
  13. For me the hint blinking is too much right in the face in Dishonered. Constantly yelling "Hhuhu I'm a Game!!" every time something shout "hey look here". Such constant reminding I am (just) playing a game do break immersion being engrossed in a fictional world. At least for me. Unless done subtle like the passing-by frobbing in the LGS Thief 1+2 or TDM which do it right.
  14. Steam heard your call: Disohoned has 50% discount today (26th) ,-)
  15. Started playing this game. So far this had been a mediocre stealth experience. I am hugly miss the lightgem! Really. And I don't like the handholding visual GUI. I know I can disable most of those. But it feels unsafifying to "guess" if you are at a safe spot or probaly viewable without the HUD clue of enemy vision. So I got busted often and had to fight as I reload only when being dead. So far fightinhg and assassination feels more rewarding than stealth. That's not a bad thing in itself - but I was primary looking for a satifying stealth experience. That didn't felt that so far. Maybe I had too much expectations regard the stealth possibilties of Dishonerd. It seam more aimend to an action experience so far. Anyone who don't like the player feet sound as well? It's too lout and clumpsy ... like a space marine, very annyoing! Shooting with the crossbrow is also less fun than the bow aim in Thief and TDM. The opening from doors feels unnatural, being that fast. Some of the textures are mean and washed-out, specially for being a Triple AAA game from 2012. And the arbitrary collecting of coins feels more like console point hunting, but a rewarding seach for loot and valuables to be able to buy equipment. I also have some Thief 3 Deja Vu with the blinking of books and usable items. - Digi and Purah, didn't you learn from some Thief 3 mistakes?? Is there a setting to disable this in the HUD options? (didn't find this one so far) There is also an annoying HUD bug with the steam version (Inventory don't open properly)... The good: I like how the steampunk, some characters and the world are illustrated. With nice ideas. The story getting promising. The use of powers fun. Loading times are fast. And the swimming is well done. Innovations like key hole spying are nice, but not really new. That had been done before and better in "Velvet Assassin". Some of the disappointing things may get better during the game or accustomed to me. There must be some reasons to all the fuzz about this game, as many of you very much like it ... I'll see...
  16. yep, a just released game need some time before getting the budget tag. Skyrim is at 25 currently: http://store.steampo....com/app/72850/
  17. Dishonerd is 25% discount until 27th.Nov. http://store.steampo...com/app/205100/
  18. True, this is just an awesome release! After joining five hours of adventuring with Mr. Steele there is little to add that wasn't already said. I had been busted several times for just didn't care to hide as looking at textures and marvelling at the map design. So much labor of love to be found here! I even did not notice one misaligned texture to the geometry - I would love to see many of these custom textures into the core mod, specially the wallpapers and decals. GFX, Story and Production are just top. And the only reason I did spare the last star is that the whole mission was set and designed on horizontal gameplay (not counting elevators) . And for the design choice player tools being obsolete (but for the lockpicks for very few times). That is no bad thing. And subjective that I think more vertical gamplay being added would have been the "Smarties" on thís sweet cake - probably a motivation to add some need of rope arrows into the follow-up. Thanks grayman having created that terrific map! Much looking forward for being "Home Again" with Mr. Steele. ...
  19. The 'modular' contest idea seam to have their supporters and sceptics. Half duzon of people aren't really representiv to appraise. The contest concept that had been diskussed and favored most had been: Manor Heist (by nbohrmore) Alternate Reality (by Pranqster) Secret Santa Roulette (by Midnight, refined by nbohrmore and Xarg) Double Team (by Radiant) Modular Mapping (by Obsttorte) Creative Objective (by Springheel) Assassination (by Sotha) - added Unusual Gameplay (by Obsttorte extending/including Springheel and Sotha idea) - added What about a poll to get the picture what concept is most appealing and get things rolling?
  20. eigenface, is you find a way to program/create AI for flying models to change from hoovering curves into intelligent AI with vision, alert states, and patrol routes would be terrific!! That would add a new level of gameplay. Would definitly love that!!
  21. TDM have a very comfortably "circle keys" and a "circle notes" key you can assign to. Do you use that? That's virtually a keyring and a kind of journal ;-)
  22. My fan had a short circuit three weeks ago ... killing my MB... resulting that I had to build a new Sys. I had to install all programs new, but at least all harddisks and their data kept intact and undamaged by the circuit. The Sys had been fairly old so it may was only a matter of time. The good site now all is setup again: TDM runs with smooth fps now where it didn't before
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