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  1. Awesome. Upgraded and finally it works. Flux 3.X in 2016 did not have the fullscreen or exclusion list. Flux 4.X in 2017 added the fullscreen and exclusion list. It looks like "safe mode" is called "disable for fullscreen apps" and disables both polling and colors on the monitor that is in fullscreen. It looks like the whitelist/exclusionlist is called "disable when using ..." if you have a program open and in the foreground.
  2. Confirmed in their faq. What does Safe Mode do on Windows? Safe Mode does two things: ... 2. It disables all polling we normally do to ensure that we're the active color profile. Logging in, changing video resolutions, and Administrator (UAC) prompts can all reset f.lux's color changes. With Safe Mode, we do not fix these automatically, in order to minimize the impact we have on the system. If an app resets the colors, you can click on the f.lux icon to have us restore our profile. Transitions (sunrise, sunset) still happen as usual. ... https://justgetflux.com/faq.html ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Regarding FPS, faq also has safe mode to avoid lag in case you want to test it (fixed my problem at least). What does Safe Mode do on Windows? Safe Mode does two things: ... 2. It disables all polling we normally do to ensure that we're the active color profile. ... With Safe Mode, we do not fix these automatically, in order to minimize the impact we have on the system. ... Use Safe Mode if you think f.lux slows down your computer. Other discussions about flux and fps. https://www.reddit.com/r/WildStar/comments/26rx2l/no_idea_if_this_will_help_anyone_psa_for_ https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/2cgbay/running_flux_turn_on_safe_mode_may_fix_s
  3. Hopefully the nagging and preinstall will stop when ... Microsoft Confirms 'Free' Windows 10 Will Become Expensive http://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2016/05/07/microsoft-confirms-windows-10-costs P.S. I would mean the nagging by Microsoft for us to upgrade.
  4. Would be great. Could only find one INI option below. Could not find any to hex-edit in the U-files yet either. The animated portion of the white reticle icon when aiming the bow can scale to zero and turn off below. The fixed portion of the white reticle is still visible and does not scale though. Obviously the INI option is useless when the entire white reticle icon can be scaled to zero and turned off by starting a new game with the built-in custom difficulty and no reticle option, although too late if already mid-game. [ThiefGame.ThiefUIMarksmanCrosshairs] mMinimumScale=0.f; mMaximumScale=0.f; ;mMinimumScale=1.f; originally ;mMaximumScale=4.f; originally in file, \ThiefGame\Config\DefaultUI.ini (ignore file, ThiefUI.ini)   
  5. After installing, do you know what I might have to click on to get it to work? The computer's playback devices do not show a razer surround audio controller but the installation seemed to run okay. Opening razor shows only, "please connect a razor synapse 2.0 enabled device." I was just going to use my regular stereo headset/headphone. Edit: Rebooting windows vista didn't help. Razorzone support does not have much about this problem. Google does not show much about a problem like this. I do not have a 'Razer Surround Audio Service' that forums are talking about so maybe my problem is worse than I thought.
  6. Were you thinking that gamers looking to play something new are searching only one week of google? I thought new gamers search everything after they hear of a name like the dark mod in a magazine or forum, and maybe later might limit their search if they like the game more. I see what you mean by just searching for one week; that horror game showed up lower in the results but does not look as prominent because the dark mod has a lot more press and downloads to bump results? Search the whole year and that horror game never shows up.
  7. A compromise can be to have the number keys (4 or 5) be the toggle and not the sheath key be the toggle. Pressing 4 can switch between arrow and default blackjack because you are deliberately taking a chance to change your light gem response and you are in control. If there is one key someone loves to use than they could use the 4-key forever and not have to learn anything else. Pressing sheath/fists removes all weapons and keeps them off so the light gem is always dark and safe. Would rather have the number keys be the toggle and not the sheath/fist key be the toggle. That sheath / fist key has been an emergency key to keep the light gem dark as fast as possible without ever accidentally bringing out a bright sword or bow. In this game, what is in your hands makes a difference between a guard seeing you or not. Other games might not be so sensitive and let you get away holding any weapon in the environment. If the sheath key ends up a toggle, then I would hate to ask TDM to add yet another option somewhere to make a "toggleable" key "not toggleable" for other players.
  8. Having two picks is not so bad with the 'cycle lockpick' keybind. For me, it is a good balance between tedious and too easy.
  9. A completionist could have an option to lose a bag or two of loot when escaping with guards on his tail. What a conundrum. Probably happens in bank robberies when the alarm goes off, or when leaving a dead member of your heist with a sack.
  10. 5) Would it be possible in a future patch, to have the key which sheaths a weapon, to draw it also? Sounds convenient but the key would have to maintain a history of which weapon was last used (blackjack, sword, bow, etc). It would usually not be the one to use when drawing again later which will make me have to hit a number key anyway. I like when the key is just used to clear up the clutter in the screen and provide a quick minimalistic display.
  11. Thanks. You fixed it and the new download version 3 starts the mission great. The download was available from the ingame downloader after deleting missions.tdminfo, and was available from the link, http://www.thedarkmo...ndetails/?id=14 That's a neat trick to start the mission via "map business" in the console. When testing v2, start mission also failed but the console made it easier to test and exit safely. Testing v3, start mission works great.
  12. * wondered about this too, and you described it well to attach to the height
  13. Can also see in, http://wiki.thedarkm...g_assets_by_map
  14. Business as Usual fails to start for me too on my windows vista when downloaded Oct 20 and again on Oct 26. Hope some things below help in your investigation. Thanks for a great FM. Error: No error message. Pressing start mission on the difficulty screen loads the mission, the progress bar fills in one second, and returns to the start mission difficulty screen. Saved the FM to, C:\darkmod\fms\business\business.pk4 To test, I installed a fresh darkmod and didn't change the config files yet. To test, I rebooted the computer and turned off antivirus programs. To test, I can still play the old business as usual from v1.08 okay. I tried the FM downloaded from links at, http://www.thedarkmo...ndetails/?id=14 http://wiki.thedarkm...g_assets_by_map
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