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  1. +Atmosphere +Visuals +Love streets +Robbing the builders +A fight with the undead +Hiding in abondoned places just gives me that real thief/outlaw feel. -A bit to easy, having alot of torches around the streets scarcely makes up for this, but aslong as you trail behind a guard you won't have much problems. Killing all the builders (which is the only real way of doing this unless you want to waste those precious water arrows for whats about to come) upped the difficulty a bit but only because -some of the difficulty was artificial (like builders and guards surviving a arrow TO THE FACE) -The flaming undead guy only took 5 or so hits from my sword, seriously regular revenants are more challenging than him! (taking 7-8 hits). You should double his health.
  2. I had the fight of my life, quickly grabbing the extinguished sphere and running up only barely able to escape through the hole, having difficulties throwing the damn sphere through which got me killed twice. I managed to grab the chain and then jump onto the rope arrow I set, and climbed up. I then ran like I was on fire, zombies after me and the revenant hot on my trail I managed to make it to the second last room with only the revenant on me... I had to drop the sphere near the door in order to get the door open, and man I had to kill the revenant. I circle straffed around the furniture and did probably the best swordsmanship I've ever done, fired my last holy water and ran out because a zombie walked in the room and I kept accidentally hitting the zombie instead... I managed to lure the zombie down and finished off the revenant with 2 more hits. Ahhh the audible clunk as the ghastly fiend goes back to hell.. they will not drag me to hell. As the unlife of the sphere disolved scorched in holy flame I was free until the builder's undying flaming brother ran at me, I had to jump down into the water and then go through a door I had vaguely scouted before..... freedom. +Climbing +Scary, one part really got me good +Tough +Lots of loot +Story was decent enough +I Liked the use of lighting in this, made the water arrows quite precious indeed +2 mines oh that made things easier if only slightly.
  3. I tried playing it after disabling everything, it still crashes in Down Street it just takes slightly longer for it to happen ~30 seconds. Knew that wouldn't be it, considering that low frame rates would have signaled such a crash.
  4. The master at work, another very Thief styled mission. Long, pretty difficult that relies on all the basics to present challenging mission, nicely detailed without doing anything unusual. A master thief at work would have trouble getting out of this place without the guards seeing you, first I distracted them with a noise maker so you'd have to do it a second time if you do not wish to black jack them both. Getting all the keys is rather difficult considering unlocking something standing right behind someone would in real life make noise.. so realistically getting all the necessary keys would be impossible without blacking at least that one guard. But hey, it has to be possible to ghost the mission otherwise it would not be in the spirit of Thief even if a master thief would more likely do something practical & not take unnecessary risks even if it means breaking the illusion that a "ghost" robbed the place when a guard is found with a bump on the noggin. +Visuals +Difficulty presented is the patrolling guards usually overlap their routes so knocking anyone out is not a good idea, realistically speaking, and the amount of time where a area is unguarded amongst the patrols presents a small window of opportunity so you have to play smart and move fast. Getting the map helps but makes the beginning a tad more difficult as you have to make your way to the evidence key first. +Readables where nice but -I couldn't find the captains journal -that lava area was a tad to immersive breaking for me
  5. I think is going to be my fav author, with melan and jesp, then bikerdude close following. My usual style is to keep to hiding in corners, or behind cover, have a few tools for escape ready. I'm overly cautious by listening in that passing guards are gone & close doors behind me in rooms I intend to scour. Relocking doors I've opened with a key & putting back notes I've read. I don't blackjack unless in situations where it makes things significantly easier. +High Difficulty, if you get caught out its your own fault for not studying the routes or not being careful enough when venturing into the unknown +Nice visuals that just enough eye candy to keep me interested to venture forth +Plenty of loot most not hard to find +Ingenious security +where mah bottle gone +gambling +possible to climb the shitter +a use for a rope arrow in a place most wouldn't have found +ruh ruh ruh ruh ruh rosemary.. rerruururrr rosemary? you taffin! nah rumururar -Couldn't put the disc into the crypt disc lock, no frobbing eventhough I read the note that pretty much spelled it out that its a key. -No women
  6. enhanced ambient occlusion enhanced interaction shader almost full bloom intensity with post processing effects x2 anisotropic filtering usually get 50-60 frames except in maybe 1 instance, in 2 fm's that I remember
  7. XP Professional SP 3 DX 9.0c AMD Intel Core 2 Duo, E4600 @ 2.4 GHz 2.00 GB of RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 P5K PRO latest Dark Mod.
  8. Keeps randomly crashing when I go into Down Street, sometimes near the beginning of the place, other times after 10-30 seconds. Really disappointing considering I've never had crashes before.
  9. Pretty much everything is what I like out of a TDM mission, I really liked to have a little walk behind guards on the streets especially wide normal looking streets like we have here rather than the cramped poorer streets we're used to. +Length +Visuals +Some good audio cues +A readable that I enjoyed +Robbing every room in the 2 hotels +Assassination, kill or be killed is a good motivation and it always has a special place for me -Difficulty is perhaps middleground but theres not that much you can do about it lest there be a unrealistic amount of guards ect -it ended
  10. That sunset is like watching myself in the mirror, how could one not look and be hypnotized. Ahhhhh Oh yes thieving I was just getting to that. The castle looks like a castle which is a big plus in my book Its weird that there wasn't a throne room or big banquet hall. Ah I must be stuck on other castley FM's. +BEE-A-UTIFULL +Enchanting ambience, although a tad to loud for me as a ussually play with loud sound to simulate my superior hearing +Fairly long +Story is straight forward, clear goal, with a little moral tinge to extra readables you find. +A bit extra loot for those who like to scour the place -Backdoor key... didn't need it. -No murder allowed
  11. + A bit on the easier side but it makes up for it with the ghosting requirement. Using a limitation to make things tougher is a good way of embracing the limitations of small missions. Putting to much AI would be unrealistic given the small areas and it would artificially amp things up, so this way we get something that makes sense and is challenging. +I like the architecture +I like the lighting +I like that your a poor thief, makes exploring for weapons and items more rewarding. - rurururururrrrrrr the code isn't working. Also that wooden door near the middle building a guard flies right through the door like a ghost as soon as I go near there. - to short (TDM deserves bigger missions) - to many keys to find - to little loot for me -IMA FIRING MAH ARROW OH SHIT NO KILLING....damn you. I play assassin style, no rules.
  12. + I liked the geometry, architecture & colors of everything. + Moderate length + I liked the mirrors, water gate and other stuff I'm not used to seeing. + fairly difficult, the AI took me by surprise when the turned on certain lights. Thats a good feature more missions should take advantage of - Buyable items ,eventhough the story says you lost them in the ocean. - Maps where a nice addition although it quickly became superfluous because of all the running around double checking everything. I got the low down of the place from that. It takes item hunting to the next level to an almost paranoid level. - Finding the last food item was way harder than it should have been. - Lack of guidance, no hints or ways to find that hidden laboratory. - Readables where lacking, I wasn't even sure why the place was haunted.
  13. The first map is a good start for sure, I had to get upto the cathedral which required some fun roping and then the actual cathedral was ok, Not the best but certaintly what I would expect it to be like, rather simple layout and practical, with really tall walls. The loot wasn't to hard, even the part with the rafters. The challenge with all these torches was fairly up there especially for the stairs, and I can say its shaping up to a really good series. NHAT2 A much better mission series than I expected, some really nice level design and a quite a few tough places to get through like those 2 guards outside the Broken Sword Inn and the optional objective of getting the food when those guards storm the place, how inconvenient! I have to use my flash bombs I like the optional objectives apart from having to get inside the Town Guard, I swear its impossible to get up into the window that I'm sure you we can. NHAT 3 was a favourite although the outside area lags it does look great and sound so... peaceful. Having to get from side to side of the mansion was quite a job, especially with the keys although it did flow smoothly. Once again a fair challenge, & something to think about as we get to the end. The objectives say I need 2 pieces of evidence that it was Archibold behind the murder. I found one from Nathans stash lockbox. I was a bit puzzled because I had already gone through the mansion but then i remember the letter from brother Atticus & Archibold but for some reason I can't pick it up! eventhough its the only other piece of evidence in the map that I need to get... So the missions ends for me on a sour note but I had fun none the less.
  14. Yes I enjoyed it although did have some minor problem of getting the aforementioned loot to highlight after giving him a bath, maybe I should have given him a rubber ducky? Point being I will try to get this baby looted and ticked off. The visual design was creepy, its one of those missions that if only it was longer and more tunnel crypts I would have rated it much higher, with more realistic traps around the place. Bonehorde? I really should play the original thief games.
  15. I totally agree that that I'm all for the kind of horror games and mods that allow you to see into the heart of madness, in a way that few horror games do. In that you can no longer trust the perspective of the characters shoes you are in. This blurring of reality and hallucinations is confusion & unbound by the laws or reality, it brings with it either story that delves into the subconscious mind, raising questions of morality, philosophy and the nature of existence, whether it be a thin layer that can be stripped away or merely a very subjective place that is no more real than our own imagination, its a subject that lends itself so well to video games because we are already detached from the character we control so the game can easily reinforce this by making the character so out of his mind... a separation between us, our conscious self, & the character in the game, his mostly unconscious mind. Not to mention creating weird, out of this world visuals is easier for video games as they are all made of "effects" so we can easily manipulate what that character sees. but........ the problem is this is one of those badly made ones, where theres a very obvious supernatural presence. Or like one of those games where the character is clearly sane as he can think logically and reality seems normal, except for that one strange apparition or monster he sees every once awhile. Like a representation of his guilt or other deep rooted emotion. These kinds of "insanity" stories are always quite simply, uninteresting & barely scratch the surface of what reality bending insanity is about. Not to mention the looting is easy, the pumpkins are comedic, the house is pretty bare, and nothing (aside from the skybox) is designed well.
  16. For every action there is a reaction, they are about to find out what treating free fan made projects and modders as threats will get them. What they think we are competition to triple A titles? they think it will impact their DLC sales? If anything more duke nukem mods and fan projects will encourage people to get the games to see what the fuss is about, a happy community will bring in more people ect They have found themselves with a big IP, it carries with it expectations & responsibilities, mistreatment like this unacceptable, what ever hands it falls into we have the right to speak out & criticize, not be silenced. Vote with your wallet and that will tell them what you think. When they lose money they will hear you.
  17. With DN3D Reloaded put on hold, I'll tell you the story in case anyone isn't up to speed. In the fall of 2010 DNR received a "personal non-commercial license" from Gearbox and impressed 3D Realms Scott Miller with their screenshots & enthusiasm. Schreiber posted news about a big upcoming update to the project & sent numerous emails to Gearbox about a response for releasing the game and received copy pasted responses "We will get back to you guys after all 3 DNF DLC packs have been released ". Finally Gearbox said "We can’t give you an answer to that. Ofcourse you can keep working on it, if you want to. But we can’t tell you if we will allow the game to be released.". Forums.duke4.net So Fredrick "Fresch" Schreiber responded "You know – I have spent a year in total on this project. Ever single day, working full time. For free. And so have most of my team members. I have spent my life savings on this project. I can in NO way justify having them continue working on this project, if you don’t want to see it getting released. So I’m afraid i have to put the project on hold, until you can give us a definite answer." Position of GBX is pretty simple: "Work as hard as you can, but we won't let you release it". I really really hope GBX will give in on this matter and grant the DNR team rights to releasing info, the beta, and then the game. So come on people, let Gearbox hear what you think about this (without swearing or letter bombs or smearing poop on their company cars), and how much you'd like to see DNR get released, and that what they need to do is work out a better compromise with the Interceptor guys than a essential "we won't tell you whether you can release anything" bs. DNF has a pretty rocky development cycle so GBX did the bare minimum to shelve it out and have decided not to release any mod tools. Instead to very very slowly release DLC. You rushed out this game and kicked a lot of fans in the butt, what where left with (no manual saves, the same old weapons, linearity, no jetpack in single player, lame puzzles etc.) and now this, I like any disappointed fan, won't buy no Duke Begins nor anything else from you if you keep treating the fans like this. Have some balls and let Interceptor release their game. Your way of dealing with the license & relationship with Interceptor led to this consequence, and it lies in your hands to fix this... sometimes you have to bow to public pressure. You push them around by ignoring their questions & providing half answers and deleting their posts on your forum and banning members who speak out, you push enough and the people will push back. 'Nough said. Join in on the Boycott here
  18. Ah got the hint, finally. Nice mission although it did seem very picky how to solve it. Appearance. Liked it Gameplay. Ok, not very hard, just had to trial and error with the guards outside, apart from that its a cake walk. I did like how it sort of turned into a length is good enough for a break. Story, shame we don't find out what the invention is for, one would imagine it would be line one paragraph one.
  19. Wonderful little mission, tough and had me searching the place quite thoroughly, its good to encourage that to progress but theres a fine line before it gets frustrating or to random like when looking for a random book on a bookcase for instance. Higher difficulty is just that really makes you ghost which I rarely do. Lovely mapping and readables had me intensely drawn away from the game for some time. Decent length and quite pretty to. Looked different from what I usually see level design wise. Although the book that I thought would give me the historical run down was pretty short and disappointing, I wanted to really learn about the Inquisition not get some summary of a movie about it.
  20. Slight problem, the compass is point the wrong way (according to the map of the office, Gerrards office should be in the south east corner, but it shows up as the north east corner according to the compass.) its very unprofessional for our smuggler friends to draw a map without having your bearings.
  21. Whats with the doors I can't picklock... How can I get into the 2 other buildings and the door in Sorens house without lockpicking or any keys in the vicinity.
  22. Great mission, its just long enough to have a bit of fun. I liked the layout eventhough I kind of see how it doesn't seem quite realistic. That jewel is wow, how that display looks is just wonderful.. decent story and gameplay was fairly challenging with the patrolling guards so I don't have any issues given with limited environment you did well here. The appearance of the whole place was pretty good. It's just one of those missions thats worth playing just for the ending alone.
  23. Impressive... to put it simply. A large load of loot to get, quite big, very difficult that puts your thieving speed skills to work, and a alright story. I'd have to say that I enjoyed this one more than the majority of fm's thus far. I did a double take when I realized how little loot I had gotten by the end Why haven't I heard of you before. This is really gold, gold bars I should say I didn't find much use for the moss arrows I had found though but that seems like a nitpick. I did also like the bit of badluck our thief gotten with the "problem" in the sewer.. and robbing a bank is like a dream come true for thiefers. My only issue, the market lagged quite a bit which is a shame because it looked like a good area.
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