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  1. Fm idea (braindump)

    "Experience the life of a mission builder"

    Esentially there are finnished elements placed somewhere in storage in the game and you have to place them in the correct places, build some walls here and there, add guard routes, give them their correct speech lines, etc. Decorate the places.. all in-game. lots of fun.. 😉

    If you do it right in the end you can play the mission.

    (would be even cooler if a thief-ai could play the mission, making it some kind of tower-defence game)


    This first started as an idea for an aquarium builder mission where-in you have to fill an empty aquarium with sand, waterplants, castles water and swimming fish. But above idea is more fun.


    1. thebigh


      Sure... you plop down a cabinet or module wall somewhere wrong and out of the sky comes a booming voice "LEAK DETECTED TO ENTITY 4398" and you take damage.

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