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  1. @moonbo: definitely looks better; the thing that strikes me now though (sorry) is that the books are set quite far back in their shelves, which means that, near the top of the bookcases, the main thing you can see is the underside of the bookshelves rather than the books. Which may (may) be less interesting visually - ???? Jussathought. Wouldn't worry about it if it's a lot of work to change.
  2. If you try to use Thief stealth tactics in DH, you'll get clobbered constantly/pretty frustrated (I did anyway). Shadows don't hide you. Best tactic when possible (and it often is possible, especially outside but even indoors quite often) is or, hide behind things (duh). It took me a while but I got used to the DH stealth system eventually. (I got borderline obsessed with the game for a few months; ended up having other issues with it which make it unlikely I'll ever play it again, but that's another story...)
  3. @moonbo The shots look great. Only comments on the library: 1. Yeah, darker wood for the shelves may look better. 2. Have some ladders (or something) around to make the higher books accessible. 3. Personally I could never think a big library would ever be 'totally out of place', but it could depend on the occupant of the building and why they have such a big book collection. If it's just a display of wealth, that's fine. If it's a display of the owner's dedication/obsession with finding out hidden knowledge (maybe to achieve some hideous power, or to learn how to combat a hideous power), then the library can become a character in itself. (Best example I can think of - and possibly the most epic library ever - is in DrK's T2 FM 'Ink & Dust' - sample pic here, but even that doesn't really give you a true sense of how huge it is). NB: May be overthinking this.
  4. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. Anyway, TJ, have another go. Quantum stuff fascinates me. (I don't understand it, but it fascinates me.)
  5. Pretty sure that's right; post back if I've got confused about which chest you're referring to.
  6. +1. One of those lessons you only learn the hard way unfortunately.
  7. Oops. Sorry Obs - couldn't resist it. In general, you're probably right. But this would drive me potty. I jump on everything.
  8. Just done a 2.0 test playthrough of the version of Patently Dangerous available via the in-game downloader, then realised there's a new pk4 I should have used instead. Moral: read Springheel's instructions first. :o(

    1. demagogue


      Yep. But for that matter, you should expect almost every FM will have a new version for 2.0. Thanks for the consideration though. =)

    2. simplen00b


      Only real problem was missing textures in the warehouse (which was still jolly terrifying anyway). Will try to play proper version soon. :o)

    3. Springheel


      Actually, only 20 or so missions needed new pk4s.

  9. Er...what does [Wubeth intensifies] mean? Done a google, and still none the wiser...
  10. +1. I mean, really. I can't do lockpicking above 'Trainer' difficulty. The future could be closer than you think. (On that specific point anyway.) BTW, you know there is a combat difficulty setting already, right? (Dark Mod Main Menu > Settings > Gameplay > Combat Difficulty). Anyway, to answer the OP, the point of difficulty settings is to accommodate people like me (and SirGen).
  11. Link to the Dark Mod font: http://www.dramthethief.com/darkmod/files/DARK11__.TTF
  12. I'm getting v1.08 when I run the update, not 2.0. This is the log from the updater if anyone can see what's going wrong:
  13. Dunno if this is relevant, but I'm pretty sure the outside party area in Lady Rowena's Seven Sisters T2 FM has a loop from a Velvet Underground track playing on the gramophone (Venus in Furs, IIRC). I'd be interested in hearing the ambient loops you're using and seeing if I could recreate something similar on my synth. Not sure how to do that (Soundcloud?), and anyway, as things currently stand I probably wouldn't be able to put any time into it till September.
  14. This is the girl on the poster for Billy Smart's circus going round the UK at the mo: - This picture is probably already giving the devs at EM exciting ideas for new contextual-button-triggered QTE animations for ©NuGarrett™®.
  15. Nasty & brutish? Parts of this mission looked so gorgeously horrible I thought I was in Rocksbourg (but fortunately I wasn't), and some of the lighting effects in the power station looked just gorgeous (a screenshot doesn't really do them justice but here's one anyway): And short? There were at least three times in the final section when I thought "OK, that's it, pretty much there UH OH NO I'M NOT". And the looks awesome. So, none out of three ain't bad.* And yes, playing a Melan TDM FM is like making love to a beautiful woman... You reserve plenty of free time, eliminate all distractions and then... You just close the curtains, dim the lights, get into the mood and No I haven't been on a date for a while. Why d'you ask? *Actually, I've just remembered That was nasty.
  16. If you're talking about going to the first unread post of a topic, it's done by clicking on the blue (?) dot on the left by the thread title.EDIT: Sorry, just read your post more carefully and it's pretty clear what you're talking about - no, I haven't worked that one out either. (It took me about a month to discover the magical properties of the blue dot.) Actually, is there a 'Go to page X' function in the full version? As far as I can see, it only allows you to jump two pages ahead/back, or to jump to the end/start. (NB: really tired at the moment so apologies if I'm missing something obvious.)
  17. Pretty sure Heart of Lone Salvation has a spider. A pretty major one that isn't easy to take down, IIRC. Angst: I'm with you in feeling freaked out by big spiders - any big creepy-crawly in fact; heck, the rust mites in T3 creeped me out - but, fear factor aside, in TDM they are usually pretty easy to either get round or kill if you have a few broadhead arrows (I don't usually have the courage to go at them with a sword). And as commented already, most missions don't use them. Joooiiiin uusssssss...
  18. Checked it out, thought "What the heck" and bought it from GOG for £5, half-price (the comments that sold it for me were that it was a Dear Esther you can actually play, and that you get penalised for running around. I hate running around). Just spent 45 mins wandering around (slowly) - there're a few glitches/design points that are a bit 'uh?' (I picked a banana up the day before - I'm still carrying it and don't know how to put it down), but I think I could end up getting into it. There is a slight Dear Esther vibe, but in this you can climb over things that are more than ankle-height. On the downside, I've already found at least two spelling mistakes in the readables.
  19. ...and three quazillion times better than anything I could do...I tried using Blender once and felt like I had been put in charge of a 747. I still wake up screaming. Well done though, and thanks for posting it - hopefully it'll be an inspiration to someone else to have a first attempt. @demagogue & mission sizes - if/when I do make a mission (I'm trying, really I am), I'm probably going to go for a shameless rip-off sincere and heartfelt tribute and homage to 'Too Late'. Tiny (6-7 rooms?) but the gameplay (especially on Difficult level) is just brilliant - one mistake and you can be in a lot of trouble. If I can make something even approaching that I'll be happy.
  20. It was. That part of the game drove me potty till I read your hint earlier. To quote Tels' signature - if the game lets you do it, it isn't cheating.
  21. That's straight out of Dear Esther...
  22. During long conversations with friends at dinner parties in my youth, we'd sometimes stop and go, "Hang on - two hours ago we were talking about that, and now we're talking about something completely different; how did we get here from there?" It was quite a lot of fun trying to remember the connections, and there nearly always were connections - there was very rarely a change of subject for absolutely no reason. Eee, we knew how to enjoy ourselves in those days. Also - it's probably just me but I think that somehow Sotha's avatar epitomises the essence of TDM. An insane, totalitarian yet quite polite AI. With a Georgian wig and moustache. It's just perfect. What was this thread about again?
  23. When I clicked 'Preview this topic', the first unread post was Serious Toni saying 'we need bigger inboxes', and the last was Sir Taffsalot saying he wants to do a Jack the Ripper-themed FM. Couldn't wait to see how the thread got from ST1 to ST2. It didn't disappoint.
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