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The Worst TDM Missions


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...F key? h'mmmm....


Oh dear, if you've been playing TDM without using "lean forward" then your life is going to become a lot smoother now. :D


In my opinion it's one of the most useful actions in TDM.

You can reach out of the shadows to pickpocket something off a guard's belt or to pick a lock. You can look down over the edges of beams to land arrows or throwables on the people below. You can pull rope arrows out of odd angles so you don't lose them as much. You can reach out and space yourself better for using the blackjack. You can also space yourself better and give yourselve a bit more room to block/dodge if you get caught and have to sword fight a bit.

You'll also have a much easier time getting things out of chests and drawers. That's probably the most common use of it and it's very nice for this because leaning over a chest will put your view more or less directly over the the opening so you can see and frob everything inside.


You might notice in my videos how much I use "lean forward".

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