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Risen 2... ARRR!


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I recently got Risen 2 and I am quite fond of it. It really is a childhooddream come true: Being a pirate captain, having your own ship and crew at your command, treasureislands, voodoo, adventures, monsters and most importantly seamonsters all mixed up in a beautifull role playing game.


I am 32 hours into the game and it seems like I still got lots of stuff to do before the finale. The game has some cool dramatic moments. The only downside is that you cannot develop your character very much so that it basicaly boils down to an action adventure towards the middle to late game. But it is still a fine action adventure as such... Love it!! :)

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Instant jumps apparently. And so far I didn't see any ship to ship battles and I guess there won't be any... Ok good point, that's one more downside. But on the other hand, free sailing would've destroyed another integral part of the gameplay, namely that you have to acquire coordinates of an island befor you can sail to it. You'd have to work with some sort of fog of war in order to do free sailing.

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Maybe Risen 3 then. I suppose they might have an option to sail to the coordinates - see the last shoreline disappear in the distance and the next appear eventually - with an option to skip perhaps. Bit like fast travel in Oblivion. That wouldn't put me off Risen 2 though - but it would be a nice addition.

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It's hard to foretell how Risen 3 will be, considering Risen 1 was rather medieval and Risen 2 is about Pirates. :)


There is a short cutscene of course when you travel from island to island, but it is just like leaving the harbor and entering the next one...

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I just finished the game with a solid 40 hour playtime. The story wasn't very overwhelming but entertaining enough to keep you interested. The only downside is really the low number of perks you unlock in the skilltrees. I ended up skilling all trees but the voodoo tree. This lead to my character being very strong and a very easy final boss... That was a bit lame. I always like epic final battles, but well!

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Is all a matter of opinion and tastes but to me, Risen 1 was awesome, with its indie Gothic feel, I'm even replaying it today. Risen 2 was cool for many hours I most say but I reached a point, got bored and never finished it. Risen 3 somehow I never played more than 10 minutes of it, it just didn't get me.

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Risen 1 definitely is more like Gothic. I also played it through 2 times now, the last time a couple of days ago. Risen 2 is different, but, I find the setting and gameplay very coherent. That pirate stuff fits nicely.

I'll probably also play through Risen 3 when I'm finished with part 2. I never played that one through, after always failing at the oracle spider boss last time...

By the way, looks like Piranha Bytes are in a lot of trouble, and will probably be closed down: https://www.gamestar.de/artikel/piranha-bytes-gothic-elex-schliessung,3406996.html

Unfortunate, but, the whole game industry seems to be quite messed up these days.

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