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Fing Birthday T'day!

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*Steps up to the podium*


When I first met Fingernail, (known as Finger back then, before he stopped cutting his nails), he said, "Kid, I'm gonna make you famous". Of course, I thought he was some guy recruiting "actors" for a porno movie and quickly blocked his messages over at TTLG. It was a few days later that I came to understand what he meant, he was recruiting people for a Thief inspired mod.


Finger has assembled a crack head team of recovering junkies and turned them into a crack head team of recovering crack head junkie modders. He leads with dignity, he leads with his Finger. Fingernail says that with any Mod, there is a 50/50 chance of making it. Although I've heard people say there's only a 25% chance of that, I don't believe them.


Follow the Finger and never look back.


Happy birthday Fingernail!

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I thought he was recruiting for a new porno...imagine my disappointment when I learned it was really just for some stupid mod.


Me: "So where are all the squealing teenage girls I'm supposed to deflower?"

Fing: "This is a mod, man...women are gonna avoid us completely"

Me: "Mod wuh?"

Fing: "Yup..what did you think this was? A porno?"

Me: "Yes"


And thus began my tenure at The Dark Mod.


Happy birthday Fing...you once again remind us why we're all:




P.S: I'm glad you quit making us wear that tag around.

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