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How do you create dead AI's ( ragdolls ) ?

Duke Lebowski

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Hello fellow taffers,


I am Duke Lebowski, i discovered the dark mod two weeks ago, and i was blown away.

I've played merlan's man, grayman's map and others, and i was impressed by the possibilities

the dark radiant editor has to offer.


So i decided to give it a go !


I've followed the A to Z guide to mission creation, and i started my own after that.


To make short, i want to make a dead horse, but i don't know how to spawn a dead

AI ( ragdoll ).


Thanks for the help!

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Ragdolls are separate entities, probably under "ragdolls" in the entity menu.

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Thanks for the reply Springheel, i loved A score to settle btw, i'm looking forward to play one of your future maps!



Thanks, glad you liked it. :)


But there is no horse ragdoll : (


Hmm, you're right, there doesn't appear to be an entity for that.


I think there might be a spawnarg you can put on AI to kill them at game start...that might be another way to approach it. Someone will know it, if I'm not just completely making it up.

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I did this just the other day.


It's not as simple as a spawnarg on the AI unfortunately, but not as hard as the complete stim/response system.


Step one, select any brush (worldspawn) and target the AI you want to be a corpse. This will trigger the AI upon world start.


Step two, give the AI you want to be a body a response (via Stim/Response menu selection under the Entity meny).


That response will be "Trigger". This is what gets activated by the worldspawn targeting it at map start.


In that Trigger, add the Response Effect, "Kill". The target entity is the name of the AI.


Voilà, one dead equine. Note that it actually goes through the death animation at map start as it's killed, so you don't want the player start to be in earshot or they'll hear that as they click to start the map.


PS: And added to the Dead Bodies wiki page, so it doesn't have to be dug out of the forums.

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"The measure of a man's character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found out."

- Baron Thomas Babington Macauley

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That's a really clunky way of working around a missing entity declaration. All the data we need is already available.


entityDef atdm:env_ragdoll_horse

   "inherit"                    "atdm:env_ragdoll_base"

   "editor_displayFolder"            "Ragdolls/Bodies"

   "editor_ragdoll"                "1"

   "editor_usage"                    "Ragdoll for horse"

   "bleed"                            "1"
   "sleep"                            "1"
   "smoke_wound_flesh"                "bloodwound.smoke"

   "model"                            "horse_tame1"
 "articulatedFigure"                "tdm_horse1"

 "snd_bounce"                    "bodyparts"


Copy this text. Save it to a .def file with a name of your choosing. Create a def folder where your FM is being worked on. Put this .def file in that folder. Put a atdm:env_ragdoll_horse in your map. With the next update this entity can be included.

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