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Walls and rooms gone invisible/black

Duke Lebowski

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Hey guys,


So i have an issue that keeps happening, and after investigating all the logic possibilities, i have not clue what this is about.


First, there is a room that all the inside walls appear void when looking from outside of it. When i get inside,

the surfaces are rendered, but the place i come from becomes void (black). I removed ALL the visportals from that region.


(From outside)


(From inside- Lighting adjusted)



Second, a wall used by 2 rooms also becomes invisible, but you can see the inside of the rooms from outside. When inside these

rooms, everything is just fine. Then again, no visportals.



Any clues?



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Check this thread--it seems like a similar problem and many of the suggestions there might help:



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Yep, or the one I started with the same problem:




RJ was really helpful, and following his advice of just being really tidy to begin with has prevented it now. It's a bit restrictive to work off the grid so much but it's a nightmare fixing it.

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Thanks for the help guys! So i found the solutions to my problem, still i don't know the exact cause.


The black room was caused by 4 pillars (worldspawns) i copied and pasted there. I Just created new ones the it didn't cause the glitch.


The see-through wall was caused by weird-ass brushes i made to give shapes to my cavern walls. It seems DR really

doesn't like off-grid and weird shaped brushes. These didn't even collided with the wall at all.


On an other note, i need an other way of giving curves to my cavern walls. How can i do so without creating weird brushes?

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You almost always want to use patches for curved architecture.

Layer them on top of square brushwork or caulk for sealing if you can.

What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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