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Some friends of mine commented that this looks similar to skyrim, and I guess they have a point. You're swinging a sword and casting spells in first person inside a dungeon. But this got me thinking about it.


I enjoyed skyrim and all but I always felt the combat was not a lot of fun. In fact, the fun in skyrim, at least to me, comes from the whole package but not from its individual moving parts (sneaking for the sake of stealth isn't fun, the same goes for combat etc). And I guess what made me excited about this video is that my brain is reading it like "look, it's skyrim but with a combat that looks fun like in dark souls". Now, as anyone reading that dark souls thread can tell, I'm not a huge fan of Dark souls, but I am a huge fan of its combat system! and it's very clear what makes it so appealing to me, it's much more dependent on skill and focus than character sheet. In Skyrim (and any other TES) I could very well create a bot to play the game for me and just adjust the character sheet and gear. It would be like a management game with fantasy rpg... this is actually sounding like an interesting idea, but I digress.


Anyway, what do you guys think? is this a poor man's skyrim, a first person dark souls kind of combat game or something entirely different?

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Skyrim is the most popular fantasy RPG, and the most well-known, naturally people will see all other lesser known fantasy games as either copying it or trying to expand on a certain element from it. For example, people saw Gothic, Risen and titles like Wheel of Time as copying Elder Scrolls, when in reality it was just part of the same blanket genre. It goes for Dark Souls also, the dark, gloomy surroundings, enemies and combat system would indicate the similarities between them, but then again that's the idea of the dark fantasy genre, mind you, the genre has been going strong for the best part of two decades or so.


In my own opinion, I would say it does draw some elements from both Dark Souls and Skyrim and combines them, but I more see it as relative to Hexen. I say this because of the first person perspective on melee combat, the ability to cast projectile spells and use items to manipulate the state of play, also, from what I've seen, there will be puzzle solving, something which Hexen went a little insane with.

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