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I'm wondering if anyone ever checks new posts in the Fan Missions Forums? I've posted 4 questions asking for help for 4 different missions that I can't finish because I"m stuck, and I don't get any help. I posted a question this morning so I don't expect an answer right away for that one.


Its frustrating because I would like to finish them. I've read through the posts for each mission and I'm not getting anything from them.

If there's someone who could help me I'd really appreciate it.



I guess I'm spoiled from the TTLG forums. :wacko:


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It's not just a matter of someone reading it. Someone also has to have played the mission recently enough to remember the answer to your specific question. That isn't always the case for older missions.

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Sorry. I see that one of them was Home Again, which I've now answered.


I've found that some of the threads I'm signed up to receive notifications from lose this notification from time to time. Rather perturbing.


What Springheel said: it's mainly up to the author to reply, but the older missions might not be getting the attention they once did. You can always PM the mission author(s) to see if they're available.

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Most authors were subscribed to receive a notification if someone posts in their FM thread however there seems to be a bug that unsubscribes users from threads, therefore not recieving a notification which explains the delay.

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