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I admit I was more than a little tipsy when Renz was asking para?noid for musical/ambient support on IRC, so I promptly jumped on the train, too.


Ah, well. I'd love to make some ambience for a Thief-Like, since my own efforts in DromEd were rather pathetic and I never released my own FM. Also, it does fit my style.


I've made some examples (e-x-a-m-p-l-e-s), please keep in mind they're desinged for use on a AmbientSoundObject like one would use in DromEd.


amb_caveloop.ogg (739.730)

amb_darkwood.ogg (1.690.357)

amb_defiledchurch.ogg (1.192.855)


(kindly hosted by OnionBob)



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You've got some damn good music skills going on, man. I'm impressed.


Defiledchurch in particular is a really slick track, it's got the perfect feel and mood for something I've had in mind recently. Hell, it'd be good for under St. Attica's now that I think about it.

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btw, guys, i noticed a problem when you made me a contrib. I could'nt see this section. ie: i could'nt see what you said after i was made contrib, only after i was a full member. My point: he won't see what you're saying.

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