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Training Mission Text Needs Editing


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The text of the books in the training level needs a little editing.

There are a few sentences that get cut off. Maybe that's just a bug? Example in the melee book:

> Try to counter-attach immediately after your foe misses or is blocked, before

Also some of the wording is confusing, such as this part from the Gamma/Brightness book:

> The Gamma slider adjusts the mid range brightness the most and less towards top and bottom (which are anchored).

Would it be helpful for someone to go through all the training books and edit them to fix these issues?

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Sure, it sounds like those texts could do with some finetuning, that'd be appreciated.

I've attached the .strings file which contains all the lines in that FM english.txt. There's also a short non-internationalised text left by Bikerdude at the bottom of this .xd file: training_mission.txt

If you want to test your changes ingame, change the .txt extensions and create new folders for them as below:

(Usually texts aren't that unwieldy to work with in TDM, it's because of the internationalisation of the text files of the "official" FMs)

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