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Can't load pointfile?

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I have two separate computers, and for some reason the pointfile doesn't load correctly on one of the machines.

I looked into the .log file, and I noticed this difference:

  • on the machine that works. Here's what it displays when I intentionally delete the .lin file: 
    Command 'TogglePointfile' failed: Could not open pointfile: D:/games/monstergame/base/maps/test_combat_tworoom.lin


  • on the machine that doesn't work. Here's what it displays when it attempts to load the .lin file: 
    Command 'TogglePointfile' failed: Could not open pointfile: maps/test_combat_tworoom.lin



On the computer that works, it prints the full absolute file path. And on the machine that doesn't work, it prints a relative path. I don't know if this has any bearing, but I couldn't find anything else pertinent. The only difference between the two computers is that on the machine that doesn't work, it has a partitioned hard drive.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue?

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Can you attach the pointfile, please? I assume it's existing and valid, but I just want to rule out any issues with the file.

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It turns out that on the machine that didn't work, "Open Map From Project..." was being used to open the map. This was somehow affecting the .lin and autosave functionality. At any rate, using "Open..." resolves the issue.

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That's still interesting though. The way you open the map shouldn't cause this, so I'd be grateful for more insight. Can you describe what steps you did to make this fail, either here or on the tracker?

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