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Pakmannen: yes.


Mr Pettitt: any samples? In practice I'd say sure, but I don't want to just let anyone in, on principle. Everyone should produce samples before acceptance really.


PS. I have heard pakmannen's work, just so you know.

examples. You want examples. This evening I make the low poly chair so you got to let me in. on principle. woot.


Ok, so its not as good as the other guy's, but its my first go with blender, which as anyone will tell you is a wierd arse program. And its low poly, ready to export to md5 or whatever the file format is and ready to use in an untextured kind of way. so there you go. Subdivided gargoyle is next...

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I wish someone that wasn't good at something would show up just once, it's starting to get to the point where it'll be easier to let someone down than ask to let more people in. ;)


It's your call once again, Finger, with Jay and Fjonan on props and DeepOmega and Kyo on models, we definately won't be hurting for modellers anymore.


Edit: Keep in mind that you'll need to do some highpoly work for the normalmap. The model you have now is good for the base, but you'll need to go all out with the details to make it complete for Doom 3.

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To be honest, as long as it's good, the more people and hence more work = the better.


I don't think letting in Mr Pettit constitutes flooding the team with unnecessary members.


Besides, that chair does look fairly good. Until we can actually afford to make competitive judgements, a level of competance is all we can possibly expect.


And it would fill the modellers position too.


So yeah, go on. :D

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Hi everyone. Renzatic told me about the project he was involved in and if I was interested in submitting some stuff. I do music and sound effects.


You can listen here




and here http://music.download.com/digitaldissident


My email is tokyo_ice@j-fan.com


Any questions ask away. :)

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Thank you all very much for having me! :D


Since some projects are taken, just let me know where I may be of some use.


I have a Yamaha SU700 Sampler (Renzatic talked me out of selling it)

A Yamaha RM1X

A Yamaha (yeah I like yammy stuff) DJX. I just can't bring myself to get rid of it.

A vintage Roland Alpha Juno.

A M-Audio Radium 49 I use for soft synths.

Cubase VST and Cubase SX. ( I use both)

Alesis Compressor

Nady SP-1 Mic and an EKG something or another.

Mackie 1202 Mixer


And I have some 10,000 sound effects (including voices in foreign languages, orchestra samples and various other junk) on file.

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working on the builder which was assigned to me


What's this? Did I assign the builder guard already?

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Tashi: Could you check in at the Soundeffects/Music forum? Check out the threads, comment on them if you like. If you have msn or icq, please post it in the Email/Instant Messenger thread. Also, if you have IRC, check out the IRC thread.


Oh, and yay for using Cubase SX! ;)

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