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3 hours ago, nbohr1more said:

BFG has no Dmap source code... checking RBDoom3BFG.

RBDoom3BFG uses the same as vanilla

Ah yes all of that makes sense, I just forgot that BFG didn't came with dmap and people add to transfer the original tools to the new engine.

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7 hours ago, thebigh said:

Although consistency is nice, if it's a choice between clarity and consistency I choose clarity.


Not sure why you think these are mutually exclusive. Good coding standards strive for clarity as well.

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18 hours ago, peter_spy said:



Not sure why you think these are mutually exclusive. Good coding standards strive for clarity as well.


I don't think they're mutually exclusive. A well designed coding standard tends to promote clarity. Still, there's inevitably oddball cases where you can make the code clearer or more efficient by breaking the rules and then you should definitely break the rules.

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Now I'm working with the FBX SDK and all the function arguments are pThis and pThat. At first I thought it meant "pointer" but then I see they're using the same prefix for bools and all other arguments. I guess it in fact means "parameter", because apparently I didn't know that the list of named arguments in parentheses after a function name are parameters, and I need all this visual clutter just to remind me of that fact.

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