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Necromancer - A Different Style

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Here's a different take on the Necromancers. I know Ren wanted them emaciated and festered with diseases, as kfmccall so very eloquently drew; but I wanted to make my own take on a necromancer. I've, personally, never experienced sickly beggarly necromancers in games or movies I've seen... at least not that I can remember. I always thought them somewhat wise and perhaps a little noble, in some ways. But that's just in my little brain. I may be way off. Maybe this guy could be a necromancer leader or something.


I put the markings on his face 'cause I thought you maybe wanted him to look somewhat pagan'ish.


The purple jewels lining his robe glow somewhat; as if magical -- as I also consider necromancers magical.


I can see him maybe in a hooded robe for some things... cutscenes? In-game, since we don't want everyone hooded, I thought a high collar might serve to give him a feeling of power and prestige.


Just a thought...


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Yes, that's more along the lines of what I imagined, but I never read the story that was spoken about in the zombie-ish necro thread. I dunno. I figure, they are mages, so they are necessarily quite sharp individuals, and unless they're a disconnected from the material world Einstein type, why should they be filthy and tattered like an ape-beast? Undertakers and gravediggers deal in the dead too, but they're not walking around in ripped rags and sickly looking... erm, usually at least. I was thinking more like this image. Almost like a vampire would be portrayed - he's undead, but dignified, regal. Dark and mysterious and intimidating, not beastly. Just my opinion.


And yes, the face is great, and that robe is just perfect. You see him and you know what he is.

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Thanks guys! Yeah, I've been practicing more and more, trying to get better. I think it's slowly paying off, especially the time I spend each time in Photoshop :) I have a ways to go before I'm completely happy with my abilities, but it's a fun journey, nonetheless.


I did draw it by hand (on paper) without referring to anything and then scanned it in and colored in Photoshop.


I've never played the Ultima games, though I always wanted to try back in the Commodore 64 days, etc. Bummer! I can't think of the names of the games I've seen Necros in, except for Diablo II, but that didn't really fit my description of a Necromancer either.


EDIT: LOL - And it just hit me SH said it should be a "mage" instead of a Necro. Whatever works. However you want to use it is fine by me. Necros and Mages are very similar to me in my (somewhat magic-illiterate) mind, so it doesn't make any difference to me, personally. This guy could be a sorcerer for all I care :) They're all just names of people doing magical stuff to me.

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